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If Fred Coppula’s name is indeed inspired by Hollywood legend Francis Ford Coppola, as some sources allege, that surely must make him the Godfather of Porn. With cheating wives, naughty families, and plenty of European flamboyance, Fred Coppula Productions stands alongside Dorcel as one of France’s signature brands. While Fred Coppula movies are presented in un-subtitled French, the scenarios are so universal that they’re easily accessible even by non-francophones. It stands alongside Dorcel and related brands in our latest VOD sale! Check out four Adult Empire picks from this classic French label. Allez-y, mes amis!

The Goof Wife 4 porn video from Fred Coppula.The Good Wife 4

Tiffany Leiddi is the very personification of “cute”: petite stature, enchanting smile, sweet personality. Sexy, to be sure, but perhaps too endearingly innocent to embody an actualized sex beast in the mold of prior Good Wife stars like Anissa Kate. But appearances, like unfaithful wives, can be deceiving. Leiddi launches herself lustfully into this plum role, embracing every moment just as enthusiastically as her predecessors. The opening segment sets the scene when she playfully drops in on her husband (Ricky Mancini) while he’s channel surfing. In the Good Wife world, the best cure for a slow afternoon is a boisterous blowjob (and much more). In scene two, her cravings have grown to the point that she’s offering herself to her husband’s friend. (Let’s all agree that Leiddi in lingerie, sitting on a bed, would be the perfect capper to any rough day at work. Hell, Leiddi in Lingerie could be the title of its own series!) The final segment includes a sex party next to a pool before wrapping up with Tiffany’s hookup at work.

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The Best of We Traded Our Mothers porn video from Fred Coppula.The Best of We Traded Our Mothers

Teenagers are hard to manage, even after they’ve turned 18 and should be thinking about their future. The young adults of We Traded Our Mothers stare indolently into their phones and gaming screens, to the consternation of all nearby parental figures. The main disciplinary challenge is that these mothers are not the kids’ birth mom, meaning they can’t assert full authority. That’s where charm, guile, and seduction come into play, couched in classic Fred Coppula improvisatory dialogue. It’s not just wild stepsons who get into the action, here, though. This comp of the most popular We Traded Our Mothers clips also features lesbian fun, stepdad madness, and much more.


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Watching Les Dufion (Ass Lovers) porn video from Fred Coppula.Les Dufion (Ass Lovers)

From the outside, the Dufion residence looks like just another rambling, rustic house in the French countryside. Who could imagine that within its walls reside the cuckold, the cougar, the virgin, and the whore? It’s the sort of place where Dad doesn’t even blink when he interrupts Mom while she’s giving a blowjob to an apparently random stranger (Ricky Mancini). He simply asks if she needs anything from the grocery store and then exits, bidding them to have a good time (they most certainly do). Their son, 35 and still a virgin, finally gets his first lesson in love, one that starts with instruction in oral sex and gets more passionate from there. Dear old Dad has a side piece, too, as we see in scene three, while the slutty young daughter gets involved in a threesome in scene four.

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Le Voyeur #2 (The Voyeur) porn video from Fred Coppula.Le Voyeur #2 (The Voyeur #2)

Le Voyeur #2 is unsettling, but that’s probably the point. We’re placed in the shoes of an unseen snooper who peeps in through windows at his neighbors’ intimate moments. Everyone in the area conveniently has sex without even bothering to draw the blinds, a major score for a Peeping Tom if ever there was one! The movie works very hard to evoke a sense of authenticity in the footage, right down to scratchy video quality and an emphasis on ambient sounds. (The insistent yipping of a pet throughout scene one is a particularly interesting and evocative choice.) The cover art even trumpets that the images were snagged from a “pervert” to further enhance the illusion of seeing something naughty and hidden. Since the movie is largely free of dialogue, it is also one of the mostly easily accessible flicks in the Fred Coppula catalog.


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