The Rundown: ‘Oil Explosion 7’ (Featured Video)


Oil is the basics for a hot photo shot or porn movie. It makes the soft skin glisten, makes things glide in and out easily and able to explore tight spaces. ‘Oil Explosion 7’ shows exactly what I am talking about with a sexy scene intro to each scene that works as your own oily modeling session with each star of the movie.

Scene Highlights

Kate Dalia wants her pretty pussy covered in oil. When her man enters the room she gets very eager for playtime moaning for his big cock. Her tits looks amazing covered in oil. When she gets fucked she looks like a perfect doll. She loves to be in control and ride his cock fast with all that lube. She gets a big cumload to her perfect mouth at the end of the scene.

I’ll tell you the makeup artist for this movie knows what they are doing, Slimthick Vic also looks amazing. She uses her bottoms to plump us her ass cheeks for us before applying some oil. Her nipples get hard at the touch of the oil, she is amazing. She will need the oil for the huge cock she is taking on although she does a fine job lubing it up with her mouth. She also has plenty of natural lube coming from her pussy as she rides his lock. I love the sounds of all the juices as they fuck.

The scene intro for Tiffany Watson is more amazing than there previous two. Watching her glistening ass jiggle is all this scene needs to get a guy off. Once the cock is in the scene she waste no time getting it jammed into her pussy. I love how she squirts the oil on both of them as she gets pounded. The foot lovers will enjoy watching her toes curls and then using her feet to stroke his oiled cock.

Theodora Day is the lone brunette in this film with captivating eyes. She sucks a cock that is covered in oil. I like how her hair is tied up in a perfect bun. The oil comes in handy as she reverse cowboys her tight ass in his huge dick with ease. She has massive energy with a tight little body, you know it makes a cock feel good.


“Baby cover me in that oil!”     -Kate Dalia

Why We Love It?

That’s easy to answer in just one word: PERFECTION! If you are a perfectionist this movie delivers on all levels. Each girl’s makeup is absolutely spot on to accent their beauty and then the oil overload just compounds on that. Each scene has a great variety of sexual positions and shooting angles. Each scene gives you your own private modeling session before the porn action starts. This movie is a definite for your porn library because one viewing is not enough. This would also make a great date night porn movie to create the perfect mood. I can’t even pick a favorite scene they were all equally perfect.


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