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Interview: Catching Up With Cherie DeVille (2022)

Cherie DeVille had a great year, but then again, doesn’t she always? It would be a mistake to take this MILF superstar for granted, though, even as fans everywhere have grown accustomed to her incredible performances. She was 2021’s Adult Empire Pornstar of the Year, so we decided the time was ripe to check in with DeVille about the state of porn in 2022. Check out our new interview below!

What has surprised you the most about 2022 about porn and or the world in general?

Well, I feel like 2022 and especially these past three or four years have been pretty amazing for porn, especially for the performers. You know, historically, directors and companies have been kind of the gatekeeper to the fans. If you want to perform in porn, you have to be hireable by the important companies. And that is how you build your name by being hired by the big players in the game. But that has all changed, not just for those of us who have worked in mainstream adult, but for everybody. It’s finally a time where creators of all types, and all genres and all kinks can find a really amazing home making content for their specific niche bands online, whether it’s through OnlyFans or clip stores. I just feel like 2022 has been a really freeing time for performers, being able to kind of create the type of content that they love the most and perform in ways and with people that they feel the most happy about.

You’ve described your brand as the internet’s stepmom. How has that evolved over the years? And how do you see it further evolving?

So that was almost a joke. I had written on my Instagram as a caption of one of my photos, the Instagram stepmom, and my best friend, Dani Daniels, was like, “Oh my God, that’s brilliant. That should be your kind of hashtag, your branding.” And she’s a genius, especially at social media. So I was like, yep, she’s absolutely right. And I kind of made it my my little tag. How’s it evolved over the years? And how do you see it further evolving as your career progresses? You know, I started adult content in my 30s, so I’ve always been cast as the older woman, the cougar, the MILF, the stepmom, whatever iteration that has kind of come upon in the past 12 years of my career, and I see it evolving kind of down the same path. It’s really nice to be in the older woman category, because as you age, you just get more appropriate for your genre. Unlike if your category was teen or something that was really age dependent in the other direction. That would be tough, because you would have to rebrand as you aged. For me, it’s just smooth sailing.

What sort of reactions reactions have you had to your recent Daily Beast piece “Why Dating Is Hell for So Many Porn Stars—Thanks to Dating Apps“?

Well, mostly I was surprised that the overwhelming response I got from my peers. I had the idea because I had heard a few of my friends that had lost their Tinders or Bumbles very quickly, including myself, because for me, and some of the others, they thought we were catfishing accounts. So I said, gosh, I wonder how widespread how prevalent is this issue? So I posted one tweet on Twitter, hey, has anybody had issues, you know, being taken off of dating sites? And within minutes, I had hundreds of responses from performers who — and I just want to mention this because a bunch of the fans who chimed in in the messages said, well, you can’t solicit sex on dating sites. While we weren’t soliciting sex. We were trying to get dates. Most of us were using our real names, non-professional photos and made no mention of what we did for a living, although that should be fine on a dating site. Everyone else gets to mention what they do for a living. And I found that everyone else had had the same experience as me. We are just pretty much not allowed on dating sites. If we sign up for dating sites, most of us will get taken down immediately, which which is terrible. You know, that is how dating is done in 2022. People use these apps to find partners and we are excluded from that group of people, which, I mean, we’ve already been excluded from a lot of spaces. To feel like we’re also excluded from that space is is tough. You know, it’s just another example of the stigma that we face as sex workers.

We’re seemingly in a golden age of pornstar interviews, truth, with many podcasts and blogs spotlighting adult stars. To what extent do you listen to interviews with fellow performers?

So I listened to some of them of some of my peers that I’m curious about. But what I think is the most impressive about how many interviews and podcasts were on is that it just shows that spaces that we were not allowed to be in before, such as mainstream podcasts, are opening up to us. And they’re not opening up to us just to sexualize us, although there’s plenty of that too. For example, Howard Stern has always traditionally allowed adult stores onto his platform, but in a really highly sexualized way. What I’m seeing more of now, is that people are interviewing us for more than just “What’s your favorite position? How hard do you come? What’s your type?” — all questions being sexual — and actually talking to us as fully formed humans, as brands that involve more than just sex work. And I think it’s absolutely fantastic that all these mainstream podcasts that don’t even have sex as one of the themes of their podcast are allowing us on simply as celebrities that their listeners are curious about. And I think that really speaks to the shift. That’s starting to happen in how people view adult performers. It’s really beautiful.

Similarly, if you were an interviewer, what’s the question you most want to ask other pornstars?

You know what? It wouldn’t even be a blanket question. Because we are so much more than our jobs. I would try and do research on who I was interviewing. See, even if it’s as simple as what are their hobbies? What are their passions? You know, I would like to do with any interview just like this lovely interview, find out people’s opinions on whatever topics they and I were interested in and try and give my listeners an opportunity to get to know that person outside of complete sexualization.

Sadly, we recently lost Coolio, who was half of your famous presidential ticket in 2020. What are your fondest memories of Coolio?

Coolio was amazing! He was brilliant. He was fun. He was energetic. He brought life to any room that he was in. And you know, I think musicians can sometimes, especially rappers, can be stigmatized in ways like we are — as if they’re one-trick ponies. And you know, obviously, considering that he was willing to be on the ticket with me as a VP candidate, he is obviously not that. And it was really beautiful to get to know him even more during that process and how passionate he is and how political he is. And how many really profound ideas that he would have been able to help implement and how many how many things that he was passionate about changing in our in our government. God, I’m getting emotional — he will truly, truly be missed. Good guy.

Do you get into end-of-the-year holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, etc.?

Yes, I love to decorate. I just moved into a new house and just recently [November] took down all of my Halloween decorations, which were everywhere all over the house. Oh, the front yard! I love it. It helps me get into the spirit. It makes me feel joyful. It makes me feel nostalgic. And especially for Christmas, I have ornaments that one of my uncles made me starting at birth, and he did the same for all of my family members. So it just has such a nostalgic component as well. I think that’s part of the reason I love decorating and celebrating and spending time with my family. And yeah, it’s it’s just a beautiful way to connect and create those memories.

What do you think will be one of the porn’s biggest trends in 2023?

You know, the trends always surprised me. We had the step trend for forever. We had the “I’m stuck” trend. Now we’re in the midst of the “free use” trend. Like what is next? I honestly cannot wait to find out. I love how amazing human sexuality is and how creative all of our fans are and how one concept, a creator will create something fantastic, and it’ll just blow up and everyone will create their version of it. It’s just really, really cool. I love porn. I love the adult industry. it’s really a beautiful place.

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into the industry?

You know, I feel like I answered this question a lot, and my opinions on it change all the time. But I think the most important thing is really being true to yourself, performing in genres and with people and choosing what sex acts you’re wanting to perform based really on joy. Because if you’re basing your business decisions, especially in the sex work industry, on things that truly bring you joy, I think your longevity is going to be significant. You’re not going to face burnout, as much you’re going to feel like your inner self is true to your performer self. And I think keeping those two personas, you know, full of whatever builds integrity in your heart is really really crucial.

What movies, TV shows, books, music, etc. are you loving lately?

Oh, so many. I’m such a nerd. I’ve been watching the new Lord of the Rings, stuff. I’ve been watching The Boys, which is a superhero TV show. I just bought The Boys graphic novels — so fucking good. Yeah, that’s what I’ve been super into. lately. I’m going to Lizzo concert in a couple of weeks for my music. I’m always doing stuff. I live in LA and I really really take advantage of the amazing culture Los Angeles has to offer. I’m always trying to get out and about and enjoy the arts as a fellow artist myself.

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