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Top Authentic LGBTQ porn videos on Adult Empire

June is here and that means PRIDE is among us! It should be more than just a bunch of rainbow banners and gay and lesbian sales because it means so much more than that to so many people. Here at Adult Empire we recognize the need to celebrate, respect, and showcase all deserving parties because diversity and the understanding it requires is apart of the very foundation of adult entertainment. Fantasies, sex roles, gender, and sexuality need to be explored and expanded in order for all of us porn lovers to benefit and this pride we felt it necessary to highlight some of the authentic LGBTQ porn clips, studios, performers and directors to shed light on their impact and how they helped shape the industry we all know and love today. Our sincere hope is that this top list will inspire conversation and research to further enhance our understanding of freedom and sexual expression. Enjoy!

Top LGBTQ Clips

Clip 4 from The Squirting Man 2 – The Return of the Squirting Man

The Squirting Man 2 porn video from Kennston Productions

Eddie Wood is the squirting man and the 4th clip of The Squirting Man 2 with Tristan Matthews is one of my absolute favorites, so I’m super hype it made the list. They both appear confident, comfortable, and most importantly they take time getting each other off. The sex is fun and relatable, like the camera isn’t in the room, and the way gender roles are challenged is amazing to watch. Your body and mind are sure to be stimulated watching this clip.

Clip 1 from Bed Party – Jack Hammer XL and Nikki Darling

Bed Party porn video from Pink and White Productions

Nikki Darling and Jack Hammer XL put the party in bed party! Instantly you feel their excitement and desire as they stare into each other’s eyes and Jack puts his master rope play into effect. Queerly fluid Nikki definitely shares his passion for all things bondage, including power play and breath play, and the results are explosive! What truly makes this clip stand out is the thoughtful tenderness approach the stars bring to the table while remaining true to their fetish needs. Nikki experiences orgasm after orgasm as Jack uses a magic-wand on her clit, and watching her struggle against the rope is the perfect illustration of pain and pleasure. The trust they have for each other is just as much a turn on as the sex they share and it makes for a beautiful experience that you’ll never forget.

Clip 3 from Tombois

Tombois porn video from Sweetheart

Sweetheart Video hit the jackpot when they dropped Tombois in 2009 and Lily Cade and Torrid literally make music together. Lily wants to express that her feelings for her fellow bandmate have turned romantic so naturally she decides to put it in a song. She plays the shy nervous crush role brilliantly, but being familiar with Lily the way she likes to fuck I already knew it was going to be red hot. What’s really impressive though is the way Torrid matches her energy and maintains her own aggression while allowing Lily to initially takes charge. It honestly feels like the first time as they carefully yet eagerly explore each other’s bodies and by the time they start finger fucking and eating each other out the anticipation is at an all time high.

Clip 5 from Seven Minutes In Heaven 2: Tender Hearted

Seven Minutes In Heaven 2: Tender Hearted porn video from Real Queer

Chocolate Chip and Cyd Loverboy aren’t two household names, but after watching this clip they will live in your mind and loans forever. Bringing their queerness to the bedroom they show us a different side of sex and the fact that they choose each other to film with really enhances the fantasy. It’s completely unscripted with the stars being in control and the open conversations that take place before and after are the perfect cherry on top. Watching this clip you will feel closer and more connected to them than possibly any other star, something that I personally love about amateur content, but they take it to a new level making the sex feel incredibly real.

Clip 1 from Lesbian Love Stories 9

Lesbian Love Stories 9 porn video from Girlfriends Films

Girlfriends Films is the best at taking lesbian sex and making it mainstream. Performers always bring their A-games to GFF sets and Prinzzess and Lisey Sweet definitely showcase that for us in the first clip of Lesbian Love Stories 9. They’re all over each other from the very beginning, with Prinzzess teasingly rubbing her hands all over Lisey’s body as she lays on the bed. The passion is crazy high, the eye contact will push you over the edge, and for a second you’ll find yourself wondering if they’ve fucked each other in real life. The care and attention they bring allows them to hit each other’s hot spots almost instantly and the sounds of dripping wet pussy is only ever drowned out by the moans of pleasure cries to a higher power.

