The Rundown: ‘Luxure: My Wife’s Pleasures’


All of the premium and extravagant glamour mixed with the sophisticated lighting and camera work associated with DORCEL over the years is front and center in Luxure: My Wife’s Pleasures. Every cast member is stunning, immaculately dressed, and prepared to bring it all as they suck and fuck each other in five scenes that will leave you craving more. In this edition it’s the wives who set up and keep the sexy fantasies going as they seek to pleasure themselves and their husband’s in ways they haven’t even experienced yet. With everything from threesomes to double penetration to lite bondage on a balcony, there’s surely something for everyone to enjoy.

Scene Highlight(s)

I know it’s nothing new, but can we talk about Dorcel the opening credits for a minute please!? I mean, it’s like a Hollywood blockbuster is coming on with all the elegant logo, smooth transition shots, steady and sexy music, and Whitney Wright getting ready to partake in lover Ricky Mancini’s sexual fantasies with the incredibly hot Anna Polina. It’s crazy how something as small as opening credits can have such a major impact on a scene’s actual content and I’m happy it’s something that’s paid attention to here. Director Herve Bodilis has been at this for a long time and he’s certainly mastered bringing viewers into the very first scene.

Chloe Duval absolutely shows out, taking on both Alex Romero and Yanick Shaft with a fervor matched by only the best. You can tell she was ready for this scene as soon as it begins, wasting no time getting her hands and mouth on some dick, and the anal action is crazy intense. She stares into Yanick’s eyes the entire times he fucks her ass like she’s encouraging him with her gaze. Then she requests double penetration and the impressive meter just continues to rise. Chloe always brings her A game and she definitely knows her way around a Dorcel flick, but the energy she brings to this scene really stands out.


“You should get into place. He’ll be here soon.”

(James Duval to Mariska X as she prepares to get bound on a balcony and await Kristof Cale )

Why we love it

Glitz and glam aside, Luxure: My Wife’s Pleasures is the perfect addition to the growing series. It stays true to the wife theme but this time introduces her pleasures into the mix and you can witness the women in each scene take sexual control even when tied up and giving a blowjob. The fantasies introduced in the beginning of the scenes appear simple and relatable while also bringing more complex underlying themes to the surface without them taking over the sex. The Luxure collection is one of the best out there and this edition just adds to an already stellar catalog. At first glance they can appear routine and uniform, especially when looking over the cover art, but each one is uniquely sexy leaving us with the massive loads and sticky fingers we’ve come to expect from Dorcel movies.

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