Jennifer White poses in pink lingerie with a backdrop of pink neon.

Podcast: ‘Deep Inside Jennifer White’ Interview

Somehow, it has taken 14 years for Jennifer White to get her first full-fledged star showcase. Thankfully, due to a mindblowing rundown of hardcore action and stylish direction from Jonni Darkko, it’s been worth the wait. Double anal, double penetration, gaping, and airtight are just a few of the breathtaking sex acts that crowd Deep Inside Jennifer White‘s 170-minute runtime. In the latest Adult Empire podcast interview, White goes inside Deep Inside and much, much more.

She covers the behind-the-scenes story of the new movie, her successful battle against substance abuse, rewatching her old work, her six-man gangbang scene for Smash Pictures, her notorious 50-man creampie, Lisa Ann, porn mentors and good advice, the possibility of Deep Inside Jennifer White 2, topping what she’s done before, her newly enhanced breasts, the industry in 2009 versus 2023, onscreen chemistry, working with people for the first time, her background in musical theater, the Star Wars XXX porn parody, shooting with Elegant Angel, tease sequences, her first encounter with porn, becoming a MILF, dominance versus submission, porn trends, family roleplay, comic books and parody porn, nerdiness, her alternate porn name, her shoots with Alex Gonz, masturbation, adult awards, and more.

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What would someone find if they looked deep inside the mind of Jennifer White?

I’ve gone through kind of like a transformation period, I guess I’d say in my life the last few years. I don’t know if you know this about me, but a lot of my fans know that I’m sober. And I’ve done a lot of work on myself the last few years and I’m in the best place I’ve ever been. And it feels pretty incredible. So I’m kind of glad that this is the time that I’m getting my first showcase. Everything’s falling into place. Just mind, body, career — pretty incredible.

Were you surprised it took this long for you to get your first full showcase?

I have mixed feelings about it, because a part of me thinks it’s way overdue. I think a lot of my fans would agree with that. But at the same time, I’m just so happy with the way that I look now. And just the place that I am mentally, I’m very fortunate, in a sense that had to wait a little bit to get to this point. Just because if I’m going to have movie that’s going to be all about me out there for the rest of my life, I kind of want it to be how I am now. Not how it was before [my sobriety].

How did the movie come about?

So after I got my boobs done, I reconnected with Jonni Darkko. And he shot me a couple of times just for Evil. And I kind of heard whispers from some of the male talent that he was talking about doing a showcase for me [ . . . ] I said hell, yeah. I was like, “Please take my first double anal.” I’ve been waiting years to do this!

What made you decide to get the breast enhancement?

I just wanted them! I was happy with my boobs before, but I just wanted to see what it was like to have big. I’m so happy I did it. I thought it was going to get a lot more backlash than I did. But my doctors did such a good job. It’s hard to complain, I feel like.

How did you decide to do your first double anal in this movie?

To be totally honest, I was kind of against it for a little bit just because it just seemed a little too intense for me. But at the same time, once I kind of started thinking about it, I was the sluttiness aspect of it was intriguing to me and I just really liked being a slut.

How do you define “sluttiness”? Is it essentially a full embrace of sexuality?

Absolutely, yes. Just fully embracing — I don’t want to say submitting, but it’s a little bit like submitting, just letting go of all your inhibitions and just allowing everything to happen.

What kind of prep did you do for that scene?

The prep was more or less the same as a double penetration scene for me. It was just like right before the actual double part, I just had to take a little bit of time off camera and work them in and make sure everything fit and I wasn’t in pain or anything like that. But yeah, the process is very very similar — maybe I brought a one extra bigger like one size bigger of butt plug than I usually would.

Did you have a hand in the visual style of the movie?

I kind of just let Jonni do his thing. And I mean obviously I would approve everything, but he’s so creative and just so good at what he does that I didn’t want to overthink it. I feel like he knows what he’s doing and he does a great job at it, so yeah, just let him do his thing.

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AI transcript by Otter. Time stamps refer to video podcast version of interview.

Dallas 0:00
Hello, and welcome to the adult Empire Podcast. I’m Dallas, your host. Our guest today is one of the most famous and fearless performers in the industry. And she is the star of the new movie Deep inside Jennifer White. She is of course, Jennifer White. And she joins us now. So Jennifer White, your big new summer movie is deep inside Jennifer White for evil angel. So tell us, if someone were to peer into the mind of Jennifer White, what would they see?

Jennifer White 0:30
Well, to my mind, wow. I mean, I’ve gone through kind of like a transformation period, I guess I’d say in my life the last few years. Um, I’ve been doing. I mean, I don’t know if you know this about me, but a lot of my fans know that I’m, I’m sober. And I’ve done you know, a lot of work on myself, you know, the last few years and I’m, I’m in the blessed best place I’ve ever been. And it feels pretty incredible. So I’m kind of glad that this is what are the time that I’m getting my first showcase. Like, just everything’s falling into place. Just mind body career, like, pretty incredible.

Dallas 1:19
For sure. So that’s an interesting point that you make that this is kind of your first showcase. It seems long overdue, are you kind of surprised or even slightly miffed that it’s taken, what 14 years of your career to have a movie of this scale that has your name in the title?

Jennifer White 1:34
I have mixed feelings about it, because a part of me thinks it’s way overdue. I think a lot of my fans would agree with that. But at the same time, I’m just so happy with the way that I look now. And just how the place that I am mentally, it’s like, I’m very fortunate, in a sense that it’s, you know, I had to wait a little bit to get to this point. Just because if I’m gonna have movie that’s gonna be all about me out there for the rest of my life. I kind of want it to be how I am now. Not how it was before.

