Top 10 Trans Scenes of 2022

Scene 1 from Muse Season 2 (Deeper)

I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it, I love Maitland Ward! The studio Deeper has made a name for itself for having detailed and spellbinding storylines to amplify the sexiness of their scenes and Muse Season 2 is no exception to this. We open with Maitland Ward playing a college professor teaching her class and she even name-drops the studio Deeper. Maitland Arrives at a party late and after a lengthy discussion with Aubrey Kate, Kate instructs Pierce Paris to go down on Ward before she joins in the fun and after long brings in her latex-clad sex slave Destiny Cruz. The group engages in one of the hottest foursomes I’ve ever witnessed and it’s not hard to tell why this scene is included in this list.

Scene 2 from Trans-Active 9 (Evil Angel – Joey Silvera)

Joey Silvera has done it again, through his many years working with Evil Angel he’s become well-known for turning out some of the hottest titles available.  What this scene may lack in the storyline it makes up for with steaminess. You’re invited to a sexy dance party featuring Keira Croft and Ariel Demure as they move and shake while undressing and going at each other. Croft wastes no time whipping out Demures cock and getting down on her knees to take all of her in her mouth before letting her bend her over and have her way with her.

Scene 1 from My TS Stepmom Vol.5 (TransSensual)

Trans scenes alone are already hot enough but adding in the fantasy of family roleplay and it’s guaranteed to make you horny. TS Foxxy brings home her boy toy to have some fun with her and her husband when she finds out her husband has been having an affair of his own with his ex. What else is a pissed-off wife to do? Have him sit his ass on the couch and watch as her new friend sucks her off and takes her from behind. Don’t worry shes kind enough to shoot her load all over his face and chest as a reward.

Scene 3 from Transfixed Vol. Seven (Adult Time)

Who doesn’t love a good wedding? There’s love and passion in the air and let’s not forget the blushing bride in her beautiful white gown. It’s only natural to have some pre-wedding jitters but Korra del Rio is taken by the young photographer Lola Fae. With each picture, she takes you can almost feel the sexual tension in the air. Things come to a head when del Rio can no longer take it and has to ravage Fae when they go down on each other, 69 one another and Fae ultimately climbs on top to ride her to climax.

Scene 3 from My TS Stepdaughter Vol. 4 (TransSensual)

Another family roleplay scene to add to the list, we’re joined by Arabelle Raphael and Saska Sage. They’re trying to work on their relationship and spend some much-needed girl time but when Sage takes things a step further by kissing her stepmom Raphael. Things come to a head when they start making out and before you know it their bodies are tangled in a passionate embrace and pleasure each other in several positions.

Scene 3 from Angels On Top 3 (Trans Angels)

You don’t see too many scenes featuring one of the stars engaging in VR porn, but we open with Jade Venus sitting on a couch with the goggles on pleasuring herself with a stroker when Joanna Angel walks in on her. Jealous that she’s enjoying herself she starts to play with herself next to her. Once she’s done Angel steals the goggles. Venus replaces her dildo with herself and Jade gives her a blowjob (how does she not notice that her dildo suddenly grew legs and feels more real?) They take turns stealing the VR device from each other until Angel takes matters into her own hands and replaces Venus’s stroker with herself and they fuck each other silly on the couch.

Scene 1 from TS Girls on Top Vol. 6 (TransSensual)

I’m sensing a theme with so many scenes on this list from titles featuring trans stars taking and reigns and being on top. Rachael Cavalli is having issues with her kitchen sink and has called the plumber, in a cliche manuver she starts to pleasure him. Stepdaughter Emma Rose catches her in the act anc threatens to tell her dad. They chase eachother around the house and Rose locks her in the bedroom. With her out of the way she makes her way to the horny plumber and pulls down his pants and give him an incredible tip by eating his ass. She proceeds to take him back to her room where he sucks her off and she hops on time (as the title would suggest) and goes to town.

Scene 3 from Trans Babysitters 4 (Gender X)

I’m not really sure who is supposed to be babysitting who here but after meeting Rodrigo Amor starts flirting with Kasey Kei and asks her out. Learning they have the house to themselves she admits to hearing that he has a pretty impressive dick which he is more than happy to show her and whips it out at lightning speed. She wastes no time dropping to her knees to blow him and he returns the favor. They then take turns bending each other over and dominating each other.

Scene 1 from Only Trans (Devil’s Film)

I know it’s hard to believe but this title only features trans stars (hence the name) and if you thought that only one trans star in a scene was hot then you’re going to need to let in that cold winter air because this scene will leave you on fire! We start off with Ariel Demure and Jade venus in the hot tub and it doesn’t take long for them to start massaging each other and I’m sure you can guess where that leads them. IF you guessed the bedroom then you’re a winner! Watch as these trans beauties take turns pleasuring each other in this steamy scene.

Scene 4 from Trans Education (Gender X)

Last but certainly not least we’re taken into a fantasy as old as time, fucking your teacher. Michael DelRay is a bad boy trying to steal the answers to an upcoming test when he’s caught by Eva Maxim. He’s desperate to pass her class and graduate, and as a 20-year-old senior I’d say he needs all the help he can get. Maxim takes pity on him when she sees his massive member and agrees to help him by dropping to her knees to suck him off. That’s not enough to pass him though, she has him return the favor and has him blow her on the desks and fuck her on her own desk. Satisfied with his performance she agrees to pass him.

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