Bonnie Rotten and others star in Digital Playground porn videos.

Studio Movie Spotlight: Digital Playground on VOD

It feels like Digital Playground has been around since the beginning of time, and it’s crazy impressive that they’ve never shown any signs of slowing down. Their catalog is massive, with movies spanning every genre you can think of, but what first comes to my mind when thinking DP are parodies and plot driven movies. It isn’t hard to film fantastic sex and put it out there for the masses but keeping people entertained and making them want to come back to your studio time after time is another ball game, and it appears Digital Playground is winning big time. With 19 pages of movies to browse through this sale is guaranteed to knock your socks off while helping you get your rocks off.

Digital Playground presents Sisters Of Anarchy porn movie.Sisters Of Anarchy

Bonnie Rotten directed and starred in Sisters of Anarchy and it’s one of those movies that you’ll never forget once you’ve seen it. Being leader of a motorcycle gang ain’t easy, but when faced with betrayal from her inner circle, the feds watching her every move, and the district attorney pushing to file charges against her, Bonnie has to quickly make some tough decisions that could effect the future of everyone she cares about. Never one to let her gang down, she realizes that sometimes you gotta fuck a few people to get what you want and she certainly isn’t above that. This movie has it all, a killer a plot, group sex, tatted biker babes, and women love it! There’s no way you can go wrong.

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Further viewing: Jet Setters, Kill Code 87, Private Party

Digital Playground present Wasteland Ultra porn movie.Wasteland Ultra

Filled with a motley crew of characters down for whatever, Wasteland Ultra is full of incredible sex and storyline that will keep you glued to the screen. A pair of volatile sex crazed Synthetics are in danger and need to be kept safe by a group of mercenaries racing against time trying to escape a dominating warlord who desperately wants those Synthetics. Sounds sexy right!? Driving across the country in an RV would slow most of out libidos down, but not this cast! The sex is non-stop and crazy intense to keep pace with the overall theme, making you feel like you’re on the clock, but not totally rushed to the point where you can’t stop and get some dick and pussy. Brooklyn Gray is outstanding in her role along with the rest of the stars and this one goes down as another Digital Playground classic.

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Further viewing: No Mercy For Mankind, Parallel Lust, Welcome To Grind Bar 

Digital Playground present Pirates porn movie.Pirates

If you love sex filled adventures Pirates is the movie for you. 2005 may feel like forever ago, but this flick still holds up even by today’s standards and 20 minutes into playback will prove just that. A kinky crew of horny sea dogs and wrenches take us on a mythical hilarious fuck filled ride through unchartered territories where naughty creatures dwell and lay in wait for their next victims. Not only do you get 9 clips of action, there are sea battles, humorous encounters, Jesse Jane’s first girl/girl clip, and great special effects. Award winning director Joone really wanted to take us on a journey with this one and by the end you’ll feel like a true pirate. It’s now wonder they racked up the awards back in the day and it still hits the same now. Creating something timeless is never easy, especially in the world of porn, so you have to appreciate when it’s done this well.

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Further viewing: Pirates 2, Nurses, Meet The Fuckers

Digital Playground presents Flesh porn movie.Flesh

Jackodema is fucking brilliant and Flesh is one of my go to Jacko flicks. Eva Lovia is a hard working business women by day, but at night, she becomes a submissive nympho and is thrust into the world of BDSM where she uncovers pure pleasure in the realm of sadism and masochism with some of the partners that work at her firm. Abella Danger, AJ Applegate, Dana DeArmond, and Kaylani Lei are just a few of the A-listers joing Eva and everyone shows up and shows out, pushing past their limits blowing up boundaries to give us some of the hottest sex to ever be recorded. Now I know bondage isn’t for everyone, but Flesh pulls you into the life and offers a little something that everyone can enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with a little slap and tickle now and then, especially when rope is involved and I promise you’ll walk away satisfied.

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Further viewing: Highway Home, The Finisher, Hand Solo


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