Dallas 2:11
Right. Right. Exactly. And you’ve been very candid about about about your struggles. And you did a really great interview not too long ago with Holly Randall, where you delve into that and are very, are very frank. And she’s very frank. And I recommend people check that out. Because it’s very, it’s very interesting and illuminating and inspiring, I think as well. For sure. Yeah. For sure. So the movie tell us how did it come about?

Jennifer White 2:36
Sure. Um, so after I got my boobs done, I reconnected with Johnny Darko. And he shot me a couple times just for evil. And I kind of heard whispers from some of the male talent that he was talking about, you know, doing a showcase for me. And yeah, you just did it. I’m so happy. So happy.

Dallas 3:08
So what was your reaction when when Jonni Darkko who of course is most fans that know is a very famous, very admired director in the industry. What was your reaction when he came to you and said, you know, let’s do this. Let’s do this project focusing on you.

Jennifer White 3:21
Oh, hell yeah. And he didn’t even ask me for like, please take my double animal. My first double. I’ve been waiting years to do this. So

Dallas 3:33
right, because there is definitely some very spectacular action in the movie. I’ve not seen the full movie. I’ve seen the trailer but the trailer alone is very action packed. As you mentioned, we’ve got double anal. We’ve got double penetration gaping. We’ve got airtight. We’ve got blow bang. So how did you decide what was going to constitute the four scenes for this movie?

Jennifer White 3:55
Oh, Jonni basically pitched it to me. And I just thought it sounded perfect. For me, honestly. Yeah. So the All in all with Bridezilla, the low bang, gang, bang double lane all it just, it seems so hardcore. And I feel like that suits my brand for sure.

Dallas 4:18
So thematically, those things that you mentioned, those were things he came to you. He put those on the table and you were like Hell yeah, that kind of thing. was his idea, basically, is what you’re saying? Yeah.

Jennifer White 4:29
Besides the double anal part. Yeah.

Dallas 4:33
So double anal it sounds like you had been sort of building toward that. At that been something you were thinking about for a while kind of waiting for the right time just to tell us a little bit about that.

Jennifer White 4:44
You totally honest I was kind of against it for a little bit just because it just seemed a little too intense for me. But at the same time, once I kind of started thinking about it, I was Like, the sluttiness aspect of it, I guess, was intriguing to me. And I just really liked being misled.

Dallas 5:12
So elaborate on that a little bit. How do you how do you define sluttiness? Is it just a full embrace of sexuality?

Jennifer White 5:18
Absolutely, yes. Just fully embracing like, I don’t want to say submitting. But it’s a little bit like submitting just like letting go of all your inhibitions and just allowing everything to happen. And, yeah, incredible.

Dallas 5:38
So which of these scenes in the movie was the most challenging scene to shoot?

Jennifer White 5:45
The double anal.

Dallas 5:51
So did you have to do a good amount of prep with you know, toys? And what have you to get yourself ready for that? What did you have to do?

Jennifer White 5:59
I mean, the prep was more or less the same as a double penetration scene for me. It was just like, right before? Yeah, actual double part. I just had to take a little bit of time off camera and work them in and make sure everything fit and I wasn’t in pain or anything like that. But yeah, the process is very, very similar. Maybe I brought up one extra bigger like one size bigger of a buttload than I usually would. But yeah,

Dallas 6:35
and it’s definitely a go bigger go home thing because you did not choose costars who were me. They’re big. They’re big gentlemen. So there was you? You were doubling down on this theme? I’d say.

Jennifer White 6:47
Like it was, it would have been cheating. If I picked smaller guys. I don’t know. It’s just my mind.

Dallas 6:56
So that obviously stands out in the movie. Are there any other moments in the movie that stands out in particular to you out of the four scenes?

Jennifer White 7:05
I think my favorite was the gangbang.

Dallas 7:08
Gang bang, right? So it’s how many guys eight? Is it?

Jennifer White 7:12
Um, 11. I believe in that one.

Dallas 7:15
Okay, because there’s a blowback in the movie too. And I’m getting I might be getting them too confused with the tallies there.

Jennifer White 7:21
I believe. I mean, it was originally supposed to be 13 and 11. One of the days I know, one of the guys didn’t show up. So I got to do a recap on that.

Dallas 7:32
I will take your word for it. It’s a lot of dudes either way, right? Yes. But that’s, that’s been a theme for you for a long time group sex is something that you are down for a dig right?

Jennifer White 7:47
Absolutely. Yeah. I have a little bit of good reading fetish for sure.

Dallas 7:52
Do you remember your very first gang bang scene? And what that was like?

Jennifer White 7:58
Yeah, I believe it was for Dogfart.

Jennifer White 8:09
And I just remember it just being very chaotic and like, the hottest way possible. And just I felt very in my element. Yeah.

Dallas 8:24
So right away you took to it then.

Jennifer White 8:28
Yeah, for sure. I mean, I had tried like, like three on one in my personal life before I ever tried it on film. And I got DP to my personal life before I ever did it on film. So I knew I liked it. And just, every time you would add more and more guys, I would just be like, Oh, I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like chaos of it all is amazing.

Dallas 8:58
Did you feel that same sense of exciting chaos in deep inside Jennifer White when you were filming it?

Jennifer White 9:04
Yes. Totally.

Dallas 9:08
And like all of Darcos movies, it’s definitely a very visually beautiful movie. And there’s kind of a neon theme from what I’ve seen of it. Did you have input into the visual look of the movie? Or did you just kind of let Johnny do his thing on that front?

