Jason Brown and Kendra Sunderland star in 'Kendra's Obsession.'

‘Kendra’s Obsession’: Adult Empire Porn Movie of the Year 2017

Sometimes, an idea takes hold of you and it won’t let go.

Similarly, sometimes a movie grabs hold of audience imagination and keeps a tight grip.

In 2017, one single porn video was the embodiment of both phenomena. By then, anticipation for every new Kendra Sunderland vid was high. She gained fame as a tabloid sensation in 2014 when she was arrested for webcamming in a public place on a university campus in Oregon. Was it a legitimate case of impulsive behavior, or just a clever public-relations gambit? Either way, it catapulted Sunderland to worldwide fame. After paying a fine to settle the indecent exposure charges against her, Sunderland returned to steamy action. Her webcam work became more and more explicit. Fans pondered when she would finally shoot her first studio porn movie. Vixen, the classy brand founded by Greg Lansky, came calling in 2016. Her porn debut, Natural Beauties, became an instant hit in 2017.

Sunderland was porn’s latest obsession, and before long, she’d find one of her own. Her interracial adventure, Kendra’s Obsession, tallied six straight weeks as Adult Empire’s bestselling porn movie in 2017. It’s a movie that still holds up as a peerless example of what the genre can do when it has a compelling script and sparkling direction.

We learn of Kendra’s story in the movie’s opening narration. She’s an aspiring model who moved from Seattle to Los Angeles, where she meets her current boyfriend, Eli. Their sex life is passionate, but Eli also has a fantasy about watching Kendra have sex with another man. At first, this idea manifests itself solely in roleplaying and dirty talk. For Kendra, the thought of it ever becoming a reality is so faint as to be nonexistent. “I really didn’t think it would ever go further,” she says.

That changes one fateful day when Eli leaves Kendra alone with model Jason Brown after a photo session. On impulse, Kendra kisses Jason, who eventually melts into her embrace despite his initial shock. Jason’s massive dick puts Kendra’s hands, mouth, and pussy to the test, but she embraces every moment. Eli is seen at the edge of the screen snapping pics and relishing the hookup he “accidentally” allowed to happen. Kendra is hammered from behind, in a completely prone position, before Jason blasts his load over her tongue.

The next step in the couple’s sexual journey occurs when they visit friends Michael (Isiah Maxwell) and Jessica (Jillian Janson). As they lounge by the pool, an increasingly obvious sexual tension emerges. Jessica and Kendra are keen to hook up, and Isiah is only happen to complete the threesome. Eli, reveling in an ever-growing fantasy, watches in delight. Jessica soaks the scene and screen in squirt as a fittingly explicit climax to the passion. It brings Eli and Kendra even closer, but Eli warns that he endorses Kendra’s indiscretions only if he can watch them.

The third sequence takes Kendra’s obsession even further when she seduces fellow model Ana Foxxx. She delights in this latest new experience, but she hungers for more. Will she take matters too far in the movie’s climactic scene, the B/B/G threesome from the cover shot? Without giving too much away, we can confidently say that Kendra’s Obsession ends on a sexually uplifting note. It’s a resolution that fits in snugly with the shape of Kendra’s overall sexual journey.

What makes Kendra’s Obsession such a modern classic? Perhaps most importantly, it uses its four scenes to construct an involving, sometimes quite touching story of two modern people in love. Their passion for each other doesn’t manifest itself in love poems or romantic vacations but rather a shared sense of sexual adventure. Sunderland, equal parts ingenuous sweetheart and sexual dynamo, is perfectly cast. Greg Lansky also collects a tremendous cast of well-endowed male players to share the screen with her.

It’s time for you to make Kendra’s Obsession your own next obsession.

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