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Alexis Malone Interview: Star of ‘Stepmom Seductions’ & ‘Flesh Hunter’

Pittsburgh-born Alexis Malone shot her first movies over 20 years ago, guided in part by Adult Empire’s advice and encouragement. In the ensuing years, she’s evolved from doe-eyed industry newbie to trending MILF, with more than a few comebacks and benchmarks along the way. Take a look at what she has achieved and preview what’s next in our new Alexis Malone interview!

What are your recollections of (and interactions with) Adult Empire over the years?

Adult Empire was my very first adult gig. That’s where it all started. I was 21 and hired as a nude model. They helped with the creation of my porn name. They took me to my first AVN convention in Las Vegas. Which open my eyes to another world. I knew then I wanted to pursue the adult field even more. If I haven’t said it before, thank you so much Adult Empire for my early days!  💜💜

In what ways have your Pennsylvania roots most influenced you?

I’d like to think my PA roots influenced me to be a strong woman, to stay true to my beliefs, and not allowing peoples judgments overrule me. My family has been my key to staying balanced throughout these years. Also, I’ve been told many times, that I haven’t lost the genuine, small town, kind-heartedness that growing up in PA instills in you. Which I’m grateful to have held onto throughout this crazy life.

One of your most recent cover performances is in Stepmom Seductions. Tell us about shooting that scene.

Always been a pleasure working with Chad White and the director/crew was awesome. Granted, I haven’t done dialogue in over nine years, so I was a little rusty. My first role playing the hot older MILF seducing my younger step son. It was sexy — taboo will always be erotic and a turn on for me.

What do you miss most about the way the industry was when you started your career?  

I’d say the talent. I miss all the old familiar faces. Everyone was professional, down to earth, almost family like. Now it’s many new, young faces. I went from working with all older men to now very young men. The tables have definitely turned, which I’m not complaining.

Similarly, what do you miss the least?  

What I don’t miss it the long days of shooting three to four scenes a day, sitting all day on set. Now you’re in and out fairly fast. I do miss all the companies that are not around any longer and the people who passed away through the years.

According to IAFD, you won XRCO’s 2015 Best Cumback award. Tell us a little bit about your comeback at that time!

I wasn’t planning on coming back at that time in 2015. I just had breast augmentation done and I crossed paths with Kevin Moore and he asked me to come back to shoot few scenes for him. So I briefly came back just to shoot with him.

You appeared in one of the earliest installments of the Flesh Hunter series. What was it like working with Jules Jordan Video on that project? 

I have always loved working for Jules Jordan, one of my favorite directors and some of my favorite scenes I’ve filmed. That one in particular was fun, cause I was able to play a more dominate role with Kylie Wild, wearing latex and dripping hot candle wax all over her phenomenal body, while Kurt [Lockwood] and I played with our sex kitten Kylie.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Coffee and computer time usually starts the day. Then it’s either my boot camp class or regular gym, sometimes both.  I have my dog Harlow that we hike or dog park. The last two years I started a dog boarding business, which kept me busy. I decided to  not renew my kennel licensee and close down the canine crew. Now I can focus majority of my time to rebuilding my career, filming for the studios and my onlyfans.

What advice would you give someone looking to get into the industry?

Do your research beforehand, sign with a reputable agent, know your own comfortability and stick to it. Set financial goals and invest!! Be in tuned with your body.

What movies, TV shows, books, music, etc. are you loving lately?

I don’t watch a whole lot of stuff, but I like documentaries or books on plant medicines, alternative medicines, esoteric subjects, self-help, conspiracy subjects. I dabble a little with tarot and runes. I practice my hand-pan often, it’s very therapeutic and calming to the soul. Music – I’m all over the spectrum, from house, hip-hop, blues, jazz, classic rock to metal. Depends on my mood, but my least favorite would be R&B and pop.

What qualities do you yourself find to be sexy and/or attractive?

Kindness and genuineness. Someone whose not afraid to stand alone versus crowd following, Open minded and free thinkers. I do like sexy brown eyes and a woman’s body.

Is there anyone in the industry that you look up to?

There’s a couple people that stand out that I’ve have known for some time. One director at Evil Angel, his passion and taste for creating hot, sexy raw scenes, bringing that energy out of the talent, he knows how to film a woman’s body and it look phenomenal.

What do you think is the most exciting current trend in porn?

MILF is still current, right? Lol the one trend that I’m not too sure about is the hypnotism trend..

Do you have a go to coffee order?

Sadly it’s a Starbucks habit..which is a tall nitro cold brew w vanilla cream and extra shot of expresso, 2 extra if I need more zing for the day.

What upcoming projects are you working on?

I plan on focusing more time on my OnlyFans page. Planning on filming never before seen content for my fans, so that is in the works. So look forward to watching my first gang bang, anal, DP.

I [was also] at Exxxotica Chicago, featured at Brooklyn Chase’s booth.

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