Jennifer White 9:24
Um, I kind of just like Johnny do his thing. And, I mean, obviously I would approve, you know, everything, but he’s so creative and just so good at what he does that. I didn’t want to overthink it. I feel like he knows what he’s doing. And he does a great job at it. So yeah, just let him do his thing.

Dallas 9:46
So of course, the end product always looks amazing and fabulous. But what are some challenges of shooting this kind of scene or this kind of movie that fans not might not think about when they’re watching it?

Jennifer White 9:58
Sorry, repeat that.

Dallas 9:59
I’m just just saying that, of course, the end product movie always looks really, really great. But there must be certain challenges when filming it that fans wouldn’t necessarily realize or think about what what are some of those challenges when when shooting a movie like this?

Jennifer White 10:15
Are you talking about more of the actual scene or like the tease portions because they’re separate days?

Dallas 10:20
These are really just the movie overall, I guess.

Jennifer White 10:24
Okay. I mean, really, the only challenging part was stressed stretching last. Everything else is kind of a cakewalk.

Dallas 10:35
So it sounds like it’s the the physical challenges you were definitely up to. In the end. And have you seen the finished movie?

Jennifer White 10:46
No, I’ve just seen the trailers. Oh, gosh. So

Dallas 10:49
when it drops in its fully edited form? Will you watch it? Or do you avoid watching your movies in full?

Jennifer White 10:56
Oh, watch it. Yeah.

Dallas 10:59
So when you go back and watch your stuff? Is it? Are you watching it with somewhat of a technical eye? Or is it more like almost for your own entertainment, so to speak?

Jennifer White 11:10
So when I wash it initially, it’ll be a technical lie, for sure. When I recap it, in my mind, it’ll be to bring myself back into that moment. And I’ll definitely masturbate multiple times.

Dallas 11:27
Oh, it makes sense. Like You’re reliving it in a sense, right? Right. So when you watch this from with a technical I do you kind of nitpick yourself, you say I could have done this differently. Or I could have you know, opened up to the camera differently here or things like that.

Jennifer White 11:41
Yes, absolutely. That’s why watch my stuff is for that reason to make myself a better performer.

Dallas 11:48
Do you ever go back now and watch stuff that you did way back at the beginning of your career and and look at it or have you advanced so far that you just don’t even want to look at 2009 or 2010.

Jennifer White 12:03
Um, it makes me kind of sad, looking at myself unhealthy. So I don’t really watch my old stuff anymore.

Dallas 12:12
So it’s in association with that time in your life and where you were mentally and with, you know, with other woes in your life, that kind of thing. The associations I guess, right?

Jennifer White 12:23
Totally. Yeah. If I see myself like little to no body fat, I just automatically get sad.

Dallas 12:30
Right, right, because I was looking at a bunch of scenes throughout your career in advance of this, of this interview. And it is interesting how it connected with what you said and how sexually fearless you seem to be particularly in those group sex scenes. There’s the scene where you take on the whole the whole football team, I think it’s six in May for Smash pictures. I think you’ve cited that one as one as a favorite previously.

Jennifer White 12:57
That’s like one of my scenes that even to this day, I still get people coming up to me and complimenting me on and saying how it was one of the greatest cheerleader scenes of all time.

Dallas 13:08
Did you know it was something special when you were filming it?

Jennifer White 13:13
I had no idea. I always thought it was cool, because I always wanted to fuck the football team. So it was like a personal fantasy brought to life. So that part was cool. But I had no idea that so many other people would be so receptive to it.

Dallas 13:29
Are there any other scenes like that, that people frequently mentioned to you, when they’re talking about your memorable work?

Jennifer White 13:38
There’s that one, there’s the 50 guy gang that I did.

Dallas 13:41
Right? A very famous one. So people must have a lot of intrinsic curiosity about that one, and I’ve heard you talk about that one. So what’s what’s the number one question people ask about the 50? Person gang bang, which you did for I’m trying to see which studio it was. It was a devil’s film. Yeah. So what was the number one question people ask about that?

Jennifer White 14:08
Um, the number one question is how long did the day take?

Dallas 14:13
And how long did it

Jennifer White 14:16
so I showed up about 10am for hair and makeup. I was out of the chair by noon. And then we’re done by 10pm. It was a long day. It was very, but I mean, obviously, it wasn’t sexy the entire time. But yeah,

Dallas 14:35
so was it that same sense of fun chaos that you were discussing earlier in this scene?

Jennifer White 14:43
Um, that one was I think that one was a little more intense for me than some of the other ones I’m used to. Yeah, I was freshly sober that day. Well, To be able to part about me. And it was a lot to take on for me it was like I’m feeling everything I’m absorbing, like all these energies, and I don’t know what to do with all of it. And I don’t know, that’s it was very intense for me. I don’t know that I would do it again.

Dallas 15:21
Well, that was my next question whether you would tackle a project at that scale sounds like probably not.

Jennifer White 15:26
Probably not. I think, like 10 or 11 is a good number, right? Over that, it just starts to be like too much. Especially that one in particular, the talent were more amateur. So a lot of those guys don’t know what they’re doing. Like, my gang man for Darko, those were all like, elite talent. And the environment is just, it’s like, night and day,

Dallas 15:53
right? Because as I understand it, it was it was 50 Dudes, but it was 3032 actual people, and you know, a couple of them a couple of rounds, or whatever you want to put it, right. So it was a mostly mostly amateurs and some professionals or what was the balance there on that particular day?

Jennifer White 16:13
Um, it was probably like 7030, where the talent were mostly professional, but some more amateur.

