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Missy Martinez Interview: Looking Back at ‘Fucked Ra’

Missy Martinez announced her official retirement from porn in 2019, but she remains a fan favorite. We take pride in the fact that one of her signature achievements — Missy Martinez: Fucked Ra — was shot for Adult Empire’s very own production label, AE Films. Martinez recalls that movie and much more in this new interview, published as part of our 25th anniversary celebration.

In retirement, do you still follow adult industry news and events closely, or have you stepped back?

The adult industry is still very much a large part of my life. Even though I am no longer in front of the camera showing off my gapes, I’m still involved in the XXX world with my job as a sex journalist for a large adult publication. I honestly can’t imagine not having the porn world in my life, no matter what facet.

How did you first become involved with your AE Films movie, Fucked Ra?

I believe I was booked for an AE merchandise shoot, expressed my interest in having a showcase, and the rest is history (sticky, sticky history!).

In what ways, if any, did the concept of the project evolve from conception to release?

My mind has always been a fountain of creative perversion. At the time, I had been in the industry for seven years and was conditioned to shoot other people’s porn scenes. When AE presented me with this monumental opportunity, my mind was a Rolodex of cinematic slut ideas. I had always had the idea for Fucked Ra for a few years and I was blessed to be able to have basically free creative license to see it come to life from start to finish exactly the way I has always envisioned.

What are your memories from on the set during the shoot?

The set was SO FUN! From the crew to the catering to the talent and hell, even the parking situation. I was lucky enough to have been able to choose who was involved in every aspect of the production so the set was comfortable, full of laughs and professionalism. I truly hope every performer can have more days like I did.

Where does the movie fit in with the overall arc of your career as a pornstar?

Having my AE showcase really helped show the fans my dedication to the industry, helped provide me with an insanely large platform to showcase my skills and generate more work, and I even garnered a bunch of award nominations! But most of all, it really helped me realize that “Hey, I’m a pretty damn good pornstar.”

What are your overall reflections on the movie with the benefit of seven years of hindsight?

When I take time to reflect on my career, my AE showcase truly is one of (if not THE) best highlights. Too bad it’s not something I should probably brag to my grandkids about when I’m 80!

What scenes from the movie stand out most in your mind?

100% my DP. I wanted to choose a “first” that showed my progression, dedication and overall love of being a pornstar for the film. James [Deen] and Eric [Everhard] were absolute delights, the scene was so easy and fun too. My biggest highlight from the DP was after it was done, both the male talents were blown away that I had never performed that sex act before. Hey, if you take 2 dicks at once, you’re entitled to have a *little* bit of an ego for a few minutes!

Tell your fans what you’ve been up to during retirement.

I’ve been a full time writer for a large porn magazine, constantly tweeting about cum and bowing to my dog (MIss Moo) every wish. Basically, I am living the dream.

Is there any chance for you to make a comeback?

I get nostalgic and toss the idea of performing again. Thoughts like “If I come back, I’ll perform X, Y, Z and blow everyone away!) There’s a 99.9999999% chance I will never come back to performing. But hey….there’s ALWAYS a chance.

Check out our 2015 podcast interview with Missy Martinez:

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