The Rundown: ‘My Husband’s Best Friend 2’ (VOD Exclusive)


Sometimes you don’t get what you expected and then sometimes you find yourself in the presence of a very flirty girl.  When you read the title of this movie, My Husbands Best Friend 2 you may expect to see a cuckhold movie or a married couple adding spice to their sex life with a threesome.  Well if that is what you are looking for prepare to be disappointed because none of the four scenes have anything to do with husbands, wives or their best friends.  What it does have to do with though is cute young girls getting involved in a threesome with two studs focusing on huge facial loads at the end of the scenes.  So while the title may not make much sense the sexual action you get to enjoy makes all the sense in the world if you are a lover of porn.

Scene highlight(s)

I’m going to call most attention to the third scene in the movie with Kyler Quinn.  She is a gamer girl with a mischievous smile that gives a vibe right through her headset.  To celebrate a big win she invites her gamer studs over for a celebratory surprise.  When they arrive at the door she is naked except for her sexy leggings and they are quickly down to celebrate as any guy would be at the sight of her sexy body.  They may all be good at online games but they really know how to play sex games.  She really loves to suck on their cocks taking turns to lube each one up good.  I really like when she gets pounded from behind.  They get crafty with the positions right there on her gaming chair.

My second favorite scene was the final scene with Tristan Summers playing a teen cookie sales girl wearing a tight outfit to show off a sexy tight body.  She makes a cookie sale that offers some creamy sides for two cock buddies who can’t resist the offer.  We get a great disrobing scene that accentuates the incredible features of her body.  She has her own didlo prop to play give these lucky guys a show before including them into the sale.  She ends up with the creamy glaze on her face at the end. The scene with Charma Kelley is good to starting with some watergun play turning into sex.  She really looks good in the camera watching her take turns with two cocks.  There was no dialogue at all and there was three cum shots to the face, one of them not very realistic but maybe you’re into that.  Jessie Saint plays a very flirtatious girl in a ride share that takes on the challenge of double stranger sex back at her apartment with some great bedroom fucking.



“I’ll tell you what, if I was an artist I’d paint that pussy, it’s a pretty pussy.”  (One of the studs in the car says to Jessie Saint)

Why we love it

We like the non-stop action that that takes place in each scene when you mix two cocks with one tight pussy.  All four girls were young and tight even though none of them play a wife but who cares right?  The camera angles were very nice with close ups of all the cock pounding thrusting and oral action.  Would have loved to see at least one double penetration in the movie but guys taking their turns on the pussy and mouth is also good.  Each cute girl gets plenty of cock and plenty of cream.

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