Dallas 16:25
Right, right. So of course, that movie was was famously hosted by Ron Jeremy. And that’s a whole different kettle of fish at this point, of course. But he’s a star whose history goes back a long way. And you know, you’ve been in the industry long enough that you worked with some people earlier in your career, who were kind of classic stars. Is there anybody who comes to mind, who gave you a lot of great advice about the business in those early days? That was a veteran star?

Jennifer White 16:52
Um, Lisa Ann, was my first mentor. Actually. She gave me a lot, a lot of good advice in my early years.

Dallas 17:01
Wow. So do you remember any of those specific bits of advice that you get that she gave you?

Jennifer White 17:08
Gosh, I mean, there was a lot of like, how you conduct yourself on set? Some of the more Oh, raw stuff, I guess, like, like, how to prep and for animal and like, how to take care of yourself. And make sure you’re clean for everybody. And I think the main one was like how to conduct yourself around these people. That was one of my bigger takeaways, I think.

Dallas 17:51
So how to conduct yourself around what costars directors industry people in general or?

Jennifer White 17:57
Yeah, exactly. Just to conduct yourself professionally. And that should translate very well.

Dallas 18:05
So how did the two of you first meet? Was it at an industry event? Was it a shoot?

Jennifer White 18:11
How did we first meet? That’s a good question. I can’t remember if we had done our scene together first, or if I was with her agency first. I think I was with her agency first. So I had I see her out. And I was doing some research on talent agencies. And I was looking to leave the one that I was with and then found her and transferred over there. She just took me under her wing.

Dallas 18:44
Was it intimidating to do a scene with her?

Jennifer White 18:48
Oh, yeah, it was I didn’t have to have sex so I basically got cut to her and another guy but she’s such a pro like it was it was a really cool experience.

Dallas 19:05
So have you remained in touch with her and friends with her over the years?

Jennifer White 19:10
Not in the more recent years? No, I mean every time I see her at conventions always say I but yeah, she’s so big now doing her own thing.

Dallas 19:22
So speaking of of nerves before shooting a scene of course now you you’ve you’ve been in the industry a long time but are there any instances where you still get a little bit of the you know of the butterflies in the stomach about shooting with somebody for the first time or anything like that?

Jennifer White 19:38
Shooting with people for the first time I get I get anxiety but it’s more excitement than anxiety because I do very well with new people. So, um but as far as like actual now nervousness. I think the last time I felt that was who? I was so nervous that day.

Dallas 20:07
Two was Was there a slight fear in your heart that maybe it wouldn’t work out? Or maybe you wouldn’t be able to do it or anything like that?

Jennifer White 20:16
A little bit? Yeah. It wasn’t sure if, like my mind and my body weren’t gonna agree

Dallas 20:23
to it must have been doubly satisfying then when the scene worked. So Well, it turned out so well, then I would think

Jennifer White 20:31
I was on cloud nine. I was like, on such a high afterwards that I actually did it. It was so worth it.

Dallas 20:39
Now, if there someday is a sequel to the movie, Can you envision what kind of action might be contained in it?

Jennifer White 20:48
Oh, I just had my promo sheet yesterday with Darko and he just brought up he’s hinting triple A animal. We’ll see. I’ll think about

Dallas 20:56
AAA No, am I that does sound intense. So trying to think that’s been done? I think Adriana Chechik did one at one point that I can remember but that’s a

Jennifer White 21:06
Adriana Angela did it? Yeah.

Dallas 21:09
So you’re considering that as a possibility, then that’s in your back pocket, then that might be happening. We’ll see. That kind of thing.

Jennifer White 21:17
The seed has been planted. We’ll see.

Dallas 21:22
What happens Are there any other firsts that you haven’t done that you would like to do at some point?

Jennifer White 21:31
Um, I think that was the last honestly. The tried double badge. Um, yeah. That was the last of the Mohicans for me.

Dallas 21:48
There’s a there’s an airtight in this movie, too, I believe. And that was that one that you had done before the airtight which the airtight as I understand it, is every orifice filled right simultaneously in essence, right.

Jennifer White 22:00
Yeah, that I had done before.

Dallas 22:03
To do you want to go ahead, sorry.

Jennifer White 22:06
One of my favorites. That’s it.

Dallas 22:08
Do you feel any pressure to top yourself as your career progresses? Or do you just want to express your sexuality in the way that’s most organic to you, and not worrying about topping yourself?

Jennifer White 22:31
Think I’m too worried about topping myself. I mean, the double N was definitely topping something. But um, I think I just want to have fun. And express myself second sexually. Like I said,

Dallas 22:48
you mentioned earlier in the conversation that you you got new boobs. So tell us what led you to make that particular decision.

Jennifer White 22:58
I just wanted I like, I was happy with my boobs before, but I just wanted to see what it was like to have. Big. I’m so happy I did it. They’re so nice.

Dallas 23:14
I’m assuming as if you had some pretty, pretty positive reactions from fans, too. I’m sure they must be pumped.

Jennifer White 23:20
Absolutely. I thought it was gonna get a lot more backlash than I did. But my doctors did such a good job. Like, it’s hard to complain. I feel like

Dallas 23:29
so what kind of backlash were you potentially expecting? I think

Jennifer White 23:35
people are I thought that people expected me to stay natural for forever. You know. I thought any kind of little change that I did to myself would have caused that. I was wrong, though. People are cool about it. Oh, that

Dallas 23:52
must have been a relief.

Jennifer White 23:54
Yeah, totally.

Dallas 23:57
So when you came into the industry circa 14 years ago, of course, the world was very different. And the industry was very different. Is there anything about the way the industry was then that you miss it all?

