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New Step House Scene Parodies Amber Heard/Johnny Depp Scandal

At this point, you’ve probably heard almost everyone’s opinion on the infamous Johnny Depp/Amber Heard trial. It’s been a tabloid sensation and cultural talking point from the moment it began. But adult entertainment has its own unique take on this scandalous split! It’s the latest creative, sexy effort from Step House: After Losing Defamation Trial Blonde Celebrity Has To Find a Place To Stay.

The new 46-minute sequence, which is available on and Adult Empire VOD, opens with a frustrated phone call by a jilted celeb (Gia OhMy). She’s just been wiped out by a messy lawsuit with her famous ex (sound familiar?), and now she needs a place to stay. Maybe her estranged stepbrother (Step House co-founder Vincent Bellucci) can help her out? Unfortunately, he’s none too pleased to see her, particularly when she admits she needs to crash at his place for at least two weeks. After some spiky back and forth, he agrees to let her stay, on the condition that she’ll sleep with him. The sequence is marked by the humor, fun, and playful sexual excitement that defines all Step House scenes. The parallels to Amber Heard, both in plot and in OhMy’s resemblance to the star, add in another layer of relevance.

The segment marks two important firsts for Step House: first outright parody scene and first time shooting with Gia OhMy. Elaborated Vincent Bellucci in a press release about the movie’s release: “The camera work and overall quality that we brought to this shoot was exceptionally high for a pro-am studio like us, and Valentina [Bellucci] is quite proud of her directing work on this scene. We are eager and excited to introduce this new release on the Step House site, and look forward to getting feedback from fans!” OhMy, meanwhile, is a Florida-based adult star and sex worker who shot her first outright porn scenes in 2021. (Visit her official YouTube page for an entertaining recap of her first day on a porn set.)

Step House is the production label founded by Vincent and Valentina Bellucci. It offers a varied lineup of scenes featuring taboo themes such as family roleplay and much more. To learn more about Step House, check out the recent in-depth AE podcast interview with the Belluccis.

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