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Studio Movie Spotlight: TransSensual on DVD

TransSensual debuted in 2015 with the goal of reshaping the typical trans porn scenario. “I don’t approach TransSensual storylines any differently than I do straight ones, because TS women are women, period,” brand co-creator Nica Noelle said at the time. “TransSensual is trans-positive, in the sense that we don’t do storylines where the straight guy is shocked to ‘discover’ the girl is TS.” This smart, savvy approach opened up the genre to a wide range of enticing porn possibilities, from cheating wives to sub/dom to family roleplay. Now, thanks to the new Adult Empire DVD sale [ends 6/2023], there’s never been a better chance to expand your mind (and collection) with some TransSensual faves. (The full sale also features movies from DarkX, LesbianX, Sweetheart Video, and more.) Start here with four memorable picks!


Dominant TS Love porn movie from TransSensual .Dominant TS Love

“What the hell is so special about you?” Sarah Vandella is fuming. After her husband left her for another woman (Venus Lux), she’s also been forced to walk up a painfully steep drive, in heels, to confront her rival. She demands to know what traits make Venus so irresistible. (There are few porn actors as good at rage as Vandella, making this initial confrontation burst with energy and an odd sense of sexual tension.) She’s about to find out — in the bedroom, to be precise, as rage transforms into lust. Other segments focus on a low-rent security guard (Lance Hart), a jealous husband, and a horndog boyfriend who gets caught looking at internet porn. One of the best elements of the TransSensual formula is that it doesn’t accent trans identities as “other” or strange, as some past labels have occasionally done. Instead, it focuses on hot hardcore scenarios that would have intrinsic appeal no matter who appeared in the lead roles.

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TS Blondes 2 porn movie from TransSensual.TS Blondes 2

Blonde-themed porn movies tend to focus on classic bleach-blonde bombshells in the Playboy centerfold mode, but TS Blondes 2 opts for a more inclusive cast list. We’ve got brilliant blondes like Aubrey Kate, of course, but we’re also treated to dirty blondes — dirty in every glorious sense of the term — like cover star Sunday Valentina. It all adds up to the sex-crazed, fun-loving way of life so closely associated with such light-tressed beauties over the years. Kate struts onto the screen rocking the hot nurse outfit with such flamboyance, she brings a whole new vigor to a scenario that could have seemed corny in less capable hands. But there are subtler pleasures to be found here, too. In scene two, there’s plenty of romance and tenderness in the coupling of Kira Noir and Jade Venus, who are celebrating becoming “official.” (Kira aptly suggests they fete the occasion by coming so many times, they can’t even stand up anymore. That’s the spirit, for performers and viewers alike.)

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TS Taboo 6 porn movie from TransSensual.TS Taboo 6

“I wanted to remind you how good I used to make you feel.” For Dante Colle, it’s a plea to his ex (Ariel Demure) that he hopes will make her reconsider their breakup. For audiences, it’s a statement that, when liberated of the phrase “used to,” describes the effect the TS Taboo series has. TS Taboo earned a 2022 AVN nomination for Best Trans Series, and movies like volume six make it easy to see why. After Dante’s breakup-cum-makeup sex with Ariel, we drop in on amorous stepsiblings Aspen and Jexxxica Blake, a provocatively inappropriate doctor appointment, and a stepdad who shows his affection for his stepdaughter in startling ways. Across all four segments, Maddy Barton’s sharp scripts give the movie’s talented cast plenty of tasty material to explore.

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TS Cheaters 5 porn movie from TransSensual.TS Cheaters 5

Fidelity sounds nice, but it’s not really an option when you have desires as enormous as those of the lead performers in TS Cheaters 5. In contrast with other infidelity scenarios, TS Cheaters features characters who have contemplated and planned out their adventures to the nth degree. Hey, if you’re going to cheat, you might as well go big and bold, right? It’s this assured confidence that makes the protagonists of TS Cheaters 5 so compellingly watchable. Scene one’s Eva Maxim, for example, doesn’t even tell her husband’s friend why she’s invited him over. She simply orders him to show up, knowing that he’ll be only too happy to indulge in this marital indiscretion when she answers the door in lingerie. The movie’s final sequence is also a scorcher, featuring a threesome anchored by Foxxy and Jewelz Blu.

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