Jennifer White 24:14
Hmm, I feel like people were a lot more openly, slightly on set. And that was okay to be that way. Now, it’s a little more structured and it’s very positive to me still just the like, how we talk about consent more and how we’re talking about limitations and boundaries more and I think that’s super important to have. Whereas it wasn’t super prevalent when I first started in the industry. But at the same time, I was also just like, Being a wild child. And that was awesome, too.

Dallas 25:04
So when you say you say sort of openly slavery, is that just in the way that people were talking? Or how did that manifest itself?

Jennifer White 25:12
We’re talking, people weren’t afraid to like flirt with each other. And I feel like there’s a little bit of fear. Now, with being flirty. It’s like it has to be strictly professional otherwise. I don’t know.

Dallas 25:32
Do you think that that, in a funny way, has an effect on the chemistry in scenes in any way? I mean, in the sense that if you’re more openly flirty and banter on the set, maybe that carries into the scene, and maybe some of that’s missing. Now, in a funny way, I don’t know. Just wondering.

Jennifer White 25:50
I feel like it, it felt more organic before, where you’re able to kind of show your partner you’re super into them. And now you’re gonna be doing a scene together. It definitely helps translate into the scene. Now, it’s kind of like, okay, we’re talking boundaries, we’re talking consent, and now boom, or fucking. So it’s a little different. But I don’t know, I think it’s a good thing.

Dallas 26:22
So you said that you’re really good working with new people? How do you create that sort of rapport and chemistry with someone in the contemporary industry in the sort of run up to doing a shoot together?

Jennifer White 26:36
I mean, think I’m pretty confident and in my performing skills, like when I work with somebody new, it’s like, oh, this person hasn’t seen what I can do yet. But I’m excited to show them.

Dallas 26:52
So have you ever worked with somebody for the first time, and you could tell that you were just blowing their mind? You were blowing the hinges off, so to speak, like they did not know what they were getting into with the sexual beast? That is Jennifer White? Have you ever had that experience?

Jennifer White 27:10
I love love, and that happens a lot. It

Dallas 27:13
does. That must be very, very exciting and very validating, I guess, in a way.

Jennifer White 27:19
Absolutely. Yes. There’s nothing more validating than that.

Dallas 27:25
So a lot of the scenes that we’ve talked about thus far are kind of in the, you know, wall to wall sex variety. But of course, you’ve done some movies that are more character roles involving acting and things like that. I was looking at today, for instance, a scene you did for tushy for Maturana, with Nick blue, where you had some voiceover and some sort of character stuff. So how do you approach stuff like that? And do you enjoy the chance to get into the character stuff? Sometimes?

Jennifer White 27:54
It do. I really, really do. I grew up doing musical theater. Like any kind of little acting, I always find really fun in the scenes. I think one of my most proudest roles was

Jennifer White 28:11
for wicked deranged. Yeah, I think I did a really good job on that one.

Dallas 28:20
So tell us a little bit more about that one. I don’t remember the title, but I don’t remember the specifics. So what kind of character were you playing there?

Jennifer White 28:27
Sure. So I played a woman called the set. And everybody was just a little bit off in the head. In the movie list. That was actually the more like, bubble headed, I guess, you would say, but like it was, it was just really fun. It was really fun to play like something. So out of my own character.

Dallas 28:58
For sure. Now, you mentioned doing musical theater when you were growing up. Have you had any chance? So did you just singing and stuff like that when you read? I mean, it was just singing roles and things I take it? Yeah. So what were some sort of singing roles that you particularly love to do in productions? And have you had a chance to do any any roles where you got a chance to sing? I know there have been a few musical spoofs over the years I don’t know whether any of them had you in them or not. But

Jennifer White 29:27
in Born I’ve never sung I actually have a lot of anxiety about singing in front of Oh, yeah. Basically, like you can put me in a room and I will fuck in front of everybody, no problem. But if you asked me to sing, I get really, really nervous. Which is surprising because I used to do it all the time. But but never I guess solo it was always like a group effort.

Dallas 29:54
So if a director came to you and said, Hey, we want to do porn spoof of I don’t know, Grease or Saturday Night Fever or something I don’t know what would that be a challenge as you’d be interesting an undertaking or would you be like no too nervous? Can’t do it. Not sure about that.

Jennifer White 30:12
Something about overcoming my fear about that is intriguing to me. So I think I would take that on that challenge.

Dallas 30:21
Porn directors of the world. Take note. Because there was that big there were tons of spoofs, like I guess it was like 10 years ago spoof spoofs everywhere and that I guess it’s kind of faded now a little bit, but it’ll probably right trends always do like I know you were in the the Axel Braun Star Wars movie about 10 years ago. Do you have any memories of that? I think your scene was with Tom Byron, if I recall correctly.

Jennifer White 30:49
Yes, yes. I remember that day very well. That was a lot of fun to film. We’re like in the middle of the middle of a desert and, in fact, on the Land Cruiser. And yeah, just playing a Tuscan Raider was very different for me because they don’t speak with a lot of growling,

Dallas 31:12
right, right. Because you’re right, you play the creature and then you kind of disrobe there. And seduce the Obi Wan character I think you get you get a little hiss at the end or something like that. Some sort of vocalization if I remember correctly. Yeah. So I assume you’d worked with him prior to that scene. He’s was of course a major industry veteran at that time.

Jennifer White 31:36
Yeah, Tom used to love me. He used to book me all the time,

Dallas 31:40
too. So what’s he like?

Jennifer White 31:43
He’s so chill. Like, I don’t know if he serves, but he seems like a surfer dude. Like that type.

Dallas 31:54
Now, of course, he entered into the industry, I don’t know, I would say maybe the early 80s? Did he ever like wheel out any classic stories of old days when he’s that sort of person? Or did he not really want to talk about the old times too much?

