Hatler Gurius strikes a pose.

An Interview With Gender X Star Hatler Gurius

To simply relax and be oneself is not always an easy task, but Hatler Gurius excels at it. This quiet authenticity is a huge part of the reason he’s become a popular new casting choice for many studios, most notably Gender X. Our new Hatler Gurius interview delves into his background, favorite scene types and positions, memorable shoots, and much more.

Your name is super cool! How did you come up with it?

Hatler Gurius is my real name 🙂 First and last, my parents gave it to me they said it was my great-grandpa’s name . . . I’ve never believed them.

My grandma gave them Hatler . . . or Greenleaf as my two name options, so I got lucky.

Tell us about Hatler Gurius. What’s a typical day for you like?

Honestly, my days are pretty boring. I don’t go out much because I’m sober from everything besides weed and living in Vegas. It’s just not the best idea . . .  so I sit at home and look for work all day and play my game.

When did you know you were bisexual? Is your family accepting?

I knew I was bisexual from a pretty young age, I remember doing things with my friends when we were kids . . . trying new things they call it . . . so maybe 12 or 13.

How did you get your start in porn?

I got my start in porn about 18 months ago. I was living with my parents in Boise, Idaho, doing OnlyFans and someone messaged me about a studio scene here in Vegas (Slamrush) or now known as (Face Down ass Pp). I used that $2,000 to pack my things up and move to Vegas . . .came here with $200 left to my name.

What are your favorite types of scenes to shoot?

My favorite type of scene would have to be threesomes or orgies! There is just so much to do. 😊

How do you prepare for a shoot?

How do I prepare for a shoot? Well, that depends if I’m topping or bottoming, not much changes other than I have to clean out. I try not to stress about my work. I usually don’t even look to see who my scene partner is or script till I show up on set. I just sit and wait.

What is your favorite position?

Favorite position? That’s a hard one, anything besides doggie style, I suppose. 😊 I do love laying on my back or being fucked while I’m standing up. If it’s with a cis female, I like side missionary.

Do you prefer creating your own content or working with a major studio?

I prefer making my own and one day hope to own a few major studios of my own . . . working for other studios doesn’t give models a retirement so that’s the big downside. If we do our own then we can re-sell it.

Who are some studios and stars you hope to work with in the future?

I plan on working with everyone.

Have you faced any difficulties within the industry as a bi man when it comes to shooting straight or trans scenes?

Yeah, they don’t let me shoot straight scenes because the pornstars managers are afraid we will give the HIV . . . even though I’m on prep. It’s dumb and I think people need to be sued over it.

Do you have a favorite tattoo?

My favorite tattoo would have to be my spine . . . even though I can’t see it. I get told it looks good. 😊

What advice would you give to bi men looking to get into the adult entertainment industry?

The only advice I’ll give to a bisexual man trying to get into the industry . . . is I hope you know how to bottom. Most (bi) men only top . . . so we have to many tops and not enough bottoms that can actually take a dick. Learn to take dick and not complain and you will go far.

What’s one thing you want all of your fans to know about you?

I’m pretty sure my fans know everything there is to know about me. I’m pretty open on social media about my life . . . just let the others know not to let my tattoos fool them. I’m a sweetheart.

Jim Powers recently tweeted about a space-themed shoot for Gender X. Tell us a little bit about the shoot! What were the biggest challenges of shooting a production-heavy genre like that?

The shoot with jim powers was amazing. 😊 They always are . . . it wasn’t too complicated other than remembering the lines. I’ve always had a problem with that, but I went to a neurologist to try to help me remember them and so far that’s helping a ton. Other than the script, it was pretty easy. 😊 I’m very adaptable when it comes to life.

You’ve shot numerous times for Gender X overall. What are some of the most unusual or memorable scenes you’ve appeared in for that brand?

Unusual scenes for Gender X. Hmmmmm, I think they are all pretty unusual, but that’s what I love about my job. I think the 4th of July pool party one is one of my favorites though. I love being surrounded by beautiful people and out in the sun

How do you approach the character/acting aspects of porn scenes?

I try to just be myself. I’m not taking on the role of anyone else so it makes it easy. If it was Hollywood, I may struggle, but I’m good at being myself.

When you’re working with someone for the first time, are there any shortcuts to creating the necessary chemistry for the scene?

I’m not sure if I can give any tips on creating chemistry. That’s based off attitude . . . just go into each scene with an open mind. I don’t date because relationships cause problems on set, especially if things aren’t going good and that in itself can destroy chemistry between two models. So it all depends on who you’re working with. Luckily I seem to get along with everyone I meet in person.

What are your thoughts on social media? Love it or hate it? What are your favorite platforms?

I LOVE social media … I may have a problem I love it so much … I sit in my computer chair ,like I am now and I just look for work …. All day, or talk to my fans ,or go live on something … anything to try to make myself be seen … cause if im not being seen then my stuff isn’t going to sell … you cant be a successful pornstar and be hidden

What do you consider the best thing about being a pornstar?

the best thing about being a pornstar is the freedom I have. I don’t like stress and I like to be able to enjoy my days… I worked in my dads autobody shop for 6 years before doing all this .. 8-12 hour days for little pay … it just wasn’t my thing … I have built houses, painted cars.. done construction… my dad taught me and my brother a lot of life needs growing up and I think that’s why I have such a strong dedication to my work.

Tell your fans what projects you are working on.

Well, currently I’m working on finding an investor to help me purchase a warehouse and a website. I need a warehouse so I can build studio sets and have a solid place to film. My website will offer monthly royalties to the models I film with, give them a retirement of some sort . . . unlike current studios. Something needs to change and someone has to do it.

I can film, edit, produce, build sets, find models, promote . . . I can literally do it all . . . and I plan on it. 😊

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