The Rundown: ‘The Wedding’ (Featured Video)


It’s the most important day of your life and you want it to go absolutely perfect. You spend the time to plan every little detail because you want that beautiful wedding. What possible side stories can come from a wedding celebration? Chance encounters with wedding guest? One last sexual encounter before tying the knot. This movie by Lust Cinema called The Wedding weaves some interesting and open sexual stories wrapped around a special day. Let’s see what erotica director Erika Lust brings us with The Wedding’.


Scene Highlights

Nicole Kitt is the one getting married and she gets a little horny while driving along with her husband to be. They pull over the convertible because they need each other in that moment. Their roadside encounter really heats up as this sexy ebony begins to remove her wedding dress and show us that sexy body. She gets pounded right on the hood of the car by Dante’s big white cock. This couple has great fucking chemistry. Once Nicole meets the groom’s mother though a little tiff occurs leading her to the pussy of Maria Riot. This is some unexpected lesbian action before the wedding. That theme continues when Dante gets his cock blown from under the table by his male childhood friend. We are learning a lot about the couple and their open group of friends by who they turn to when things get tough.

The groom’s mother is a MILF on the prowl with Andi James. After meeting the bride she goes to blow off steam by riding a young stud’s cock. Jade Kush plays a cynical photographer who has decided this is her last wedding shoot because she is tired of weddings. She needs something to brighten her mood. She eventually finds it when she breaks the tension in a hot threesome with the bride and the wedding planner, Romi Furie. These girls really mash their pussies together. After some really unexpected turn of events all is well in the end when the couple makes up and the groom’s mother also accepts her new daughter in law.



“Marriage, it’s a trap, it’s a cage, it’s a way to put you into a box so you don’t see there is a whole world out there.”       Jade Kush


Why We Love It

It offers porn but in a sitcom kind of way. It provides a story to enjoy in between the sexy, steamy porn scenes. It even has some decent background music to carry us along the story. The story is actually very entertaining for a porn movie. This would make an excellent choice to watch with someone you want to fuck to get them in the mood. There are some levels to the story that evolve throughout keeping the interest going. I really enjoyed the twist and turns in the movie and I think you will too!


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