Jennifer White 32:08
I can’t remember if he told me any stories or not. Remember,

Dallas 32:16
do you find yourself now being a mentor to younger stars that you may meet on sets and things like that?

Jennifer White 32:25
Yes, yes. I’m a firm believer and not gatekeeping.

Jennifer White 32:34
Your mental health along the way?

Dallas 32:37
For sure. Now, have you ever seen somebody who you felt was kind of going down some of the paths that you went to terms of some substance abuse or whatever? And did you have like a key piece of advice to them? Or did you intervene and say, hey, you know, you might want to reconsider this habit or that? You know?

Jennifer White 32:57
No, because it’s such a touchy subject with people. You never know if that person is ready to hear it. And whether they’re going to actually absorb what you’re telling them. So you kind of got to be careful. In that kind of situation. I know with me, I had to want help. I had to ask for help before I could actually receive it. So I tried to make it right.

Dallas 33:25
Right. It’s definitely a very, very tricky situation. You also had a recent pretty awesome couple of shoots with elegant Angel. And those were, again, shoots were kind of I mean, the one I saw was with Ramon Nomar, where he kind of like you’re doing a T sequence, it’s just a white backdrop. And it’s just you and the audience. Do you like those kinds of scenarios? Where it’s nothing but you and you are right there and you’re going to entertain that audience with just you and your sexual charisma so to speak.

Jennifer White 33:55
Yeah, I love those.

Dallas 34:00
What’s what’s the challenge of shooting a tease like that? I mean, I can’t remember Do you Do you have any background in exotic dancing or what what are you drawing upon to to get a really great T scene like the one you did for elegant Angel

Jennifer White 34:14
you know, surprisingly enough I didn’t start as a stripper. I just went right into porn. But I’ve always been a good dancer so like I started taking some pole dancing classes earlier on like right before I started feature dancing and I think the pole dancing as well as like some erotic cheer dancing classes and just like little things like that I feel like helped me a lot on set to tease and just be sexy for the camera.

Dallas 34:50
I’ve heard many porn stars say that. There are sexual scenarios that they’re able to explore in porn that they could never, ever do. If they weren’t in porn, just because you couldn’t organize it, you couldn’t do it safely, things like that. So do you see it the same way? Are there things that you’ve been able to do sexually that regardless of how uninhibited you might be in your private life, you never really could have done otherwise?

Jennifer White 35:16
Yeah, I’m, I’m a firm believer that the majority of what I do on Tom, I wouldn’t be able to set up my personal life. Just too difficult,

Dallas 35:26
right? Like a gang bang, like in private life that does sound like how would you even make sure everybody is, you know, tested and safe? And how would you get 10 guys who were, you know, sort of secure enough in themselves to do that, et cetera? You know,

Jennifer White 35:42
it’s super tough. The setup.

Dallas 35:46
Were you always a sexual person, you know, going back, you know, to to to to your teen years, or is that something that really exploded when you entered into the industry?

Jennifer White 35:56
I’ve always been very sexual. Yeah, I think I had sex with about 25 guys by the time I graduated high school

Jennifer White 36:12
yeah, yeah. So I’ve always been this way.

Dallas 36:15
Do you remember the first time you encountered pornography?

Jennifer White 36:20
Yes, actually. Do you remember? Like Napster and bizarre and like all

Dallas 36:28
those Sure do? Yeah. Yeah.

Jennifer White 36:31
Well, so I downloaded a blow job instructional video, because that was my introduction to poor job

Dallas 36:42
instructional video. Did you get any tips from that as well as elation? So to speak? I got some Do you remember it all? Like was it? Was it like a wicked instructional video? Or is it just a random one that you probably can’t even pin down at this point?

Jennifer White 37:00
Oh, it’s definitely a random. Yeah, I can’t even I wouldn’t even know what to search for. I don’t think Well, I guess instructional video but I don’t even know the girl’s name or like if it was an actual company that you know, shot it or what?

Dallas 37:14
History was there anybody that you saw in a porn movie before you were in the in the industry that you later worked with?

Jennifer White 37:27
I’m Lisa.

Dallas 37:31
Oh, nice, right? Yeah. Because she would have just been like a 2000. He would have been doing the Sarah Palin movie, of course, and having her big surge and fame. There are just before you were entering the industry, I guess.

Jennifer White 37:45
Yeah. Yeah. She was taking off in the milk category. And I was just starting out in the game. Alright,

Dallas 37:53
so speaking of milks, you’ve gotten to the point where the word milk is being applied to you What do you think of that? Do you embrace it? Do you not like it? What do you think?

Jennifer White 38:03
I think it’s pretty cool. I thought I wouldn’t like it, but I like being the most they get to fuck all like that young, hot, you know, good looking dudes and the, like the teams, which it’s still hot, they have to fuck you know, all the older you know, more established gentlemen. So it’s fun. It’s a lot of fun for me. So

Dallas 38:28
it’s something you definitely embrace them.

Jennifer White 38:32
Yeah, yeah. It’s very different for me, like as far as I have to kind of more dominate the scene now and be more controlling over, you know, whoever plays My stepdaughter or steps on. I’m, I’m more used to being in that steps and, you know, stepdaughter category, where I’m like, being more submissive. So it’s been very different for me to like transition. But I like it. I do like it a lot. So you

Dallas 39:02
have to set the tempo in a sense, then.

