Skye Blue

The Rundown: ‘Fucked Up Love 2’


Deeper and Kayden Kross are back at it with their dastardly ways in Fucked Up Love 2. Your run-of-the-mill porno this is not, as the exponentially limitless talent of Kayden Kross continues to deliver shock, awe, and psychologically thrilling sex movies. A collection of four depraved, unforgettable scenes that can only be described as Fucked Up Love, featuring stand-out performers Naomi Swann, Skye Blue, Vanessa Sky, Harley Dean, and Alina Ali.

Fucked Up Love 2 scene highlights

Naomi Swann

How do you choose highlights when each waking moment rocks you from core to cock? Throbs you from palm to penis? The set and lighting in Naomi Swann and Markus Dupree’s scene is so impactful and stunning that you could get off just from still images. The water splatters, the steam rises up in front of a pale blue lighted shower, and a handcuffed Naomi Swann is manhandled. Naomi is bent over, completely naked except for a black tie around her neck. She’s wet, sweaty, exhausted, and Markus’s hand is gripped under her chin, the other pulling her hair as he slams himself into her, crashing through her pussy with his dick. It’s an act of total domination, complete destruction, and palpable pleasure.

Skye Blue

Skye Blue shakes the Earth with Isiah Maxwell. While it’s a highlight whenever Skye’s epic undefeated chest twins make an appearance, her control of Isiah steals the scene here. As he tries to break up with her, she simply approaches him and places her unchained tits on his face. She pulls her shirt up and they drop on his head and drag across his eyes, nose, and lips. It was such a hot moment that I had to take two baby strength aspirin to continue watching. That’s what Fucked Up Love 2 will do to you!

Watch Fucked Up Love 2 starring Vanessa Sky!

Watching Vanessa Sky and Troy Francisco fuck was like watching a painting of sex turned into a whole scene. Every moment was a deliberate, searing sexual image that grabbed and jerked at all of my naughty parts. The way Vanessa’s mouth consumed Troy’s penis was unlike any blowjob I’ve ever witnessed. The sheer size was towering, divine, while her mouth expanded and sucked, and her cheeks inflated like a reactionary innate mechanism from a nature documentary.  These two made comforting, warm, weaving, and brutally unforgiving love. Few moments in my life will come close to the visual impact of Vanessa balled up on the couch, legs crammed behind her head, mouth open, with Troy’s thumb on her clit, fingers on her bush, and his dick tensely pressing through the walls of her vagina.

Watch Fucked Up Love 2 starring Alina Ali and Harley Dean!

Harley Dean’s body looks like it was sculpted by the horniest gods who ever existed. Alina Ali has one of those unique, perfect, asses made for sitting on faces. Kayden blessed us with Alina sitting on Manuel Ferrara’s face and I’ve never closed my eyes so hard to imagine I was somebody else. I lived vicariously through Manuel during this threesome, as Alina politely pressed her beaver against his face. Her gorgeous, plump ass cheeks hovering delicately on either side of his head. Her smooth arched back leading up to her defined shoulder blades and luscious hair as she continued to gracefully straddle his face.

Meanwhile, Harley sat down on Manuel, letting his raging boner insert into her as she slid down to clap her cheeks against his thighs. Like any sane man, he took both hands and smacked and squeezed the booty, pulling it as deep into him as humanly possible.


“Please gimme more. PLEASE gimme more! AHHHH, FUCK!” – Naomi Swann, getting absolutely fucked into the next dimension by Markus Dupree.

I was saying the same thing the entire time I was watching this movie, and after it ended.

Watch Fucked Up Love 2 starring Naomi Swann!

Why we love Fucked Up Love 2

Fucked Up Love 2 is easy to love because it’s literally one of the hottest porn movies I’ve ever seen in my life. Kayden Kross is really a special director. Someone give Naomi Swann all the awards because her scene with Markus stole the cum right out of my dick like a thief in the night. At least three times. That’s a thief I’d welcome back again and again. One of the hardest hitting, straight up, one on one sex scenes I can think of in recent memory. Naomi is a true champion in every sense because if Markus fucked me even half as hard as he fucked her I’d be out of work for the next six months. I might even retire. I’m going to watch this one many times and recommend it to all my friends. Maybe I’ll get Naomi’s moans made into a text tone for myself.

Watch Fucked Up Love 2 from Deeper!

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