The Rundown: ‘Couple Swap 2’


If we’re being completely honest with ourselves, sex with your partner can get extremely boring after years of being together and sometimes you just need to switch things up. Nubile Films understands this and Couple Swap 2 is your swapping swinging blueprint! Of course it helps to have a few friends you can trust and experiment with, and when I tell you these cou0ples share everything, I do mean everything. The storylines are fun and engaging enough to keep your attention, but foursomes are the name of the game in this flick and the sex is out of this world. The cast is hot, star studded, and down to fuck, just the way we like it.

Clip Highlights

In the first clip Freya Parker and Eliza Ibarra are beyond thrilled to be out of the house and on a double date. The damn pandemic has them feeling like prisoners and all they want is some excitement back in their lives. Boyfriends Damon Dice and Will Pounder think that means movie and a dinner but the girls have something a little more thrilling in mind. When they suggest switching partners the fellas are apprehensive but there’s no way they’re turning them down. The ladies begin kissing, touching, and undressing in front of the guys, making sure they feel comfortable enough before jumping in to the action, and the buildup is intense! Watching Freya and Eliza make out, I’m already craving watching them get fucked at the same time.

Robby Echo, Whitney Wright, Codey Steele, and Anna Claire Clouds have rented a condo for a brief weekend getaway, but more than just relaxing is about to go down. While unpacking Anna puts the moves on bestie Whitney and before they can even hit the beach you can see the plan forming in Anna’s head. She gives Whitney the “I wanna fuck you eyes” before walking off with her boyfriend to stretch out some back muscles. While that massage takes a turn for the freaky, Robby is trying to get to know his wife’s friend a little better, starting with her pussy. He fondles her clit and fingers her under the table before bending her over and fucking her doggystyle. I really love the back and forth in this clip, especially since neither pair knows what the others are doing. When they finally figure it out, it’s a full blown fuck party baby!

Maya Woulfe is feeling the stress of pleasing her boyfriend so Alex Coal gives her a little advice and help spicing things up. Jay Romero likes porn but Alex helps Maya realize this shouldn’t make her feel insecure. Naturally this leads to Alex being invited to their next fuck fest and Maya playing the shy role is super sexy! Alex takes charge, calling Jay and her hubby Robby into the room, and then proceeds to tell Jay he needs to bang another chick in front of his girl. The guys are totally up for it and Alex starts off taking control but it isn’t long before Maya starts feeling herself and that naughty girl next door persona really comes to life! This is definitely a must watch clip.

Slimthick Vic and Ryan Reid bring us home in the last clip as they decide to take game night to a brand new level. Jay and Ryan Mclane aren’t really paying their wives much attention and don’t seem to be very interested in the night’s festivities until blindfolds come out. The ladies want their guys to guess who is touching and licking all over them without their sight and at first it seems pretty easy, but when the horny hotties switch things up they don’t really know how to feel. Robby says he doesn’t think it’s right to swap, but his rock hard cock definitely disagrees with him and that’s all Slimthick Vic needs to get started. She sucks him off and it’s obvious these guys don’t stand a chance. Their wives set this game up weeks ago and there’s no way their going to lose.


“Dinner was great…we sure could use some extra sausage though.” Freya Parker to Damon and Will after a dinner date.


Why We Love It

How could we not love it? The cast is fantastic, the fantasies are hot, and the sex is everything you want! Nubile Films delivers brilliantly with Couple Swap 2, and I’m legit already craving volume 3. Each clip holds it’s own and put together it’s a magical group sex overload where everything is in perfect balance, all parties are pleased, and nobody wants it to end. Energy levels are exactly what you need, not only to rub out a good one, but to keep coming back for more, and if that isn’t the sign of a hit porno flick I don’t know what is.

Couple Swap 2 porn video from Nubile Films

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