Pornstar Briana Banderas strikes a pose.

Briana Banderas Interview: Flexible Fun, Life With Marco & More

[Editor’s note, September 2023: Briana Banderas is now known as Briana Moon.]

Briana Banderas will bend over backwards to suck a dick. Literally.

It may sound like a circus act, but Banderas’s fabulous flexibility never loses its exciting, erotic edge even when she is twisting herself into startling positions. It’s one of numerous skills that have helped this Russian-born performer become a popular and prolific star in a career that started in 2015. She’s also one half of a stupendous porn couple completed by noted male star Marco Banderas. In the newest Adult Empire pornstar interview, Banderas discusses her famous flexibility, her relationship with Marco, social media, and much more.

Editor’s note: the following interview has been edited for clarity.

In a recent tweet, you demonstrated your flexibility. What’s the craziest sex position you’ve tried using your flexibility skills?

I’ve been very flexible all my life. A couple years ago I decided to do pole dancing to use my talent somewhere. One of the craziest poses I did in my last scene for Naughty America is blowjob in bridge pose. But not typical bridge — Briana Banderas Bridge Blowjob.  Haha pics attached [below], because I don’t know how to describe it.

Briana Banderas performs a backwards blowjob.

How did you get so flexible?

I was born like this. Last couple of years I’ve been trying to do more stretching exercises, because I want to become famous because of my flexibility, but I’m a bit lazy with that to be honest, so I have the same flexibility all my life more or less.

What is the wildest thing you’ve ever done (either on or off the camera)?

When I was 18, I went to Erotic Museum in Moscow and after that to the Labyrinth of Fear. I was walking through labyrinths with scary sounds, skeletons, and monsters, but horny after the Erotic Museum. When some monster tried to attack me, I grabbed his hand, took off his mask, and started to kiss him. We ran to a corner behind the labyrinth corridor. I pulled down his pants and started to suck his cock. Quickly he came into my mouth.

I went outside of the labyrinth to the guys who were selling tickets for all this sights and told them: I just sucked the cock of the monster inside of the labyrinth; here is my social media (I wasn’t a pornstar yet). The guys didn’t know what to say; they were totally shocked. After they all added me in my socials, and I saw the face of the monster without a mask — he was ugly! Big disappointment since that situation I never sucked any cock in my life without seeing guy’s face.

You worked with Manuel Ferrara on Manuel Is A MILF-O-Maniac 10. Tell us about that experience!

I loved working with Manuel. I think we had a great connection. This is one of my favorite scenes I ever did. Also because I love how I look: my hair, makeup and outfit are just perfect! It was hardcore and real scene! The bad thing of this scene Manuel came a bit into my eye, so I remember the whole day after the shooting with a red eye!

Tell us a little bit about how you met and fell in love with your husband, pornstar Marco Banderas.

I met Marco in 2016 in the model house of Legal Porno in Prague. He quickly fell in love with my ass, but for me he was just “one more.” We started speaking in English, but quickly realized we both speak Spanish. The next day, we worked together in a gangbang scene and afterward we went for a romantic walk. Since the first day we held hands, we’ve always been together. The connection was perfect in everything since the first day.

What is the biggest challenge of being a pornstar couple?

After seven years together, it is very difficult for me to work with him, especially when we shoot content. We have different opinions and tastes about how content should be. I control every movement he does, but now because I’m jealous or something, I just have a big obsession that he will do something wrong. We discuss many things: how to put the lights and the angle of the camera!  I try to do the paperwork with performers, when he is walking around making jokes! So it is much easier when we work with some director, because when we shoot content, we both want to be directors!

Of the scenes you and Marco have shot together, what’s your favorite?

I love our scene for LetsDoeIt’s Mamacitas web site. I also love several anal scenes we did for our clip sites!

You seem like you’ve always been very physically fit. What’s your fitness routine?

I’m not always been like this. In seven years in the industry my body has changed many times. Before porn, when I was 17, I had anorexia. My weight was 40 kg/88 lbs, when I was 20 years old I was 75 kg/165 lbs. (I had big rebound after very strict diet I did with anorexia.) When I started in porn at 19, I still had bulimia, depression, self-harming (I still have scars on my legs).

After many years of eating disorders, I finally accepted my body, learned how to love myself, listen to what my body needs, and finally I started to look how I like without any effort. Before I was doing hours and hours of workouts, but hating my body, and it didn’t work.

Now when I love myself, my body stays fit is so easily! Of course, the way I see my body also changed, if I would see the body I have now with the mind I had with anorexia I would say: “Who is that extremely fat girl?” It’s all points of view.

And of course I really love workouts! I do gym and pole dancing, but I’m very flexible with my fitness routine. Sometimes I don’t have too much time or I feel tired so I do less and easier. But I never stop working out! This is part of my life for 10 years, for me it is like brushing the teeth. Ah! Also I’m vegan.

In your interview with EMMMEDIA, you said you are typically quite shy in your personal life. How do you conquer that shyness when it comes to shooting porn?

I’m an artist. When I do porn, I perform. I love performing on the stage in front of hundreds of people. I was working in porn theater in Barcelona for three years and I change a lot when I perform on the stage/in front of the camera compared to real life. I make a character and it makes me feel very comfortable! Stage/camera protect me from the real world where I have to be a real person.

Talk a bit about social media. Love it or hate it?

It’s a huge job! Now it all depends on how many followers you have! Companies prefer to book girls with many followers, they don’t care so much as before if the girl is a good performer or not.  But this is the reality of this market (and many others) now. People don’t appreciate you for how professional you are, but they do appreciate you for the number of followers. I accept the rules of the game and try to make grow my social media as much as I can.

What type of videos are your favorite to make for your YouTube channel?

I like to shoot vlogs of my travels and videos just talking about some topics expressing my points of view.

In next weeks I going to launch new section on my channel, some kind of interviews/podcasts

What is your go-to coffee order?

Cappuccino with almond milk.

What’s something you’d like to see less of in this industry?

When I worked in US, I noticed many girls are so difficult to arrange content shootings. They say yes, I want to shoot, and then it takes ages to get a response what date they want to shoot, a lot of cancellations at the last minute.

You’re lucky if they notify in advance, but often they just say any stupid excuse or stop answering. Of course I’m not perfect, sometimes we all have to cancel/change the date etc.

But now we have a lot of freedom being our own bosses, not everybody can be serious and responsible having this freedom.

What’s something you’d like to see more of?

I would like to see more people having human relations inside of the industry. We all do this for money and is fine, but there is a lot of competition and envy, a lot of fake people and fake friends. I don’t think we all should be friends, but maybe more humans. I know is not easy in this business.

What do you feel is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned while working in the adult industry?

Control my emotions. I’m a quiet person while working. I put up with a lot and I don’t complain, but I used to have crazy reactions in situations when I got very angry because of something, especially when I was younger .  I learned it is very important to control this kind of emotions and be professional in any situation. Sometimes is still difficult for me,  I have a lot of personality and desire to fight against injustices

Tell your fans what upcoming projects you are working on.

Probably in next weeks/months I will start with a new YouTube channel in English and I would like to try Onlyfans TV. Not sure I will handle this, but I want try! Also I’m very excited to start uploading my content on Adult Empire! I’m so happy you offered me this interview and this opportunity to get more exposure to my content! Thank you.

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