Clip 2 from Fucking Mystic

Fucking Mystic porn video from TROUBLEFilms

If you’ve never seen Fucking Mystic do yourself a favor and watch it right now. Chelsea Poe shines the entire fucking time, but her clip with Courtney Trouble is one of their top performances together in my opinion. After picking Poe up in a video store, thanks to a magical necklace that incites lust, Courtney quickly takes her back home and works the shit out of her with some quality lesbian fetish! Chelsea is bound standing and ball gagged as Courtney deep throats and takes her to the edge over and over again. The agonizing pleasure is palpable and watching Chelsea squirm makes Courtney go even harder. The chemistry between this pair is spectacular and they always seem to come up with something new and exciting for us to enjoy.

Clip 4 from Lesbian Life: Real Sex NYC

Lesbian Life: Real Sex NYC porn video Abigail Productions

Lesbian Life: Real Sex NYC is all about queer sex and culture which is exactly what you get with Madison Young and Jessie Lee. Madison’s quest to find all the hottest places for lesbians to meet and hookup and takes her on all types of adventures, and when longtime fan Jessie meets her in a bookstore you already know what’s about to go down. They can hardly keep their hands off each other in the store, so when they finally get some time alone they get down to business right away. They look fantastic together for starters, and they seem to genuinely into each other as they take turns teasing and pleasing. If you love watching fun hookups this is definitely a clip you’ll want in your library.

Clip 1 from Buck Angel Superstar

Buck Angel Superstar porn video from TransSensual

Buck Angel’s name rings bells throughout the industry and Buck Angel Superstar shows you exactly why. The tone is set in the first clip with Buck and fellow trans star Chanel Santini in a beautiful white living room that highlights their skin tone’s and his tattoos perfectly. The goal of the movie is to illustrate how lonely and superficial life at the top really is, but I promise you there’s nothing lacking as him and Chanel playfully banter before taking their clothes off and getting to it. Watching two trans stars fuck has always been incredibly sexy to me because it challenges everything we’ve been taught about sex and what it should look like, but this clip ups the anti as both stars teeter the already blurred gender lines and play with our ideas of dominance and submission. This one feels like sex as art and elevates with every orgasm.

Clip 1 from Tight Places: A Drop Of Color

Tight Places: A Drop of Color porn video from Reel Queer

When Tight Places – A Drop Of Color was released in 2010 it was all I could watch. Genderqueer newcomer at the time Kohen and energetic Akira Raine let sparks fly in a playful yet intense sexual encounter in a courtyard that has them banging on a bench, up against an alley wall, and anywhere else they can imagine. Kohen brings a laid back cool swagger to the mix but it doesn’t take long for them to get caught up in Akira and powerfully thrust her right there on the bench. Watching their sexual introduction is a huge turn on and contributes to the overall safe space created and explored throughout. This is a great clip in a great movie that every porn lover, not just LGBTQ, should experience at least once!

Clip 3 from “Straight” Sex

"Straight" Sex porn video from altSHIFT

“Straight” Sex is altSHIFT‘s attempt at flipping everything we think we know about heteronormative sex and they do a damn good job. Clip 3 is 90s twink themed and features Marcus Quillan and Eryn Rose complete with tighty whities, gold rope chains, and stripped tube socks. The look is epic and the chemistry and sex equals up. What Marcus and Eryn illustrate so elegantly for us is that sex acts are not straight or queer or predetermined by sexuality and gender. Sex should be a space where fantasies are safely explored and allowed to grow and evolve or change over time, just like humans.

Top LGBTQ Studios

Pink and White Productions

Pink and White Productions XXX studio

Pink and White Productions has been a gold standard in LGBTQ adult content since 2005 and they’re always the first that comes to mind when thinking of that creative space. Founded by Shine Louise Houston, Pink and White aims to create adult films that expose the complexities of queer sexual desire and the blurred lines that come along with the community and culture. The CrashPad Series Volume 1 debuted as such a hit that it lead to an entire series specializing in taking a voyeuristic appraoch and watching people explore sex and themselves in an apartment set up just for the occasion. It’s the perfect catalog to browse when looking for queer content!


