Pornstars appear in Climax #3 porn video.

Dorcel’s ‘Climax #3’ Strikes the Perfect Balance

What’s the perfect length?

No, not that. (A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste.)

I’m talking movie runtimes here. Movies in the 1930s ran an average of 90 minutes, before ballooning to well over two hours by 2010. Porn movies have gotten longer, too, from the brief peepshow loops of the early days to the four-hour behemoths released by some major labels today. Each length serves its purpose. Sometimes, you’re in the mood for a wham-bam scene that gets you to the self-satisfaction finish line in just a few minutes. Other times, you’d like to take your time, get a sense of the characters, and build more methodically to climax over the course of a full feature.

Climax #3 may have found the perfect balance. It has the story sensibilities and action of a single porn scene, but the scope of its sex has more heft than any individual segment. This expands the run time to 76 minutes – longer than a clip, but shorter than a typical feature. It belabors neither the plot elements nor the ensuing sex, allowing them to play out to the perfectly paced length in each case. It’s not exhausting, as the four-hour marathons can sometimes be, nor does it frustrate a viewer looking for a quick entry into the hot-and-heavy stuff.

The movie opens with an almost ethereal sense of anticipation. Alex Jones leads his girlfriend (Lilly Bell) into a beautiful, luxurious house. Is it a mystery getaway at a boutique hotel? Alex stays mum. We get a sense of their relationship here as Lilly recalls past adventures they’ve embarked on. They’re clearly a happy, sexually curious couple who take joy in fulfilling one another’s fantasies. She’s not quite sure what he has in mind this time. He blindfolds her and leads her upstairs. Before her is an array of gorgeous people (portrayed by a who’s who of porn talent), all ready to turn her biggest fantasy into reality: an all-out orgy. It starts slow, with inviting smiles and tentative kissing, but accelerates as the thrill of the fantasy takes hold.

Of all the group-sex scenes I can remember viewing, this one might have the strongest sense of romance, an impressive achievement in a genre that tends to focus on pure sexual inhibition. The sound design of the movie allows the moans of secondary players to flood the soundtrack when we’re watching the movie’s main characters, to surprisingly erotic effect. In the end, the performers gather around Lilly, allowing her to occupy our full attention as her fantasy reaches its, well, climax!

Like Kay Brandt‘s Climax one and two, it’s a movie that will resonate with couples for a little late-night viewing together while also appealing to broader solo-male audiences. I also like that the movie has the classic Dorcel DNA all over it (group sex, open-minded couples), but with an American twist in its location, director, and cast. (As usual, Dorcel has released this flick in French and Spanish editions, too.) For once, here’s a movie that has calibrated its balance of rising action and Climax with elegantly artistic precision.

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