Penthouse Letters: Taboo Tales

The Rundown: ‘Penthouse Letters: Taboo Tales’ (Featured Movie)


What happens when you take Penthouse’s most steamy reader-submitted letters, add some of the sexiest pornstars on the planet, and shoot the whole thing as a taboo fantasy porn? Penthouse Letters: Taboo Tales happens, and it’s four scenes of downright filthy seductive fantasy.

Scene highlights

When we’re exploring the tasty mysteries of Gianna Dior’s body, we wish these taboo tales would never end. The sultry Gianna is at a resort with some very annoying man, and sends his punk ass home! Luckily for her, and us, there’s a much hotter, less annoying, guy at the resort: Derrick Pierce! His wife is meandering around and sucking up all the space, but she soon leaves and it’s just Gianna and Derrick ready to erupt their sex on each other.

Gianna Dior

Gianna tantalizes Derrick in her revealing hot pink bikini. She dangles on him like a piece of arm candy, feeling up his big thick muscles and getting her insides ready. Before you know it, she’s naked and spun around on the couch, Derrick’s dick is in the alleyway entry to her pussy as she heaves on all fours. Derrick sees Gianna’s beautiful face look back at him with admiration, and as he thrusts his hips against her quaking ass cheeks, he thanks the good Lord up above his wife decided to go on a shopping trip.

Other highlights see the steamy MILF London River taking her stepson to the Promised Land, AKA the inside of her pussy. Lacey London finds her boss so hot she can’t stop touching herself to him, until he wants in on the action, too! August Skye models for her photographer stepbrother, until they get a little too cozy and his penis gets a little too hard, then there’s only one way to soften it up again, and August is happy to oblige!


“Your tongue is fucking amazing. Yes!” – Gianna Dior to Derrick Pierce as he’s drilling her clit with his tongue.

It makes you wonder why Derrick’s wife would leave him alone on a romantic resort when she could be getting that good tongue. Well, I say it serves her right!

Why we love it

Stepmothers, stepsons, DILFs, MILFs, big breasts, Penthouse Letters: Taboo Tales have the most seductive and brain-twisting fantasies you could think of, and that’s because they’re all based on people’s real fantasies! When Penthouse is bringing our deepest fantasies to life, what’s not to love? The carefully curated cast only enhances the experience, as performers like Gianna Dior, London River, Lacey London, and August Skye are the type of women most men can only dream about.

Watch Penthouse Letters: Taboo Tales

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