Abbywinter XXX porn studio

Abbywinters is a pro-am studio that gives real woman a platform to showcase how they have sex in real life with their actual partners and it’s hard to get more authentic than that. The stars have that girl next door look we all love and the sex isn’t over the top or staged. They’ve mastered making viewers feel like we’ve been invited into the bedroom of a real life couple because that’s exactly what happens. It’s also refreshing to see first timers open up comfortably since they have their partner by their side and the opening and ending interviews shed light on what you’re watching and why. There’s always lots of laughter and honesty which further opens up that safe space and adds to the appeal of their content.

Kennston Productions

Kennston Productions XXX Genderqueer porn studio

When looking for trans content created by and for trans men and women Kennston Productions has you covered. Founded by performer and director Michelle Austin along with longtime FTM partner Dicky Johnson, Kennston gives you hardcore sex and solo action featuring performers who aren’t afraid to let us in and put their intimate moments on display. Their movies span a variety of categories ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy and it always looks like a good time on set. The trans perspective that they bring to the game is eye-opening, especially when considering that a lot of companies take the queer approach but not all transsexuals (or gay and bi people) are queer. This lets Kennston play and explore sexuality in a new creative space that’s exciting and gets all of our juices flowing.


TROUBLEFilms genderqueer xxx porn studio

TROUBLEfilms is an independent studio proudly owned and operated by trans and non-binary sex workers, giving viewers a unique perspective and experience since those behind the camera also work in front of the camera. Courtney Trouble got the ball rolling in 2002 and since then has made it a priority to work with queer and trans performers giving them a platform to express their sexual desires while showing the world what those desires can look like. Trouble flicks always have good sex and a good time but they also want you to sit back and really think about what and who you’re watching. Not to put anyone in a box, but to understand that sex is freedom of expression for everyone.

Buck Angel Entertainment

Buck Angel Entertainment XXX porn studio

Buck Angel Entertainment is the baby of FTM trans performer Buck Angel, so you know it’s going to be good. The message overall is to love yourself, and creating content that explores transsexual sexuality, desires, and fantasies is a great way to put that on display. Browsing through this short but powerful catalog may initially have your brain trying to make sense of what you’re eyes are watching, but the theme of self-love through sexual expression will leave you feeling better than the nuts busted. Hopefully we all walk away feeling great but also making sure that we’re living an authentic life true to ourselves and not falling into categories we don’t want to be in simply because it’s easier for the world to handle us that way.

Good Dyke Porn

Good Dyke Porn xxx Studio

My very first interaction with Good Dyke Porn was Lily Cade & Tina Horn fucking in the kitchen and I was hooked! It looked like me and my girlfriend on a Saturday afternoon in the kitchen playing around and I had never seen anything like that before. Usually the sets are all shiny, the women look glamorous, and the storylines are fun but unrelatable. All of that changed for me in 30 minutes and porn hasn’t been the same since. Goody Dyke Porn does more than just take back the word Dyke, they create content that lesbians and queer people can relate to in more than just sex positions. The women enjoy sex with women, super crucial but often ignored, and the plots are reminiscent of what lesbians go through. We know how important representation is and Good Dyke Porn made representing authentic lesbians a priority at a time when hardly anyone was even thinking about it.

Reel Queer Productions

Reel Queer Productions xxx porn studio

Reel Queer Productions is exactly what their names suggest and it’s a crazy good time! Everything is centered around being queer and expressing that queerness through sex and sexual fantasies. Seven Minutes In Heaven is an amazing series to check out if you haven’t already, but for a general feel of what they’re all about Fluid and Speakeasy should be on your radar. Both playfully explore different queer ideologies through engaging plots that leave you with a little to think about and the sex is insanely hot.

Girlfriends Films

Girlfriends Films Lesbian xxx porn studio

Girlfriends Films may initially look a little out of place on this list but consider the way they’ve been killing the mainstream lesbian game for years and it’s obvious they earned their spot. Authentic lesbian representation may not be their center focal point, but authentic sex certainly is, and they never drop the ball when it comes to that part. The stars are always incredibly engaged with each other, regardless of their sexual preference in real life, and that’s a selling point for everyone who enjoys porn. The fact that they’ve been on top for over 20 years and are consistently killing it with one genre speaks volumes about their content. GFF didn’t come up with a gimmick and get lucky, they put in the work to master their craft when it comes to casting, script writing, sex, lighting, and production and hard work usually pays off.


