The Rundown: ‘One Night in London’ (Featured Video)


I am going to take a trip to London vicariously through One Night in London by DORCEL. I am betting that this will be an erotic trip with some lovely ladies. Just watching the intro alone is beautiful and makes me feel like I am exploring the city. DORCEL studios never disappoints with their high class production values and attention to detail.

Scene Highlights

A very moody Carollina Cherry is looking for a change in the city. She needs to get out and get stimulated. She packs her bag and heads for the airport, tired of listening to her neighbors fuck. Watching the neighbors fuck is what we get treated to as Bella Tina wears a sexy outfit and bangs hard. It’s sweet watching her tight body get laid in so many positions, and gets a cumload to her ass. Flip back to Carollina making her way through the city continuing a roll of bad luck when she meets up with an old friend in the parking garage. He takes her to a brothel and as she uses the bathroom to freshen up he partakes in a threesome with two sexy ladies ready to please. As if her night couldn’t get any worse, it seems she is always left listening to others fuck. Her friend gets only ten minutes to enjoy this free fuck while she returns to the bathroom to wait for them to finish. After he finishes with Myla Elyse he starts all over with Amber Jayne giving her a good pounding. He has some stamina.

We switch back to Carollina as her night continues to get worse as she is being robbed and loses her bag and passport. As she sits on the steps distraught at the loss of her plane tickets and passports she meets a fellow who offers to take her to his friend’s party to figure things out. She is at a nightclub now and I am looking forward to seeing what happens to her next. It looks like she is finally having a good time dancing out on the floor but it seems as if the man who stole her passport is following her. Wait a minute, she is in the bathroom now making out with the man who rescued her on the steps. She tells him to “take me” and the clothes begin to come off. He gets a taste of her pretty pussy and she finally gets some satisfaction. He begins to fuck her with his dick wrapped in a condom. I would love to fuck in a night club bathroom – I think that is the hottest fantasy. This guy is a magician with this condom, she stops to suck is cock and it’s off but he goes back to fucking and its back on. After that erotic sexual encounter she is back to being alone walking the street. She is picked up by the man following her and we get to see more of the city as they drive.

There is a lot of intrigue in this movie as he gets a call and says they must stop somewhere. I’ll be damned if I can figure out what is really going on but I must say I am very entertained trying. As he seems to deliver the bag he stole he gets pulled into a threesome with Candee Licious and some other guy. All this while Carollina waits in the car. She eventually gets tired of waiting and catches him in this tryst. This hot tryst features some anal as she takes turns with each cock. Carollina’s luck has turned up after he returns and gives her luggage and plane tickets back to her. They have some time to kill and get a hotel room where she slips into a sexy outfit to surprise him with. The shooting of this scene is awesome as they overlook the city on the balcony, her dressed like that and her hair blowing in the wind is enough for me, but there is more. The passion ignites as they make out and she begins to suck his dick. The city is beautiful in the dark as they fuck so good on the balcony. He even gives her some anal. In the morning he awakes alone as she is finally on her way with a huge smile on her face.


I was struck by three quotes during this movie, early on Carollina says “I Hate London” which suprised me in a movie showcasing London but it makes sense by the end of the movie when she looks at the London sign and smiles. I think she learns to love it again. The guy that is following Carollina in the movie says to her after she catches him fucking Candee “For her pleasure is business”, a great line to explain a sexual encounter. Finally, Carollina says to him “What can we do for five hours?” Well duh, any guy can easily answer that!

Why We Love It

We love it because it’s by DORCEL and they know how to deliver bestselling porn movies. In their movies you get that perfect combination of beautiful scenery, interesting plots with twist and hardcore erotic sex. This movies delivered all of that although I found the entire storyline a little challenging to follow I enjoyed the mystery. It was a perfect balance and you need to watch this future best seller!

Watch ‘One Night In London’

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