Vicki Chase

The Rundown: ‘Vicki Chase Ninfomana’


Mana from Heaven, baby! All around the world since the dawn of man, cultures have pulled from the infinite power of the sexual life force that permeates throughout the universe. It’s used as the spark to ignite all of human ambition. Vicki Chase radiates her hypersexuality in Vicki Chase Ninfomana, a body-pounding showcase from Jonni Darkko that takes Vicki to the very limit of her nymphomaniac expression.

Scene highlights

Vicki Chase’s Evil Angel showcase is filled with hot creamy action that includes multiple penetrations, beating her pussy meat like a two-dollar steak. Her juicy cat trap gets tenderized to perfection in the final scene, where we see her take on three colossal hunky dicks at once. It’s a competitive affair with plenty of sweat and heavy breathing, aerobic work like bouncing and thrusting, and the sounds of pleasing mating calls.

Vicki’s asshole and pussy are engorged with rock hard cock at the same time, pushing and rubbing and poking all her special places inside. She becomes so filled it seems like she’ll have to burst, but as a preventative measure they plug up her last remaining hole, her mouth, with the third penis. With her three major holes stuffed and being pumped simultaneously, she becomes suspended in sexual animation. Like a monk who reaches the higher plane through meditation, or a mother who accesses other worldly strength in a crisis, Vicki achieves transcendence in a free flowing state of taking dick.


“Do I look like a fucking champion whore?!” – Vicki, covered in jizz.

You don’t just look like a champion, Vicki. You act, perform, and fuck like one, too.

Why we love it

Whether it’s the wet dewy forest of her bush or the indent of cock protruding from the side of her cheek, I can’t get images of Vicki Chase out of my head, and for that I’m grateful. It’s the true sign of a winning pornographic when it etches out its own hole in the back of your brain and lives in it. The raw energy, sex, and seductive filth that trickles through this showcase makes it one I’ll be coming back to again and again.

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