Grooby transsexual porn studio

When it comes to transsexual women, Grooby films the hottest of them all and have been doing so since 1996. It’s one of the most popular studios and brands within the industry because they consistently produce high quality, fresh and original transsexual content that’s positive, consensual, progressive, and focusses on transsexual sexuality and fantasies. They drop new movies monthly and they find new girls to keep viewers entertained and in awe of the endless talent that seems to flow their way. With over 400 movies already to browse through, there’s sure to be something for everyone and that’s part of what makes Grooby so influential and important to adult entertainment as a whole.


altSHIFT genderqueer xxx porn studio

altSHIFT produces alternative porn videos aimed at shifting your perspective. Whatever you walk in thinking, they want to change it by the time you walk out and it’s cool the way they do it through sexual representation without too many words. Perspective has a lot to do with what we see and how we experience those things, so altSHIFT presents us with images and videos that we perceive to be one thing but turns out to be something else or more than what we originally thought. Even their colors of choice are slightly misleading, giving you a soft feel when in fact a lot of what you’ll see is hardcore. I love a good mindfuck with my orgasms and this studio is definitely good for that.

Top LGBTQ Stars & Directors

Shine Louise Houston

Shine Louise Houston porn director

Shine Louise Houston is the founder, producer, and director of Pink and White Productions and to put it mildly, Shine is the shit! Recognizing that there was a demand for an alternative to mainstream pornography while working in a woman owned sex toy shop, Shine began to create queer content and the rest is history. She began with CrashPad, a voyeuristic look into the sexual fantasies of queer folks, and from there expanded to exploration of bi-sexual queer couples with her Bed Party series. One of the first things I noticed when watching her movies was her interest in masculine sensuality made obvious through her camera work and from there I was hooked. Men are often ignored in porn, but real inclusion is supposed to be the goal and women and others who don’t identify as masculine want to see it. Shine once said that porn is the perfect place to become political and her work is powerful.

Buck Angel

Buck Angel Trans Male porn star

Buck Angel is probably the most popular FTM trans performer in the business and his story is one of inclusion and acceptance. From the beginning Buck’s aim has been to empower people by showing them it’s okay to be authentically you and watching him fuck is definitely an empowering experience. Being a trans man doesn’t take away the masculine stereotypes men are subject to daily and watching Buck suck a stiff cock, or take a pounding doggystyle is sure to challenge what you think you know about them and sex. Born in 1962, Buck dealt with these identity issues and  transitioned at a time when pretty much no information was available and the only support one could find was within the small community and I like to think that’s all released and expressed when he performs. Buck Angel takes the subject of transgender sexuality to the world, making us confront preconceived notions and for that I’ll forever be grateful.

Lily Cade

XXX queer porn star Lily Cade

Known as the gold star lesbian of porn valley, Lily Cade is a fucking machine and as authentically lesbian as they come. When most others were coming out pretty in pink and lightly kissing and sucking on nipples, Lilly came out hardcore, grabbing bitches by the ass and fingering them into submission before they even knew what hit them. Lily blew the idea up that girls are soft with each other by showing us that women like to fuck just like guys and she did it so well that she worked with just about every major studio and female star in her time. She wears her lesbian gold star prouder than anyone I’ve ever seen and the energy she performs with unlike anything else in the industry. Lust is in her eyes before the camera even starts rolling and you know that whoever she’s with is going to enjoy themselves, test their own boundaries and limitations, and cum a billion times.

Courtney Trouble

XXX porn star Courtney Trouble

Owner of Troublefilms, Courtney Trouble is proud and fearless queer content creator who is known throughout the industry for producing authentic films that promote body positivity, diversity and LGBTQ representation. Their efforts to challenge traditional gender and beauty ideas within porn while also fighting for ethical and consensual practices set them apart and it shows in their work behind and in front of the camera. Fighting for and representing marginalized communities makes for hotter sex than you may initially think because everyone seems comfortable and aware of themselves. The goal isn’t to impress with Courtney, it’s to have fun while creating something special and as viewers that’s something we should all appreciate.

