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Take Five: ‘Fantastic Stories 4’

“Take Five” enters a strange new dimension of porn with Fantastic Stories Vol. 4! Check out five capsule reviews of this eccentric classic, courtesy Adult Empire bloggers.


Okay, time for some fantastic stories . . . a ghost “Jen” reappears from the past and she is dressed to play. I like how her man quickly gets down to business and takes advantage of the situation enjoying her best assets, literally. I actually felt bad for him when she left; that was a great fuck. In scene two, I am waiting for a story that never seems to come; appears to be a porn shoot at a hot tub and the guy just can’t stop. The dialogue at the end makes me think I missed something somewhere. If I had to guess I would say he is a time traveler who stumbled into a porn shoot, lucky guy –- he is enjoying it. Next a computer geek creates a hot virgin girl from his computer to his bed. What a creation, the perfect toy! The dialogue is entertaining the sex is a little vanilla but what you may expect from a nerd who has an annoying barking dog that distracts. Go to New Year’s Eve in the next scene -– she wants to stay home and party the way I like to party, dinner and sex to celebrate the beginning of the millennium. This scene has a lot of pre-talk that sets up the scene. She is cute and they have a nice couch romp with the classic story of turning on the radio at the end and hearing doomsday with a twist. It’s interesting – watch it to catch the twist; it may not be what you expect in a porn movie. The sex is to die for!  Finally in the last scene it seems that an invisible man (the girl’s brother?) is in the room with the couple and he gets a show. It took some effort to follow the story, but the sex was good.


Fantastic Stories 4 is ostensibly a porn anthology series in the vein of The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits. Despite a game effort, the movie is not able to approach the material with a comparable level of wit or insight. Briana Banks does make a welcome appearance in scene one, playing a sexy phantom who returns to console a grieving boyfriend. (Silly but entertaining!) Scene two drops the sci-fi trappings in favor of a straightforward hot-tub hookup, while scene three veers into oddball territory when Jezaree plays a virginal beauty learning about sex. Next comes the movie’s most effective scene, which attains some Rod Serling-level irony in a tale of a couple’s dark fate on the eve of the millennium. Unfortunately, the movie is unable to build on this momentum, leaving scene five’s premise mostly unclear. It apparently involves a ghost watching mischievously over his sister and her horny boyfriend. (Choppy editing suggests that some expository dialogue was cut.) Like many anthology movies, Fantastic Stories 4 is hit or miss, but patient viewers may savor the quirky moments when the movie does indeed click.

Jackie Daytona

Prepare to be dazzled (or not) by mystical storytelling that will give you a whole new perspective on ghosts, sickness, and romance. Ghost Jen appears to her boyfriend whom she left on Earth when she tragically passed from cancer, then fucks him like only a ghost could. This is a great step forward in our perception toward the paranormal. The last time an otherworldly figure stepped to me, they did not want to have sex with me. But if they had, I would’ve been much less afraid. Maybe the paranormal can be sexy. Maybe one day cancer can be sexy, too. It’s a much more progressive scene than scene three which shows a young girl waking up in a man’s bedroom and not remembering how she got there. Then he tells her she’s there for him and starts to touch her, and she’s still unsure. This plays more like a sexual harassment/assault PSA than a porno, and that’s probably not a good thing. We can leave that as a relic of the past and enjoy the other scenes like we enjoy our out-of-touch grandfather.


Just looking at the boxcover for this movie, it looks like it’s going to be a blast from the past . . . and that’s exactly what you’re in store to see! From the clothing to the music, it feels like you’ve traveled back in time. In the first scene, we see a young Briana Banks as a ghostly figure who walks through the wall to her lover, who passed out on the couch. They waste no time getting it on with some passionate lovemaking and once they finish, she turns into a ghost and is gone again. I have to point out scene three — this scene is so uncomfortable to watch. A young virgin is being taught all about blowjobs and sex. The dialogue is so odd – “I’ll show you how to give a blowjob; have you heard that term before?’ to which the young girl replies, “I don’t think so” and “Suck it like a lollipop?” This scene literally makes my skin crawl, not to mention a dog constantly barking in the background. This movie is odd and strangely put together. There is no real story line here so if you are expecting something out of this world, this is not it.


If there’s one thing I love, it’s a porn film so bizarre it makes you stop and say . . . huh. This title is one that left me speechless more than a few times, which after working with adult material for over five years is something that doesn’t happen as often as it once used to. The Fantastic Stories series is aimed to remind you of those old late-night sci-fi specials and contains five scenes to entertain you for 120 minutes. I would have to say that my favorite scenes would have to be the first and the fourth. In the first scene, we are greeted by Jenny, who is some kind of spirit, as she walks through the wall to plead with her husband to quit drinking and that it isn’t his fault that she died, but before she departs she makes sure to give him one last fuck to ease his pain. The fourth scene depicts a couple staying home to celebrate the New Year and after getting it on, the man turns on the radio and they are playing a modernized retelling of Orson Welles’s War of the World, although the couple doesn’t know that it isn’t real. Horrified, the man decides to end it all for him and his companion, which I might add is a pretty dark ending to a porn movie.

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