Jennifer White 39:06
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Dallas 39:07
So that was the reverse dynamic earlier in your career. And what about privately Do you Do you tend to one direction or the other in terms of your sex life? Are you more dominant, more submissive, or both, or

Jennifer White 39:22
with men, I prefer to be more submissive. With women, I can definitely be a switch. But if they have to be really good at being dominant, otherwise, automatically just take over.

Dallas 39:41
There you go. I mean, women take Yeah. Is there any recent porn trend that you find strange or baffling?

Jennifer White 40:00
I think the like incest stuff, like, I don’t fully understand.

Dallas 40:08
Right so we’re talking that this is the step mom sort of things that the taboo scenarios then

Jennifer White 40:16
even that’s like, at least it’s still step. You know, there’s not so much incest that I guess they don’t really film it on mainstream porn, but there is a notice a trend with fans that like, I feel like, I want to blame game of thrones, honestly. Because it seems like after that came out, people are more and more into insects. And there’s, I even got contacted by somebody wanting me to play their biological daughter and like, they wanted to burn my tits off. And like, yeah, it escalated quickly to do this, but I just, I did a little bit of research on it. And apparently it’s like a whole genre of mutilation and like incest and just that’s one thing. I don’t I can’t I can’t get on board.

Dallas 41:19
Right. Right. That’s that’s, that’s pretty extreme. Yeah, yeah. It’s funny people say that. You know, things like evil angel jewels, jewels, Jordan are extreme, but there is so much more. That is so much more extreme than that out there than just the stuff that studios are doing. You know, like things you’re describing, like a double anal. I mean, come on. That’s not so bad. Exactly. You mentioned Game of Thrones. What are some other TV shows that you’re really wild about?

Jennifer White 41:54
Sure. Um, I haven’t been doing very much TV lately.

Dallas 42:02
Or movies for that matter.

Jennifer White 42:07
Hmm. John, major blank. The last one I just saw was Guardians of the Galaxy. I do love my superhero movies.

Dallas 42:20
Do you have a favorite superhero overall? Deadpool, and you were in the Deadpool porn spoof, I believe not as Deadpool but you were in it, I think yeah.

Jennifer White 42:33
So happy when I got hired for that.

Dallas 42:34
Just tell us a little bit about the experience of shooting that one.

Jennifer White 42:39
Um, it was really cool fucking stuff in the safe gamble in the fall. You know, Deadpool outfit. It was like full on fantasy brought to life for me.

Dallas 42:51
So did the outfits present any challenges or lack of comfort in that situation? Or do you were just able to roll with it?

Jennifer White 43:00
Oh, they’re so uncomfortable. I mean, I had full leather gloves on and I had to give Seth blow job with it. And you could just tell like those not comfortable for him or for me? I couldn’t feel anything he can. He felt too much. Like. Yeah, the outfits are very tight and very. You cannot fight crime. And those outfits. There’s no

Dallas 43:29
right right. You do see like the super cuts of like Michael Keaton as Batman like where you can’t turn his head and you think well, you’re not going to fight criminals very well. If you can’t even turn your head. So yeah, to your point. It’s definitely a crazy fantasy, but fun nonetheless. So Deadpool, were you always a fan? Like were you a fan of the comic books? Or did you come to it after the movies came out? Or what?

Jennifer White 43:57
After the movies came out, I became more of a fan.

Dallas 44:01
Nice. So do you do do you read comic books at all or anything like that? Or do you stick mostly to the to the cinematic incarnations?

Jennifer White 44:11
I do read a little bit I didn’t so much growing up surprisingly, I became more of a comic book fan as an adult, which I think is funny, but yeah, I do a little bit of reading too.

Dallas 44:25
So would you say is that the nerdiest thing about you? Or what would you say is the nerdiest thing about Jennifer way?

Jennifer White 44:33
That’s probably the nerdiest thing.

Dallas 44:37
Now, your name, as I understand it is a stage name but a very normal sounding one. But say you had to pick a new stage name right now to reflect Jennifer right white of 2023 What do you think it would be if it just as a sort of fun little thought experiment

Jennifer White 45:01
Like, I don’t know what it would be specifically, but I feel like it would have been more exotic sounding. If I were to do it again. It suits me though. I mean, Jennifer Weitz, I wanted to be like the hall next door, I think.

Dallas 45:20
For sure, for sure. I think there is kind of a trend for for more normal sounding names, I guess, which I think you anticipated and choosing your name. Of course, there’s Angela white and other famous porn. White, who’s gotten the same. Right? Have you ever got anybody thinking the two of you were like related or something like that? You know?

Jennifer White 45:43
He was she that’s her real name. So she didn’t have to do any writing. Which I just found that out, which I thought was pretty surprising, right

Dallas 45:52
is remarkable, isn’t it? But she like she, I guess, is just making a statement that she’s doesn’t want to run from anything, which is pretty awesome. Yeah.

Jennifer White 46:01
And sounds corny. So she liked

Dallas 46:05
exactly. I mean, I know there’s that. That sort of like parlor game for formula of your porn name, which is I want to say it’s your physique, your first pet’s name and your childhood street or something like that. So to be by that

Jennifer White 46:24
Bubba Liberty.

Dallas 46:26
That kind of works. kind of works. Sounds very patriotic.

Dallas 46:35
patriotic and maybe maybe a little bit southern almost. Yeah, kind of like, down home country a little bit. So as I understand it, you shot your very first scene for vivid, I think with Alex Gonz, is he still around? Do you ever run into him? Have you ever talked about those early days?

Jennifer White 46:57
No, I don’t know what happened to him. I haven’t heard his name and years. So

Dallas 47:00
you did shoot with him a couple of times right? In the end, but a long time ago, right? Yes. Is that a scene that you did you ever watch that scene after you shot it? Or did you just kind of leave that one in the past? Like most of the other scenes that you’ve said from that era?

