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Prince Yahshua Interview: New Book Details Infamous Penis-Breaking Incident

It started like just another summer day on set, but it would change Prince Yahshua‘s life forever. In 2010, the world-famous adult performer suffered a critical injury while shooting a scene: a broken penis. The very phrase would be enough to scare most men away from performing — and perhaps sex itself — for a long, long time. But Prince is not easily deterred. In his new book, The Break Heard Around The World: The Most Severe Accident Ever Experienced On An Adult Film Set, he details the accident, his recovery, and his inspirational comeback to the industry. Our new blog interview gives you a behind-the-scenes peek at how this new retelling came to be.

How did the book come to be?

Nobody can tell my story better than me. People around the world are always asking about it, now they grab a copy of the tell all book and they’ll know.

Was there any reluctance on your part to do such a detailed recap of what was obviously a very painful, unpleasant experience?

Why would there be any reluctance? It’s a part of me and what happened. Now everyone can hear the absolute truth on it. That’s actually the biggest problem with people — they only want to speak on joys and good times, never on downfalls. In order for a flower to grow, it has to rain.

Tell us a little bit about your writing process.

Very long, very hard, very tedious but we got it done.

How many drafts of the text did you write? Were there any portions of the draft that you had to edit out?

One draft was written, and nothing was left out. The truth stands all by itself.

You refer to you co-star in the scene simply as “B” to protect her identity. Did you have any concerns about how she might react to this e-book being published?

I did it and don’t care.

The story is visceral in its details of your injuries and the pain you suffered. What is the most extreme reaction you’ve had when retelling the story to someone?

No extreme reaction at all. People everyday experience major car accidents and have to retell the story in court. So, me telling the truth on my story is no different.

The book mentions that many adult news outlets/blogs said you would never shoot again. Was that a major factor in your motivation to make a comeback? Did any of those outlets later admit they were wrong?

My motivation was purely on me, it had nothing to do with what was said from media outlets. I’ve never been one to worry about anything good or bad that the media or people say. When you’re in the spotlight it all comes with the territory.

In what ways, if any, did your performance style change after your comeback from injury?

Just like in a dance, I made sure I did all the leading. Not allowing the co-star to run wild.

What’s your advice in general from others who are trying to come back from a devastating setback akin to the one you suffered?

Everyone’s mental and physical is different. That’s very hard to say.

This story is famous but obviously only a part of your life’s journey. What, above all, do you hope people remember you for?

That’s up to them, that has nothing to do with me. Someone can pray all day to be liked, but at the end of the day be the most hated man or woman alive. At the end of the day you make your own truths and not worry about others.

You hint at a possible follow-up book in the first chapter. Do you have any firm plans for a sequel? If so, what can fans expect?

It’s the true autobiography on my life. This book was just a teaser to get the party started. As you can see we’re here now, so it’s up and onward from this point on. I’m proud to know that on top of my many accomplishments, I can now add author, because we all know many haven’t.

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