The Rundown: ‘Deep Analysis’ (Featured Video)


Having a therapist to talk to can lead to some dangerous topics like one’s sex life. In this situation would you confess every little detail? In Deep Analysis even gives an even riskier twist on therapy as parents are playing the role of the shrink. It turns out this family has some very unique ideas of therapy using taboo practices. They work their way into another family using their kids to corrupt their practices.


Scene Highlights

Penny Barber is what MILF dreams are made of. She has the body, the big boobs, brunette hair, glasses, hairy pussy and a filthy mind. After giving some therapy to her stepson she is soaking in a bath watching porn when her husband strolls in and wants a taste. He leads her back to the bedroom where they have a nice old fashioned fuck. There are lots of sex slapping noises that make this the kind of sex you love to spy on.

Once the horny parents jaunt off on a little vacation their step children invite to new friends over for some foursome action they are not expecting. Once the kids hang out at the parents beautiful place the manipulations start as the swapping gets planned. Theodora gets Coco’s stepbrother to pull down his swim trunks and he has a fully erect cock. The girls go off to the living room and begin to make oput while the boys watch through the window. They boys join the girls and trade partners as Coco and her brother are trying to get used to be naked in front of each other. I am actually wondering if they are supposed to be playing a real brother and sister. I love watching Coco get fucked and this is a sweet foursome. I have to admit I am finding some comedy in Coco’s brother’s reactions. Then the line gets crossed and Coco takes his dick in her mouth. Curiosity takes over as Coco and her brother get more intimate. He goes back to fucking Theodora while Coco’s face is right below his cock and he cums all over her face.

There is more, much much more!



“Ok Sis, you are way too close to my dick!” Coco’s brother says as her head gets shifted below his dick


Why We Love It

The boundaries in this movie get pushed further than I have ever seen before and it was kind of cool. Don’t get me wrong – I am watching this with the knowledge that it’s a porn movie and none of these stars are related in any way. That said, the story had me captivated because it was so naughty and taboo. I’ve seen tons of step-family stories but this goes further. In the scene highlights above I only talk about the first two scenes. I did that for two reasons, this movie is pretty long and a “rundown” is not a detailed review. The other reason is because this movie has so much more to see, with even deeper twist and turns. You need to watch it, it is worth it – the sex is really good and it all leads up to a big family gangbang. It is about the most thrilling and erotic porn movie I have ever seen.


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