Sexual Icons porn video

The Rundown: ‘Sexual Icons’ (VOD Exclusive)


An icon of directing turns her camera onto icons of performing. Esteemed porn filmmaker Mason returns to capture the unique sexual energy of four burgeoning superstars: Kayley Gunner, Maddy May, Charly Summer, and Hime Marie. Photographed in the sort of Los Angeles residence typically occupied by a Hollywood mogul, Sexual Icons invites you into a world of perfect pleasure, HardX-style. Mason dispenses with the interview segments that sometimes open her scenes, preferring to focus on the chemistry and charisma of the performers. In this way, the movie is indeed the icon of its title: the purest reduction of itself.

Scene highlight(s)

It’s no coincidence that Kayley Gunner is featured on the movie’s cover. Nor is it an accident that her scene comes at the end of the movie, a classic case of saving the best for last. The scene unfolds in a sparsely decorated white bedroom, putting the emphasis squarely on Kayley’s indelible charms. The small scene-setting details that do come through, though, are wonderfully evocative. The enormous headboard of her bed looks like a drawbridge, as if we’re holed up in a castle with a true porno princess. We glimpse the tattooed “K” near Kayley’s left breast, in an elegant reinforcement of the movie’s “icon” theme. Her flowing blond tresses dance suggestively over her curves. She’s soon paired with Zac Wild, who throws himself into their coupling with a hungry, urgent passion. 

Other sequences find Maddy May enjoying anal sex in front of blue-sky vistas (scene one), Charly Summer getting naughty by the fireside (scene two), and Hime Marie having anal sex with Mick Blue (scene three).


“Ultimately, I’d like to be known for my desire to capture authentic exchanges between performers. Authenticity and passion transcends, no matter the genre. It’s a timeless quality.” (director Mason discusses her desired legacy, as quoted in a 2013 AVN interview)

Why we love it

While the movie’s title is presumably a reference to its cast, its biggest icon is the woman behind the camera: Mason. While this isn’t a movie that reinvents her style in any profound way, or even provides an earthshattering first, it’s still another eminently watchable, erotic addition to her catalog. For fans who may be less familiar with the four stars featured here, Sexual Icons functions as a perfect introduction. After all, there’s little showcase more glamorous than a new HardX classic from Mason. 



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