James Darling

James Darling female to male trans xxx porn star

James Darling is an award winning FTM porn director, performer and educator who has been doing it for years. After receiving messages asking where people could find more hot trans guys James took it upon himself to create a space where trans men’s sexuality and bodies are respected, celebrated, empowered and affirmed so that we can get a glimpse into that world and what it looks like. No easy task for sure, but certainly a necessary and crucial one, especially if we want to grow in our understanding of sex and sexual acts. He’s worked with a plethora of other queer production companies and performers and always puts up an authentic sexy performance regardless of the role he’s asked to play. The versatility really is impressive but it’s just the start as his impact spans beyond the bedroom and camera.

Jiz Lee

Jiz Lee queer porn star

Jizz Lee built a name in the industry by presenting their unique gender expression on camera for well over a decade and they are truly a living legend still making people cream. Jizz is a versatile performer who has been a heavy player in the queer porn movement and has worked all over the world on all types of productions with all types of people. Browsing their catalog you’ll definitely get the sense that they can do it all but it’s even more impressive when you consider the fact that Jizz also works behind the scenes, fundraising for LGBTQ health and sex worker organizations while also taking on the role of marketing director for Pink and White Productions. Makes you wonder where all the energy to bang on screen comes from right!? Jizz is a pioneer on and off screen and the entire adult entertainment industry is lucky to have them.

Michelle Austin

Michelle Austin Transsexual porn star

Known as the Voluptuous Diva, Michelle Austin is one of the biggest transsexual stars in the game and with her partner Dickey Johnson she has changed the way transsexual porn is produced and viewed by the masses. She’s broken size barriers, gender barriers, and continues to have some of the most vibrant, fun sex scenes ever. Growing up in Texas and transitioning at the early age of 20 definitely prepared her for the road ahead, but she crushed it and continues to crush it by creating safe spaces for trans women and men to fuck, make some money, and educate the world while at it.

Andre Shakti

Andre Shakti XXX Genderqueer porn star

Love struck me when I saw Andre Shakti and Sailor in Crash Pad Series Episode 200 – Andre Shakti & Sailor. Her sex was so open, honest, and fun that I needed to know more about her and the more I researched the more impressed I was. Working as a dominatrix in Baltimore Maryland, Andre also works as a sex educator, opening the minds of anyone who listens and presenting the industry with new ideas and creative spaces to explore and play around with. She takes her craft extremely seriously, a benefit to all of us watching, and maintains a stance that learning never ends and should be fun when you enjoy doing what you do. She intentionally blurs gender lines and roles in many of her clips which is one of the reasons she stands out. She also used her innovation to build a virtual strip club to cope with the effects of COVID-19 after hearing the complaints of so many other sex workers not receiving relief funds from the government due to their careers. Gotta love a woman who takes matters into her own hands and gets shit done for herself and her people!


Syd Blakovich

Syd Blakovich queer porn star

Syd Blakovich is a dominant top who likes being in control and likes it rough, but who also likes to receive as much as she gives and it’s never a dull moment when she’s on screen. She brings a ferocious sexual appetite to set and consequently brings out the best in her co-stars because it’s impossible not to be pulled into her cool yet aggressive force field. Syd is another queer star whose body image and sexual expression challenge what we’re used to seeing and what we think of as “normal” but there’s no doubt she’s passionate about presenting her authentic self on screen each and every time she fucks and the LGBTQ porn community would be lacking some serious representation without her.

Chelsea Poe

Transsexual porn star Chelsea Poe

You’ve probably seen Chelsea with Courtney Trouble throughout the years and that’s because she is co-director of operations of TROUBLEfilms. As a trans lesbian Chelsea brings a very unique perspective and approach to queer porn, and it’s definitely noticeable when browsing through her catalog of clips. Her look is fantastic but her range is what really allows her to leave her imprint on the industry because she’s willing to explore and display it all. Watching someone with that type of confidence showcase their body, sometimes in extremely submissive roles, makes you wonder what it feels like to be that free during an intimate and personal time when lost of us feel the most vulnerable. That type of impact shouldn’t be ignored and it only goes to serve us while also freeing and educating us.


I hope that this list serves as a starting point for your exploration no matter gender or sexual preference and leads you to discover those who we couldn’t mention and highlight. Sex should be inclusive, fun, free, positive, consensual, and educational. Remember to keep exploring, keep learning, and always stay true to your authentic self inside and outside of the bedroom. Happy Pride!





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