Jennifer White 47:18
I think I’ve only seen clips of it. But I have watched that one. I was still healthy then. So I’m okay watching that one for sure.

Dallas 47:27
So I think in about 2015 You did an interview with adult DVD talk and you said I have a rule that I have to come three times before I get out of bed every day. Now. I don’t know if you’re exaggerating. Was that true at the time? Is it still true?

Jennifer White 47:43
With some breaks in between but yes, most most of the time that’s That’s my rule.

Dallas 47:49
That’s pretty that’s pretty ambitious. I’d say.

Jennifer White 47:53
I like to start the day with the boosted endorphins. It’s a good thing.

Dallas 47:59
Sky Blue said something interesting. She said she likes that sort of post-orgasm clarity that feeling it kind of wipes the slate clean and you kind of feel your mind is cleansed. Do you experience the same thing?

Jennifer White 48:12
Yeah, I definitely agree with that.

Dallas 48:15
She also said that it’s useful when she’s sort of crushing on guy and she’s trying to determine whether she actually has feelings for him or not, she’ll just sort of fantasize about him having an orgasm and then she can sort of establish whether there’s something actually there or is just lost you know, just kind of interest

Jennifer White 48:35
I never even really thought of doing that but

Dallas 48:38
Tips and tricks from Sky Blue! is there any particular industry award that you would most like to put onto your mantle someday

Jennifer White 48:54
I would love to have either for or Performer of the Year pretty incredible.

Dallas 49:07
I should think that deep inside Jennifer White is probably going to be getting some awards intention come this this this January so we can certainly what can I hope for that? I would think

Jennifer White 49:20
I hope so. I think people are really going to love that.

Dallas 49:23
So to the the trailer alone really is is is is a knockout. I mean it’s a it’s a little mini piece of art on its own, so people should check that out. If nothing else, and then they’ll be definitely encouraged to watch the movie as well. So I know we’re running short on time here a little bit wanted to do ask you a few sort of quasi lightning round questions, some wham bam sort of stuff just just for fun. So the first of these is social media love it or hate it.

Jennifer White 49:54
very mixed feelings. I feel like there’s Some some positive sides to it where, you know, it’s so easy to, to access the world and to communicate with each other. But at the same time people are getting so toxic on there that it becomes a really hard environment to be in.

Dallas 50:20
Right? Right. Little but so what are three things you couldn’t live without?

Jennifer White 50:32
Wow My puppy

Dallas 50:34
oh there we go

Jennifer White 50:37
Hey kitty my family

Dallas 50:39
pets family very good so pets family what was the third one?

Jennifer White 50:47
Um, like I said, when they said to

Jennifer White 50:56

Dallas 50:58
drew drew hydrating is important. So that brings up a whole topic of like self care. So what like what are some of your key self care routine aspects aside from three orgasms in the morning, of course.

Jennifer White 51:17
I’ve been trying to take more vacations for myself lately. I think that’s something I denied myself a lot of for years is it was all about work for me for so long, and I’m starting to learn now that you can’t do that to yourself. It’s like you got to take breaks, you gotta. Yeah. Enjoy yourself. Do

Dallas 51:41
you have any favorite vacation spots or travel spots?

Jennifer White 51:47
Three, I’ve only been on two real vacations and my entire adult life. And they’re both in Hawaii. And Maui in particular. I fell in love with that place. It’s incredible. So beautiful.

Dallas 52:00
Nice. Nice. So what is your most frequently used emoji There you go. That suits right that suits What’s your biggest guilty pleasure

Jennifer White 52:27
sweets, I got a major sweet tooth.

Dallas 52:30
What’s what’s what’s one of your favorite sweets?

Jennifer White 52:36
II love cheesecake. And it’s like chrome relay and backlit and

Dallas 52:45
nice. Do you do any baking or hooking yourself? Or do you usually just have someone else do that for you and buy it somewhere?

Jennifer White 52:54
Um, I get it. I go through spurts where I like to dabble in the kitchen a little bit. But it just redid my kitchen. So everything’s so nice. Now I can finally do that.

Dallas 53:05
We’ve got to take advantage of that. Yeah, yeah. And then finally, are you a morning person or a night person?

Jennifer White 53:14
Night person.

Dallas 53:17
So like a typical night? What time would you go to bed? Would you say

Jennifer White 53:24
I’m starting to wind down around like 11. But quite a bit. Oh, that probably won’t actually fall asleep to like two in the morning sometimes.

Dallas 53:41
Cool, cool. Cool. So as we wind down here, I just wanted also to give you a chance to number one, talk about any other cool projects you have coming up that people want might want to tell fans about and also just to tell people where they can find you on the web on social media and keep up with all of your latest goings on.

Jennifer White 54:03
So I have a lot of projects in the works. And I’m focusing a lot on shooting from mainly big companies now and so I have a couple of things for browsers in the works couple of things for evil. Who else reality kings deeper just came out, working on getting in with fix end. So what are the big things in the works for sure. You can find me on social media on Twitter at Jenn white Triple X with one N. and on Instagram at Jenn white to point out

Dallas 54:47
and of course people can go to adult they can type in your name and they can find so many Jennifer White movies they will be entertained attained until the end of time I think your extensive amount McAfee well Jennifer White the movie is deep inside Jennifer White. And by the time people are listening to this, they will be able to watch it on many platforms and enjoy everything we’ve been talking about here in this podcast. Thank you so much for being with us today on the podcast.

Jennifer White 55:17
Thank you so much for having me. This was a lot of fun.

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