Poetics For Tramps porn video

The Rundown: ‘Poetics for Tramps’ (VOD Exclusive)


Poetics For Tramps draws from a diverse range of literary inspirations to create a porn tour-de-force. As brainy as she is bold, director Kayden Kross unleashes four poetic scenes with superb casting, stunning visuals, and stupendous sex. Each sequence is an independent story, but they are joined together by thematic commonalties and several recurring cast members. (Most notably, Oliver Flynn appears in all four sequences.) Poetics For Tramps is the porn movie for the philosophy major in all of us! Well, the one who was serious about class but still occasionally skipped a lecture in favor of steamier pursuits, that is . . . 

Scene highlight(s)

Scene four brings to life Kayden Kross’s favorite poem, “Sex Without Love” by Sharon Olds. While the scene functions beautifully even without foreknowledge of the poem, reading the text in advance does provide context for some of the imagery and themes. (Check it out here!) The sequence opens with a dinner party featuring a guest list straight from porno heaven: Angela White, Maitland Ward, Manuel Ferrara, Kenna James, Lacey London, and numerous others. Jessie Saint watches from afar, wondering, as Olds does, “How do they do it, the ones who make love without love?” As passages from the poem resonate on the soundtrack, we see the dinner party twist its way beautifully into an ecstatic orgy.

The movie’s opening sequence (“At Last”) makes excellent use of Maitland Ward’s dynamic acting talents in a story of a woman contending with past sins. An enigmatic tale buoyed by hypnotic minimalist music, this segment draws its inspiration this time from Jack Gilbert’s Refusing Heaven. Scene two (“Women’s Work”) finds bored housewife Gabbie Carter seizing control in her own unique way when her husband’s boss stops by. A large ensemble similar to that of scene four also appears in scene three (“Chaired”), which examines a submissive/dominant relationship with a visual flair unlike anything else in the genre! (Never before has a game of musical chairs ever looked this sexy.)


We asked two Poetics For Tramps stars to discuss their experiences on the movie.

“This shoot was one of those miracle days, group sex scenes are often technically tricky to shoot but this was a one cut wonder. I feel like the whole experience was so organic because I was working with such professional performers. I was so thrilled to see this scene honored with awards this season I think my co performers certainly deserved it.”

“Poetics is used by Kross in the Greek sense of poiesis or ποίησις  which means bringing something into being, creating and making by doing. In this way the title asks the question: what are the tramps bringing into being? This DVD and maybe bringing a new part of the viewers’ sexuality into being.” (Mona Wales — read the full interview here)

“Working with Kayden Kross is always a great time, she knows what she wants the product to become and executes it with perfect precision. The direction she gives makes it easy to get into the roles we are chosen for. That movie was brilliant, the cast and crew were spot on in every aspect.” (Oliver Flynn — read the full interview here)

Why we love it

Each Deeper movie is a tour of the philosophical interests that crowd Kayden Kross’s brain the way high-minded tomes likely crowd her own personal library. (Indeed, it would be great fun to look at the books on her bookshelf! They would probably contain clues to future projects!)  I always enjoy the small, creative moments that she’s able to find in her scenarios. For instance, when Oliver Flynn and Maitland Ward are having sex next to a piano in scene one, the actors occasionally bang up against the keys, creating a marvelously dramatic cacophony. The music is also expertly chosen, ranging from mysterious, Erik Satie-esque piano to scraping violins. To be sure, some viewers may be thrown off by the literary aspects wired so deeply into each of the scenes, but the movie also always allows the incredible sex appeal of its cast to shine through.




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