Elsa Jean stars in 'Cum Inside Me Vol. 2.'

‘Cum Inside Me Vol. 2’: Adult Empire Porn Movie of the Year 2016

Blacked‘s name suggests a monochrome sensibility, but by 2016, the brand was bringing plenty of colorful vitality to the world of porn. Created in 2014 by director Greg Lansky, Blacked gave a glamorous new polish to the interracial genre, long an industry fave. Lansky reveled in the artistic possibilities of contrasting light and dark skin in erotic vignettes and features. It was cinema’s version of Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney’s “ebony and ivory, living together in perfect harmony,” and porn fans loved it from the start. Beginning with standout new release My First Interracial in summer 2014, Blacked unleashed bestseller after bestseller. It was not surprising, then, when Cum Inside Me Vol. 2 became the overall most popular AE video for 2016.

The movie shows exactly why Blacked continues to capture fans’ imaginations. In scene one, Amarna Miller begs Flash Brown to “Please, go slow! It’s so big!” but Blacked isn’t designed with gentle pacing in mind. Miller plays an actor who rents a room from Flash when she has a two-day shoot nearby. When chatting with a friend on the phone, she admits she selected this spot mostly because of its handsome owner. She leaves the windows wide open when she strips down and masturbates, hoping Flash will notice. When he struts in, he playfully accuses her of teasing him, but it’s all part of her plan. Flash’s seductive bass voice plays beautifully in contrast to Amarna ‘s sexy accent, just as her fair skin makes her the perfect foil in Lansky’s visual schema. It climaxes with the internal popshot promised by the title, another porn trope given artistic flair by Lanky’s keen directorial eye.

Scene two’s female protagonist is even more sexually forthright than Miller. When Cassidy Klein catches a glimpse of her sister’s boyfriend (Rod Piper XXX), she knows she has to have him. In a flip of the seduction ploy in scene one, Cassidy watches from a doorway as sis and Rod have passionate sex. Rod notices Cassidy, but instead of stopping, he casts an approving look in her direction. Later, she emerges in the kitchen, wearing only the skimpiest of underclothes. “I saw you looking at me while you were fucking my sister,” she breathes. Their first kiss is instantly passionate, rising further in intensity with each passing second. Rod rams his massive dick into Cassidy’s mouth, making her gag on its massive girth. Their embrace moves from kitchen counter to bedroom as Rod ravishes her like nothing she’s ever experienced.

Scene three, which nabbed the movie’s cover, is likely the sequence that pushed Cum Inside Me Vol. 2 over the top as 2016’s top choice. Elsa Jean and a study buddy are brushing up on some classwork when Elsa notices a familiar face in the background. “You didn’t tell me your brother was home,” she asks, a hint of obvious attraction flashing across her face. She concocts an excuse to send her friend away for an hour so she can pounce on bro (Jason Brown). Jean’s sweet, friendly demeanor and petite frame, pitched against the athletic Brown, enhance the sense of contrast so essential to Blacked’s aesthetics. The scene reaches a stunning climax when Jason thunders into Elsa from behind as the camera pushes in on her ecstatic O face. She begs him to cum inside her, name-checking the movie’s title in the most passionate way imaginable.

Brown returns in scene four, as does the taste of Euro-glam from scene one, this time in the form of Italian fave Valentina Nappi. Jason has hired Valentina for a world-class massage experience, with money being no object. Valentina is determined to deliver the ultimate massage, starting with her sensual touch and finishing with the happiest ending of all, an internal cumshot. There’s also a particularly memorable passage that finds Valentina tonguing Jason’s ass and stroking downward on his dick as he’s in kneeling pyramid position. Porn masseuses are often little more than a flimsy outline of a character, but Nappi embodies it persuasively here as someone who has refined her art through years of concentration and practice.

In that sense, she has plenty in common with Greg Lansky and Blacked. Cum Inside Me Vol. 2 is another triumph for the brand, and notable as the first movie in the label’s history to become Adult Empire’s Movie of the Year. (It would not be the last.)

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