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Best of the Sale: Wicked Pictures & More on VOD (2022)

The term “wicked” has many cultural connotations. It may summon images of a hit musical, the antagonist of a Hollywood classic, or high-brow lit. For adult entertainment fans, though, Wicked means one thing and one thing only: blockbuster porn! Adult Empire is pleased to present a new VOD sale offering 30% off Wicked Pictures and associated brands. In our tie-in blog post, the AE bloggers give you some of their top picks from the sale.

The Red Room porn video from Wicked Pictures.The Red Room

by Madison

A movie name like The Red Room just sounds seductive, mysterious and sexy. Seth Gamble makes his Wicked Pictures directing debut and brings along a star-studded cast of Emily Willis, Lena Paul, Kenna James, and Aidra Fox. In each scene Seth brings a sexy esthetic to the film, taking time to show off the extremely hot assets of each performer before diving in to the sex. Gamble appears in all four scenes and shows a passionate connection with each performer. Scene three featuring Kenna James shows her relaxing in a bathtub, drying off every inch of her sexy body and moving to her bed where she pleasures herself before Seth arrives. The lighting, music, costumes and setting all give an incredibly romantic feel. Perfect for someone looking for a bit of romance.


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Girl Girl Sex 317 porn video from abbywinters.Girl Girl Sex 317

by Dallas

If Abbywinters were a grocery store product, you would find it in the organic aisle, and the Girl Girl Sex series would be one of your weekly staples. Indeed, any series that has survived long enough to reach 317 editions immediately commands a certain attention. Lesbian porn is one of the most reliably popular genres in the business, but how does a series sustain such a long run? Well, by keeping matters simple, honest, and true. This volume (which recently climbed the bestseller rankings, hence its presence here) offers two scenes of Abbywinters fun. The first finds three hip, engaging women discussing their desires before acting them out. The second half brings things to a more intimate scale with two participants in the same formula. Some of the candid chatter that precedes the scenes is fun, too, including a discussion of eyebrow plucking (!) as well as a Casino Royale-themed birthday party.

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Money porn video from Wicked Pictures.Money

by Nicole Chappelle

As a wise man once stated, “more money more problems” and Seth Gamble’s Money plays with this idea in a glamourous, sexy, and powerful way. Gamble builds from his critically acclaimed highly stylized visual storytelling format and it fits perfectly with Wicked’s classy high-end theme. Starring Ivy Wolfe, Money is a sexy and sensual movie that examines wealthy independent women who find themselves in situations dealing with extreme greed. Now to us normies, everything about that sounds stressful as fuck, but these independent women strive when shit gets real and there’s nothing more intense than money and sex. Ivy Wolfe gets us started as from the moment she steps on screen your eyes are locked in. Elegance, power and deep sexual arousal ooze from her body as she teases herself in the mirror before banging Seth next to a briefcase full of money. Vanna Bardot is up next and my God that woman is gorgeous! Being on the run is a thrill for her, and when threatened by the cops she doesn’t dare surrender. After laughing in the face of handcuffs she shows what taking your freedom into your own hands means and fucks her way out of a sticky situation. When Violet Starr and Anna Claire Clouds set their sights on Seth’s beautiful mansion they’re out to take him for everything he has and they’ll do anything to get what they want. Before you know it the duo is rummaging through his shit and find thousands of dollars on top of some new lingerie for his wife. You already know where this is going…they kiss and 69 and make sure to keep the party going when Seth catches their asses. Unable to resist (because, who can?) he’s balls deep in two hot chicks who already have their hands on his money. Kenzie Anne rounds things out for us and there’s nothing like a woman working on a SS Impala in booty shorts and boots with a gun in her hand. Clearly ready to fuck some shit up, Kenzie collects her doe from Seth and decides he’s worth more to her alive than dead. She wastes no time masturbating in front of him, making sure he knows exactly what she wants, and when he jumps in, sparks ignite. If there’s one thing we can learn from Money, it’s that sex and greed can definitely coexist.

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Spidey-pool XXX porn video from Axel Braun.SpideyPool XXX: An Axel Braun Parody

by Jackie Daytona

The newest entry into Axel Braun’s shared superhero parody universe is even bigger and better than its predecessors. Of course, when I say bigger I’m talking about tits and dick. The superhero genre is all about big. Big budget, big spectacle, and when mixed with the adult entertainment gene pool, big sex scenes. Kenna James getting face fucked by Deadpool? That’s big. Doctor Strange giving a creampie to Captain Marvel (Kenzie Taylor)? That’s just good porn. Finally, the explosive conclusion of SpideyPool XXX is on par with the big Spiderman: No Way Home finale. Perhaps even more satisfying than the reveal of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield returning as Spider-Man, is the reveal of Blake Blossom’s tits as they pop out of her Spider-Gwen suit. Oh, and Blake playing Spider-Gwen as she gives Spider-Man a sloppy back-alley blowjob is a moment that has moved the genre forward in ways no one could have imagined. Never did the nerds think they’d live to see Spider-Man licking up Gwen Stacy’s blonde hairy pussy next to a muddy dumpster in the night. But here we are, and you should be glad.


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Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody porn video from Wicked Pictures.Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody

by Chase

When watching a porn parody I get excited to see if they will go with tongue in cheek humor or just try to make a real movie porn style. This one has a great touch featuring little penises as aliens, it was funny. Some sex in the morgue would really create a memorable experience. There is a Michael Jackson cameo in here, not sure why. Sexy Ladybugs lick and touch each other. If you like bondage there is a funny bondage scene with Xander Corvus, it’s something and he knows how to fuck. There is a sexy dream scene that takes place in a field, nothing like outdoor sex at night. There is a raunchy scene in a pawn shop with a weird looking dude. He gets to have fun fucking Isis Taylor and I like it. The final scene gives us a gang bang scene with aliens, human and whatever. It was sexy and weird at the same time. You should be able to get some stimulation out of this movie easily along with a few laughs, a very fun movie to watch!


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Hysteria porn video from Wicked Pictures.Hysteria

by Susan

When it comes to porn that has incredible storylines one of the best has to be wicked pictures, plus if you see the name Axel Braun I can guarantee you’re in for a treat! My pick Hysteria is definitely a must-watch it also roped in me following the story of Christina and Anna whose lives are upturned with doubts of cheating. Directed by Stormy Daniels this title features Anna Claire Clouds, Aiden Ashley, Casey Calvert, and many more. Buckle in and get ready for a wild ride with this psychological horror and get ready to get off on all four steamy scenes with both lesbian and straight content to get everyone hot and bothered.

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