Autumn Rain interview

Autumn Rain Interview: 2023 AVN Best Trans Newcomer Nominee

As spring dawns, Autumn Rain arrives. She’s a trending star whose mighty 2022 paid off to the tune of two major AVN nominations: Best Trans Newcomer and Best Trans Group Sex Scene. Rain has moved from traditional Southern roots to a career that’s included performances for Grooby, TransErotica, and many more. Check out our new interview with the self-describe “Emo Girl” who will win your heart and electrify your fantasies.

Where are you from? What was it like growing up?

I was born in North Carolina; I like to call it the “bible belt.” It’s the “better” of the Carolinas, but in my opinion, still not that great. Growing up there was a challenge for sure. I was always “different” even before I figured myself out. People would catch onto that, family, peers, friends, etc,.

I grew up in both a Christian / Mormon environment. Both my parents are steadfast conservatives who aren’t the biggest fan of anyone who’s too different. They divorced when I was a baby, so I’ve had to deal with going back and forth to see them as delegated by the judge. I’m the fourth youngest of five children! I have three older siblings and one younger! It was very challenging growing up the way I did, being in a toxic, neglectful, lower-class environment with my mom blaming everything on other people and treating me lesser than every other child. I think it had something to do with me being the most vulnerable at the time. A constant struggle of gas lighting, denial, neglect and abuse from my mother definitely affected my social interactions for years to come. It wasn’t all sticks and stones though!! I still had good moments on rare occasions that I wouldn’t trade or give back! On very rare occurrences we would have money to go do some fun little adventures. Such as, the skating rank, going to a Blockbuster, bowling, etc. To some that sounds like casual normal things that they can do whenever, to me, those were some of the coolest things I could do!!

That’s just a small little tidbit of info that’s heavily summarized, otherwise I’d write a ten page report on question one. 🙂

How did you get your start in the adult industry?

It’s a funny story actually! I used to vlog a lot on my old Snapchat. My last job before going full time industry was CVS. I was a Mobile Training Coach, an Inventory Specialist, and a pharmacy technician. All three of those jobs lined up. The reason I bring that up is, I vlogged what I did in the pharmacy without showing too much of the inside, as per the law and CVS policy. I had a lot more freedom than the average pharmacy tech.

I vlogged for educational / entertainment purposes. One day I uploaded a picture to my story showing off a certain prescription that is good to help counteract seizures. Within I’d say, minutes of uploading that to my story I got banned, no warning at all, so, my barely 22 year old self got a little PO’d, as you might expect from someone that young losing a semi large snapchat fan base, nothing major, but nothing to shrug about either. So what do I do? I get home and I download Grindr, of all things!! Most people have very negative opinions on that app, for good reason too. My first ever grindr hook up, happened to be from a gay porn star, (They’re bi irl). That porn star was Levi Hatter. I’ll leave details aside as that’s quite private, but after our little expedition he old me he thought I’d “kill it” in the industry. It was a huge compliment, especially coming from someone of that high caliber to me at the time. It was one of the biggest if not the biggest compliment ever given to me at that time. I had already considered doing some small time amateur content here and there, but that was the last push to really get me to really start!

Tell us more about your love for cosplay. Have you been able to incorporate it into your scenes?

I absolutely adore cosplay, it’s just hard, challenging, and requires a lot of skill and artistic talent. At least that is if you want to make your own costumes hand made!! I have not gotten around to being able to make my own fits, YET I have although either bought from a shop, online, or used friend’s fits. I although have come up with some original character designs that I’d consider cosplay, as it’s a creation and a character I’ve created in my own head.

I’ve Cosplayed:
Dio (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)
Marcelene the Vampire Queen (Adventure Time)
Gwen Stacy (Spiderman)
Mocha (Rosario + Vampire)

Luffy (One Piece)

Unfortunately I do not have pics for most of these as most of them I was not a content creator at the time and I was confident with my body and face. I actually have not incorporated any of these cosplays into a scene, yet, I would like to cosplay Tracer from overwatch and do a shoot with someone cosplaying DVA.

What’s one thing you love about being on set?

One thing I really appreciate about being on set it, you’re not treated like an object. You’re treated professionally, as a model, as a star, as a person. Your needs are met when you need them, water, fruit snacks, baby wipes, a 5 minute break, etc., As long as that can fit within the time provided anyways. There’s been a fear that I’ve heard people speak of that sets can be extremely toxic at times, I personally have not had to deal with that, but I’ve genuinely never been disrespected by any studio person or production crew working behind the scenes to make a great video.

How do you prepare for shoots?

I like to be early for shoots, for me, being on time feels unprofessional, and I most certainly never want to be late. Depending on the shoot, I’ll either do no makeup, or pay someone to do my makeup professionally. I don’t personally have great makeup skills, and my hands are very shaky due to arthritis, so I can only do the most basic stuff, I don’t want to poke an eye out with eyeliner or mascara.

As for my body, if I’m topping I like to eat light so I don’t feel weighed down. I want to make sure I perform at my peek. This might be a little personal, but sometimes I like to “finish” hours before a shoot, because sometimes I can have an orgasm easily, and sometimes it’s harder. I just like to make sure I’m gonna be able to last the full scene without having to stop to make sure it doesn’t happen early. For bottoming I eat light the night previously, and make sure I am 100% clean down there. Nothing like ruining the mood and the flow by having a little accident, having to clean up and then make sure you’re clean again. Accidents happen and it’s unpredictable at times, and I don’t judge anyone who that happens to, it’s happened to me before.

I like to make sure I’m pretty much hairless, or it’s unnoticeable on camera. Even if I showered the night before, I’m still gonna rinse off, being well groomed and hygienic is an absolute must! I also come over prepared with my fits, unless there is a set outfit for that particular film I make sure I have many things to choose from!

