Kira Noir pornstar

‘Kira vs Kira’ Spotlight Is Peak Kira Noir

All Kira? All anal?

We’re all in.

On one hand, Kira Noir is amiability personified. Her relaxed demeanor is evident in podcasts like High and Horny, where she is the chill companion we’d all love to have as our BFF. On the other hand, she is a voracious sex beast, the sort of bedroom creature who might consume you whole. But hey, what a way to go, right? These two sides are the yin and the yang that make Noir exactly the superstar she is.

She’s at her peak in Kira vs Kira, a new spotlight movie from Elegant Angel and director L.T. (Have a star and studio every been more perfectly matched? Noir herself looks like a living embodiment of the image from which EA draws its name.) The movie opens with Kira’s anal encounter with a stranger, builds with an all-girl orgy and double anal, before finally climaxing with a gangbang. To take you behind the scenes of this killer new movie, we offer four interviews, all of which offer insight into Kira herself and the movie that captures her spirit.

Getting to Know Kira

Learn more about the woman behind the spotlight movie.

Kira and L.T.

A star is only as good as her director! Noir and L.T. chat about the movie.


Kira Noir: The Quick Chat

Check out more candid chat with the one and only Kira Noir.


The Girls

Noir’s co-stars are just as essential to the movie as she is. In this video, they assemble to discuss their experiences on Kira vs Kira.

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