The Rundown: ‘Reckless’ (Featured Video)


Reckless is the story of Silas Knight, played by Seth Gamble, a tech genius fresh out of prison whose determined to stay out. He vows to turn his life around and partners up with his wife Harlow, played by the stunning Ivy Wolf. As the business grows into a success old acquaintances from Silas’ past begin popping up demanding a piece of his new enterprise. When Silas is arrested for murder Harlow has no choice but to run back to her ex, Kenzie Anne, for help because she happens to be the daughter of a mob boss. Now the question is, did Silas really do it!?

Scene Highlights

I’m not the biggest fan of watching blowjobs, but I can appreciate a good one when I see it, and Ivy damn near sucked the skin off Seth’s dick in the first clip. She looked in his eyes as she deepthroated his cock and I almost blew my lid right then and there. Seth’s moans say it all as he struggles to keep his eyes in the front of his head and you can tell Ivy is really enjoying pleasing her guy.

Kenzie Anne has Nathan Bronson shook as she throws herself at him in her father’s mob’s hangout club. She enjoys the fright in his eyes mixed with the lust he clearly has for her, but my man isn’t on edge for long. Once he realizes the big boss isn’t around he bends her sweet sweet ass over the bar and fucks the shit out of her. The whole time she’s convincing him to help her figure out what’s going on with Silas while rocking his world and I feel like she should win an award for that alone. Imagine how hard it is to fuck and hold a meaningful conversation! Both get what they want in the end and the entire clip is playful and fun while still feeling dangerous and powerful.

David Lee and Nicole Doshi are here for their cut and they fuck like it too! From the jump everything feels intense and rough with a purpose. They smash their lips together when they kiss as he gropes her ass leaving red marks all over her. Since they’re in a garage they’re forced to be creative with their positions and I am totally here for it! They exchange oral pleasantries up against a ladder and fuck while standing up until moving over to a black leather couch for waiting customers. Even as they switch positions you get a sense that both have end goals and are playing a game with each other, but only one will ultimately win.


“I can’t believe those mother fuckers found us!…people like that are better off dead”

Why We Love It

Drama, power, danger, passion, sex, betrayal, greed, money, mobsters, killer plot, gorgeous cast, fast cars, great acting, and a sneaky dope soundtrack are just some of the reasons why we love this flick. Director Seth Gamble and brilliant producer Axel Bruan have given us a porno that feels like a mainstream movie with fantastic sex scenes breaking up the action and there’s no way you won’t be glued to your screen. It’s going to be one hell of a ride, with lots of bumps, twists, and turns along the way so get your lube AND popcorn ready!

Reckless porn video from Wicked Pictures

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