Who are some performers you’d like to work with?

I actually have worked with a couple of people I super wanted to work with!! But here’s a list of people I want to work with going forward!!

Austin Spears

Pierce Paris

Mocha Menage

Izzy Wilde

Korra Del Rio

Foxxy Licious

Natalie Stone

Emma Rose

Lena Moon

And a lot more, those were the few that immediately came to mind!

What’s something you’ve learned about yourself since starting you career in sex work?

I learned that I’m pretty decent about improvisation, and the fact that I’m more confident in my body than I thought. Before sex work I was one of the girls who absolutely needed bottom surgery if I was going to continue forward with my life. Now, I don’t need and, and I’m pretty uncertain if I ever even want it, it’s for sure not necessary for me. I learned that I can be really good at what I do and become noticed for it, and to be honest it’s such a huge honor and confidence boost, it has helped my self esteem tremendously.

How did your family react when the found out you were a porn star?

POORLY, to say the absolute least! I think my older siblings, my grandma believe it or not, and my dad were the only ones to take it without a huge grain of salt and blast me for it. I’d been harassed, shunned and disowned for it! Given, the people who did that to me weren’t really hardly in my life anyways. I’m very thankful that my dad and grandmother took the logical approach and asked me how I felt about it and if I was being safe. I don’t talk to a lot of my family at this point, it does get draining at time, but I have my own made non blood family that supports me full and full and that’s my real family.

Congratulations on the 2023 AVN nomination for Best Trans Newcomer! How does it feel?

I have so many feelings on this! I feel excited, honored, nervous, surprised, amazed, etc., I never expected to get something so soon!! I just started pro half a year ago. I did amateur porn for a year before starting studio work. I never thought that in only 6 months I’d receive TWO, not just one, but TWO nominations for AVN. It’s a huge huge step in the future and I’m just so amazed that something like that came so soon. It’s almost overwhelming, in a good way!! When I found out, day of, I had a burst of energy and hyperactivity! I was so bouncy and bubbly for a few hours and I just felt appreciated.

We definitely saw that bowling strike on your Twitter LOL . . . are you really into bowling? Do you like any other sports?

Bowling is extremely important to me. As per my story on question one, I go way back with it. I never consistently bowled in my life due to, finances, work, moving constantly since “leaving the nest”, and other walls that got in the way. I actually do it more often now than I ever have, if you might have noticed on the video, I was wearing a cast. I have arthritis, so I’d love to bowl more than I do! I can only do 2 – 3 games with the cast before my wrist starts giving out and I’m in terrible pain. I absolutely adore bowling and I could be at an alley all day if I didn’t have to deal with chronic pain.

What is something you want all your fans to know about you?

I want my fans to know, I’m a business woman first, I’m not your friend. I can be friendly with you, (especially if you buy my onlyfans). We can talk, we can chat, given my rules and where I DO actually talk with my fans, but my goal is not to be your best friend. My goal is to make a product that will please them, do something that people want, I’m selling a product, being myself on video, for the fans, doing what they want, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to meet them in real life, or be your therapist. I want to ABSOLUTLEY do what’s best for my fans, give them what they want, but I can’t be that close with any of them, it’s unprofessional.

When all is said and done what do you want your legacy in the industry to be?

That’s a tough one! Honestly, I think it’s being one of the main stream girls who was known for being nonbinary, and doing things that a lot of other trans girls haven’t done!! Times are changing, things are becoming more accepted, and new opportunities are coming into the filed, there’s less slurs, more chances for trans people, and more studios and work for trans people. I want to be a name that people can say “Oh she’s one of the biggest nonbinary performers.” Yes, I still identify with trans woman, I’m still a woman, but it’s just a little different for me!!

What are some of your favorite TV shows, movies, etc.?

I actually don’t watch a lot of TV! I actually do a lot of behind the scenes computer work for my brand, whether it be marketing or advertising in ways not a lot of people do. Apart from work though I like to play a few games, and watch a lot of YouTube. It’s great for me because anything you can think of near about is a video on YouTube. I watch people play games, animated series, educational vides, especially on space, and plenty more. I have seen bullet train though! That was an amazing movie, definitely one of my favorite action comedy movies!

What are some of your recent projects?

I have the shoot I mentioned before where I was cosplaying as Tracer from overwatch, and someone else cosplaying as DVA. I also recently got in with Kink! So I’m hoping to be doing a lot of work with them!! Self made projects, I want to be a seductive doctor who either “punishes” my patient for not taking their medicine, or rewards them for taking it. Probably the first because it’d sell more and sounds more fun. I had an idea for doing a scene where I’m escorted by security to a person of “high power” who asked for me specifically, but also get a pre-game from the security too. I definitely want to do a lot more roleplay and cosplay shoots, gonzo is nice, but themed, thought out shoots are so much fun!!

What are you looking forward to most this year?

What I’m looking forward to the most is definitely working with more studios!! I want to work with Trans Angels, Evil Angel, Gender X, Trans Sensual, etc., I’m hoping that this [recent award] nomination will definitely give me a nice little footstep in their doors!

What changes would you like to see in the industry?

The biggest change I’d like to see is 100% getting rid of the wall that separates many studios or companies not shooting with trans women. I think it should still be a different category for sure, people like what they like and that’s fair. It’s still common that many many studios and companies won’t shoot with us. Some people are still stuck in the older porn mindset, they still see us as cross dressers, confused, or less. Given, that is changing more and more, but I’d love to one day shoot for Brazzers, but it’s just not something they really do, much anyways. I’d love to see new policies being made and old ones being taken down to give trans people a better shot in more studios!



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