The Rundown: ‘The Vixen Hotwives’


This movie starts with a preview of each scene and I am already captivated by the fucking going on in this movie and the hotties getting banged. I have to admit that the title of this movie is interesting since it is produced by New Sensations as a new series. The boxcover warms you up with a brunette hottie Armani Black and her beautiful big tits. This movie also features Kate Dalia, Dharma Jones and Em Indica. Honestly, what I have to say in this rundown review doesn’t even matter. All you need to do is watch the first two minutes and you know it will be a bestseller but let me tell you a little about it anyway.


Scene Highlights

In this first scene with Armani Black she grabs her dildo toy and we get a close up into her perfect pussy. Then she starts pumping that thing into her ass and those big boobs make an appearance. This hottie has a major sex drive and she needs some satisfaction, the dildo isn’t enough so she pulls out her sex machine and has a seat. She has some great moans and they have attracted the attention of a male suitor who enters her bedroom at the most perfect time. This lucky stud’s eyes bulge at the sight of what he is about to devour. She demonstrates the machine a little more before making him join in and fuck her good. This scene is almost too hot to handle, it’s perfect in every way.

When Kate Dalia enters the room in the next scene wearing a sexy outfit everything stops. She commands all the attention of the stud who is nervous about fucking a married woman. She is not worried at all as she hops on his lap and pulls out his hard and ready dick. She licks it like a lollipop before taking it from behind while bending over the coffee table. The sound effects of their bodies clapping together is stimulating by itself. Multiple sex positions: some in the living room, some in the bedroom and it was all great. Ended with a sweet creampie.

Dharma Jones is narrating her scene talking about her husband’s twin brother and how she is also attracted to him. Now that is pretty naughty but it’s kind of understandable. She can’t deny the passion any longer and even confesses her affair to her husband who was ok with it. He told her she is in good hands. Speaking of hands, he is using his to smack her beautiful bubby ass leaving imprints. He fucks her from behind while she watches herself in the mirror, very sexy! He cradles her in his arms as he fucks her standing up. She loves the taste of his cock and keeps going back for another lick in between positions. She loves it so much that she swallows every last drop of his cum explosion at the end.

When Em Indica is feeling lonely she doesn’t turn to a vibrator she picks up the phone. Her husband encourages her to explore all horizons even if it is with another man. On this occasion she picks Danny and takes his cock into her mouth balls deep. This girls know how to suck cock! Her eyes roll into her head as they fuck hard. She has some nice tits propped up by a sexy bra. Some hot fucking and she also gets a warm creampie – I love those!



“Passion, there’s no denying it.”

“When you’re attracted to someone it’s not a choice you make.”

Why We Love It

What’s not to love? For me this is a perfect porn film, it hit all of my buttons. The 4K picture was dynamic and crystal clear. Great sets, great cast, great directing and filming. I am going to give this film at solid rating of five stars but if I could give it more, I would! I loved this storyline as well, it really added to my porn experience watching this. I expect this movie to go the top of the charts in the Pulse rankings I report on. No disappointments on this one at all!

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