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Maria Anjel Interview: Porn’s E-Girl

Maria Anjel landed in adult entertainment at the suggestion of a roommate who introduced her to lucrative world of camming. Now she’s bringing her unique e-girl style to studio content, including the recent New Sensations cover performance The Cute Little Babysitter 13. Discover Anjel’s kinks, passions, and pet peeves in this illuminating new Adult Empire blog interview.

You’re very much a newer generation of performer, most notably in your e-girl personality. For those that don’t know, can you explain in your own words what an e-girl is?

An e-girl is someone that is someone who shows her personality through her own content like Tiktok! I believe it’s not Pornstars vs pornstars anymore it’s pornstars vs e-girls right now and e-girls are dominating the market because Egirls have more reach than a pornstar does.

What made you decide to start camming?

My roommate and I started to discuss me doing OnlyFans then he mentioned how much money he used to spend on cam models so I started to give it a try! It wasn’t easy. He sacrificed working two jobs until I built my fanbase up but now I have a full time editor, marketer, audio engineer and camera man.

What was it like going from shooting your own content to studio shoots?

It was scary but well worth it! I don’t see it as a financial opportunity but more a learning opportunity to take what I learn from my Mainstream shoots and put it into my own videos!

You have a scene out with Ramon Namor from New Sensations. How was working with Ramon?

He was a sweetheart. I would definitely work with him again!

You’re a known sock sniffer with a good amount of sock sniffing content. What is it about socks that make them so irresistible?

Honestly just the smell gets to me, especially if the woman who wore them was attractive!

What is the most attractive kind of sock?

Attractive woman’s

If you could smell one person’s socks in the world, whose would it be?

MyCherryCrush or Emma Rosie, what I wouldn’t give!

Would you rather smell Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s socks pre or post workout. What do you imagine each smells like?

Pre i’m not really into Men’s socks

Much like The Great Houdini, you’ve taken psychics and mediums to task, calling paranormal investigative legends Ed and Lorraine Warren frauds on Twitter. They’re both dead, but they may have Twitter in the afterlife. If they psychically confronted you about it, what would you say?

Y’all are frauds who took advantage of families in a emotional damaged state

Do you think all mediums and psychics are frauds? What about the paranormal in general? Or is existence just material chaos?

Yes, the history of that industry was built on fraudulent activity, Yes I do believe that spirits exist but I do not believe that one person has the power to reach into that realm, Existence isn’t material chaos in my opinion.

Would you have sex with a medium?

No, unless I didn’t know beforehand.

Who inspires you?


What video games are you playing right now?

Resident Evil Original Trilogy and The Resident Evil 4 remake.

Are there characters you haven’t yet cosplayed as that would you like to?

Jill Valentine, Kim Possible, Shego.

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to?

Being able to say, “I fucking did that!”

What’s one thing you want fans or potential fans to know about you?

I put a lot of money into my content, more money than I actually gain back but I do it because it isn’t about the money for me it’s for the love of my fans. They deserve the best and they will get the best no matter what it takes. I will make it happen!

Currently, what are your favorite TV shows, music, movies, books, etc.?

I currently don’t watch TV. I find watching movies, Tv, etc to be unproductive so if I am awake I am rather working or learning, The Weeknd, Christian Gates and Ashniko! Christian Gates is awesome and he’s independent. Please go stream his new song “I Won’t Beg You”.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I get stuff done even if I feel like shit, unhappy, not motivated. If I get shit done then it’s a good day.

Tell us about your fitness routine.

Honestly I don’t really work out.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Running my own production company!

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