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Studio Movie Spotlight: Evil Angel — Proxy Paige on VOD

“I plan to film fun, sex-positive scenes with new twists and turns, trying my best to break away from the norm and create my own guidelines when I can,” Proxy Paige said when she joined the Evil Angel directorial lineup in 2018. Mission accomplished! This multi-talented star has since released more than four dozen hardcore extravaganzas, typically featuring globetrotting locales and the best in nasty action. In conjunction with the new Adult Empire VOD sale [ends 7/2023], the AE bloggers have selected six spotlight picks from the Evil Angel/Proxy Paige archives. 

Evil Angel presents Gangbang Devils porn video.Gangbang Devils

Reviewed by Jackie Daytona

Something about the dark, gothic aesthetic on a saucy, sultry woman really gets the penis rising. Perhaps it’s the reckless abandon of inhibition, which is amplified in Gangbang Devils by the collective gangbangs starring Charlotte Sartre and Lydia Black. Two girls known for their sinister sexual witchcraft that makes them irresistible to men, Charlotte and Lydia separately attract their own gang of stiff dicks with comical ease. Laugh they do, as tatted up, black raven-haired beauty Charlotte preps her ass by sticking a toy deep inside. Her eyes, hiding in a thick stripe of primal red face paint, roll to the back of her head, then she is blasted in every hole by multiple massive cocks. Meanwhile, Lydia Black oozes seductive Victorian charm with a head of roses, black thigh straps, and a delightfully plump, doughy ass that she inserts with a thick red stretching device. Soon, her ass is filled with long hard monster meat, popping her mouth wide open and melting the refined, controlled, and elegant demeanor right off of her. It’s a thrilling ride full of gorgeous, devilish imagery that taps into the raw, horny, lusty evil inside all of us.


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Watch Gangbang Angels 2 porn video from Evil Angel.Gangbang Angels 2

Reviewed by Nicole Chappelle

Proxy Paige is one of the best in the biz at pushing limits, both with her acting and directing. From casting and set themes to production and visuals, everything screams over the top and Gangbang Angels 2 keeps that same energy as Paige presents us with epic scenes of debauched anal group sex. Cherry Kiss and Megan Inky are dressed in freaky sexy costumes, paraded in front of groups of lustful men with huge boners ready to fuck their brains out, and left to fulfill every need by happily letting them fill every hole on their bodies. Blowjobs, double penetration, and ass to mouth are all taken to the next level and to describe it as messy would be an understatement. Both stars devour every dick thrown their way with the passion and vigor that Paige always captures brilliantly for the screen, and although it’s only two clips you get over an hour and a half of hardcore action that’s sure to get you where you need to be. For a 2019 flick, Gangbang Angels 2 was definitely ahead of its time!

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Buy Crossing Borders porn video from Evil Angel.Crossing Borders

Reviewed by Chase

The screenshot that comes up for this movie is from scene one and it shows Anuskatzz’s butthole surrounded by her body art and it must be one of the best screenshots I have seen. You could frame it and hang it on the wall! Now the movie has started and we are being flown across the border, I guess, and Proxy Paige gives us the preview of what we are about to see. They are in Prague and the film is raw and letting us see what a porn movie is like behind the scenes. This film is filled with some WILD and EXTREME people who love to push the boundaries of everything. It was interesting to see the girls enjoying being with each other even preparing for their shots. This film has gaping, double penetration, threesome, foursomes and even some sex toys in the mix. This film is for those who like to life on the edge, especially when it comes to sex play! You don’t see much of Prague but what you do see from this cast and from Proxy – you will never forget.


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Evil Angel presents Double Anal Harlots porn video.Double Anal Harlots

Reviewed by Susan

When I hear the name Evil Angel I think of a high-end studio that boasts a huge library of content with big-name stars, and if you look through their catalog that’s exactly what you’ll find. Normally I’m not a big fan of watching girls getting double stuffed like they do in Double Anal Harlots, but once I saw Charlotte Sartre on the cover I was sold. There’s something about an inked-up goth girl that might make anything better. She kicks off the show by getting in trouble for eating her housemate’s cereal so she’s punished by having to take him and his friend in all of her holes. If you’re looking for something adventurous to spice up your evening, I highly recommend you check out this title and watch all these inked-up angels get pounded!

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Buy Pink porn video from Evil Angel.Pink

Reviewed by Madison

With a title like PINK, this has to be a very feminine, soft porn movie, right? Think again! Director Proxy Paige takes viewers on a roller coaster ride of hardcore penetration, double penetration, anal sex, ass to mouth play, and much more! Jolee Love in scene one is wearing a sexy pink bunny costume. She teases the camera by zipping her costume up and down before letting her big tits fall out. Soon three other spooky bunny masked men join her. She gives them all messy blowjobs and lets them touch and penetrate all of her holes. Make sure to watch each scene as Eden Ivy, Megan Inky, Kitana Montana, and Venera Maxima are stretched to the limits by well-endowed studs. This movie is messy, nasty and sexy – featuring a hot cast of chicks wearing pink lingerie. If you are looking for hardcore action, this movie can’t be missed!


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What Could Go Wrong? porn video from Evil Angel.What Could Go Wrong?

Reviewed by Dallas

I’m not sure I could possibly do more justice to this movie than its own official synopsis does. It is crammed with colorful phrases like “a mess of girl squirt,” “rectum gape,” “male bungholes,” and, in my personal favorite, “debauched gusto.” This last one encapsulates Proxy Paige’s approach to porn, as does the movie’s carefree title itself. It comprises just two scenes, but they are of such mammoth length, they could easily be standalone releases in and of themselves. In the first, we follow Cherry Kiss and Eden Ivy as they roam the streets of Prague, scandalizing the citizens with their gleefully open sexuality. They move indoors for a foursome enlivened by huge sex toys, squirting, anal sex, and more. The second sequence, running nearly two hours, takes to the water for an adventure featuring sex in virtually every corner of a swank boat. You may be grasping for a life preserver by the movie’s end, but drowning in an ocean of Proxy Paige’s sopping-wet fantasies actually doesn’t sound like the worst way to go.

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