AE PULSE 5/8: ‘Baddies’ and ‘Blow’ are #1 DVD and #1 VOD

Adult Empire’s update lets you put your finger on the pulse of what’s going on at AE! Get the lowdown on the most popular movies and stars on Adult Empire recently with our top-spot rankings and content that is new and notable on DVD, VOD, and on AE Unlimited. Check out our review of some best porn scenes. Also a new studio spotlight and a preview of some of this upcoming highlights on AE.


Well it’s official, Maitland Ward did make a big scene with her all black gangbang scene from Blacked Raw V62 as it gets ranked as the top scene of the week. Octavia Red also garners some attention from My Sexy Hotwife with her scene #2 on the charts. Baddies Vol. 8 from BLACKED hits #1 DVD for this week breaking through the Bargin Bin sale DVDs that are currently dominating the rankings. Blow by Dorcel scored #3 DVD but continued to hold #1 VOD. Mom Swap moves to #2, Natasha Nice delights in First Time Home Buyer Anal Fantasy at #3. Blacked Raw V62 makes it into the #4 spot on VOD. In the world of AE Unlimited Girls Do Magic by Private is #1 and Alpha Blue Archives gets a title on the top five charts with Unnatural Family. For the top pornstars “the Storm” has passed and moved far away allowing Angela White to easily retain her #1 Pornstar spot again. Natasha Nice moves up to number two with Brandi Love and Jodi West right on her heels. Well, it is Mom’s month after all. Do some streaming this week and tell us what are you going to watch.


Leche69 is s studio that with a focus on spanish girls with videos being added to our library at Adult Empire. Spotlight Movies: Two Very Slutty Czechs, We have posted an ad on twitter looking for a girl willing to have a lesbian session in exchange for a good massage. Our victim, Walleria, couldn’t be better, who, like Daria, both end up saying in Spanish what bitches they are after having had a good vibes bun. Fucking the Latina Well, In Santa Monica it looks great, and what’s better than taking a walk around the beach in search of one of those girls who goes jogging. Ramon sets his eye on a very pretty young lady and strikes up a conversation, apparently she is of Latino origin and speaks Spanish. Once in the apartment, the girl tells him that her boyfriend doesn’t “fuck” her well, which means that he doesn’t know how to fuck her. But for that we have Ramon, to show this young Latina how the Spanish fuck, but not before ask her to give us a good display of her tremendous ass in Fucking the Latina Well. Scissors With Sasha, Two porn extremes, Dunia Montenegro and Sasha Jones come together in this lesbian scene full of sex, morbidity and love. One brings the experience, the other the freshness of a new face in the world of porn, but they both really want to play and enjoy their hot and meaty pussies in Scissors with Sasha. Faithfyl Doggie, Nacho says that they just gave him a little dog and when he meets her he gets a good surprise, a caged dog that lets himself do all the most perverse things. She ejaculates with pleasure and is also turned on when Nacho pisses in her mouth!!


A rundown of best porn scenes highlighted for you with our take on all the action.

Brandy Renee – Monster Curves

53 Mins

by Jackie Daytona
Much like the Anunnaki descended from the heavens and blessed the ancient Mesopotamians with great knowledge to build their civilization, Maitland Ward her miraculous body to these four super buff black dudes to use and pleasure themselves with. A marvelous gesture, this organic gift of sexy flesh ripens the carnal energy in the room, turning these men into sexually pleasing lions, and Maitland into a insatiable nymph, growing more powerful with each hole that is pummeled and humped. The heat intensifies, and it’s easy to find yourself sweating along, jerking off in a tense fury to match the thrill that Maitland’s moans and dirty talk instill in the scene. Just like checking every box off the grocery list, every hole of Maitland’s is filled, stuffed, and plugged so you know she’s receiving the very maximum amount of cock that is humanly possible. A sexually gratifying lightning rod, Maitland’s performance grabs this scene by the balls and gargles them to a gratifying conclusion.

