Pornstar Cherie DeVille looks over her shoulder at the camera.

WATCH: What Makes You Nostalgic? — Pornstar Edition — Cherie DeVille

Let’s hop in the time machine! In the latest Adult Empire pornstar video, MILF star Cherie DeVille recalls the foods, music, movies, and moments that make her feel that familiar wave of warm nostalgia.

DeVille’s walk down memory lane shows her to be a true child of the ’80s, with references to Cabbage Patch Dolls, The Princess Bride, Madonna, and Michael Jackson. (Given later revelations about Jackson, DeVille’s recollections of the one-time King of Pop are now understandably tinged.) And we’re right there with her on the fond recollections of classic breakfast cereal! Sure, it may not have really been the healthiest start to the day, but who needs nutrients when you’ve got a colorful cartoon mascot? And when it comes to Mario Brothers, which DeVille cites as her favorite video game, we’re pretty sure she can and would blast her way to the Koopa castles with the greatest of ease.

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