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WATCH: Pornstar Tasha Reign on Viewers’ Odd Double Standards

Why do people judge themselves for watching scenarios in porn that they’d find unremarkable on Netflix? In this interview clip, Tasha Reign considers the differing attitude people have toward porn versus mainstream content.


Dallas: Some of those [porn] studios, they do really push it with some very provocative scenarios that are definitely quite shocking.

Tasha: Who’s thinking this up? What sick fuck thought of this? [Laughs] But then it’s like . . . I think it’s just fine. It’s like — it’s an act. We wouldn’t even question it if we watched it in a Netflix movie. And we don’t! I watched a really weird Netflix movie the other night. And I was like — I mean, every night I do — I’m like, “This is fucking insane, the stuff that they have on here.” So it’s really no different.

Dallas: You’re right! Because it’s all obviously a fictional scenario. And for some reason, some people sometimes can’t quite make that adjustment when they’re watching a porn movie.

Tasha: I think what it is, is that on a deeper human level, they think that if they’re, like, getting off to it, then they’re condoning it because they’re excited about it. But it’s like what emotions were you feeling when you were watching Netflix? The night before with your boyfriend, what were you feeling? Were you mad at yourself for being entertained by it? I don’t know. It’s interesting.

Dallas: Yeah, I think you’re onto something there. There could be a psychological – some sort of journal article or something about that. Maybe some deep research about people, how they engage with mainstream content versus adult content.

Tasha: Mainstream content, there’s usually like that American arc where it’s like, here’s the story, something horrible happens, you feel scared, you’re worried, but you’re excited, you’re entertained. And then in the end, it’s like a happy ending. And the bad guy is the bad guy. The good guy wins. And you can feel kind of okay about watching it because you were entertained, but in the end, the good guy won. Where in porn, it’s not really like that. It’s like, here’s, you know, here’s the arc. Here’s something sketchy. And in the end, you watched and you ejaculated. So it’s like a different – your responsibility is different.

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