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Abby Rain – Family Pies 17

36 Mins

by Jackie Daytona
Kay Lovely is already a perfect, sexy blonde, but she decided to give us even more by digging into the nerdy freakish fantasies of video game porn parodies. It turns out, we’re all better for it. You might think, “there’s no way Kay Lovely could get even more bangable!” But just like when KFC first introduced the double down and improved on the chicken sandwich, Kay was able to improve on perfection and put on the Samus Aran suit while she fucked. Now, I’ve never played any of the Metroid games, but I’m seriously considering it after watching Kay’s big perfect tits pop out of that skin tight suit, and her pussy peak through the slit in the crotch. The virtual reality medium is the only one advanced enough to give the full benefits of the parody/cosplay action. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Samus Aran sit on your dick and ride it like her own little piece of property. Sci-Fi sex has never been more interactive!

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The highlights of four new DVDs, four new VODs and four newly added movies to AE Unlimited.

You can have a naughty neighbor who can bring excitement and misery to your life. LEarn the balance of how to handle this.

These moms do all the dirty work including teaching sex to the young. Watch Brand Love at work as a dotting mother.

What’s better than getting some ass? Getting Ass with some bush off to the side to play in.

In the beuaty of anal is just waht you see, how good and ass can look and how great it feels for both to be fucked hard.

It’s hard for me to imagine Natasha Nice as a MILF but I will take her any way that I can get her, she is great in this film.

Finesse brings Scarlit Scandal, Lulu Chu, Rae Lil Black and Eve Sweet to the camera for some fitness fucks.

Who cares if she is your step sister, if she has those big boobs you must see them, play with them and more.

They say it’s a Mommy thinkg with these ladies starring Kylie Ricket, Sophia Locke, Jade Valentine and more!

It’s bigger than a brick and thesse tight young girls want it to stuff their little pussies and stretch them for life.

She was a webcam girl who became a sex therapist. Lana Vegas allows us to see three of her interesting cases up close.

Check out some of the new hotties who get fucked and get fucked hard in this film with a little inexperience but lots of fun. .

Stefany Kyler, Lana Roy, Bloom Lambie and Kristi have a sexy time trying some big cock in their pussies.

Check out some of these newly added classics and compilations! Think of it like a trove of long-lost goodies you find in the attic, closet, or basement!

Go behind the camera back in the old days of porn in this classic. 
Enjoy those beautiful big bottoms of these curvy babes. 
Beautiful girls doing nasty things in this four girl orgy.
Check out these hot MILF’s from the early 2000’s.

Here are some previews of things to come on Adult Empire in Q&A Interviews, Featured VOD Movie Reviews and Hottest Pre-Release DVDs.

Upcoming Q&A Interview with Alexis Malone

She is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania born in 1979. This lovely porn babe Alexia Malone chats with Dallas about her porn career that began with Adult Empire when she was 21, hired as a nude model. She details her love of playing the older woman to the younger man. She also talks about her Pennsylvania roots, her everyday life, and people she looks up to in this fun interview with a former colleauge. 

Featured Video: Fucked Up Love 2

On May 11 we will begin streaming out next Featured Video from Deeper called ‘Fucked Up Love 2’ currently available for sale by DVD. The games manipulations continue in’s second volume of Fucked Up Love. In Rule One, Naomi Swann plays a game with a single demand: always be ready. Skye Blue holds Isiah in an unbreakable grip in It’s Not Over. Vanessa Sky discovers a darker side to her late night hookup in The Next Morning. Alina Ali confides to her daredevil friend that she is still a virgin in Borderline. Each fall head over heels into Fucked Up Love.

Featured Video: The Vixen Hotwives

    On May 16th we will immediately flip over to a new Featured VOD from New Sensations call The Vixen Hotwives. Featuring Armana Black, Em Indica, Dharma Jones and Kate Dalia. I’m thinkend there is going to be some wicked play between these housewives and it should be fun to watch it all play out.





<b>Read AE PULSE 4/24</b> Read AE PULSE 4/24


AE Pulse May 9, 2022: 'Threesome Fantasies Fulfilled' Holds #1 DVD
It’s probably the #1 movie of all time, Threesome Fantasies Fulfilled carries the #1 DVD spot again. Black Widow XXX is top for the VOD section. Swingers Holiday in Spain has captured all the attention for Unlimited and Angela White is the number one pornstar.  Take a look back and read the full issue.

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