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Natassia Dreams Interview: The TEA Show’s Red Carpet Host

It takes a special combination of energy and personality to be a dynamic red carpet host! Natassia Dreams fits the bill perfectly, and that’s why the Transgender Erotica Awards show recruited her for that role in 2022! In this new interview, we chatted with Natassia about this exciting venture and much more. (The TEA Show will be held March 13. Adult Empire is proud to count itself as one of the sponsors!)

Do you yourself enjoy watching red carpet footage when you have the chance?

YES I love to see the dynamic between everyone and get pointers for my next gig hosting the red carpet. Whether its the fashion or the attitudes

Have you played the role of host before in other capacities?

I have hosted parties and events all over Europe before.

How did the TEA Red Carpet gig come about?

I think that Morgan Bailey was stepping down and she recommended me to try and fill those shoes 🙂

What do you think is the key to fun, lively red carpet banter?

Just being positive and sincere.

Give us a preview of some of the questions you might be asking on the red carpet!

I love to ask the girls of of course “What are you wearing?” and one of my all time faves is “Who are you excited to see/meet?”

Do you feel any sense of nervousness at all about this exciting role?

YES, oh my god, as sort of introvert (I know it may be hard to believe but I’m actually really shy), I get nervous around people I don’t know! Since there are so many new and beautiful girls/boys/people coming out now, sometimes I am out of the loop. So my first time meeting most people is on the red carpet. Very nerve wracking.

Have you decided what you’ll wear?

I am looking at a couple things but I also have a bestie who runs a stylist company called DEVOUR who wants to dress me.

You won the TEA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017. Tell us about that.

Oh my god, to have three of my favorite dear people give me that award in front of all my peers was soo moving! I was crying like a baby!

What are your biggest and most exciting plans for 2022?

I have some BIG surprises coming up for Pansexual X directed by me! Plus my modeling career has leaped with this last job that I just did! HUGE brand signed a NDA so cant say any details.

What was your favorite project that you worked on in 2021?

I think my favorite project was Obsessed with Misty Stone directed by me. Was a homage to Showgirls the movie and was soo fun to have my vision come to life!

Tell us what a typical day looks like for you.

So I’m awaken by my fur baby “Skateboard P” with kisses, spend a little time with her giving and receiving love and filling myself with positivity and optimism for the day. Then get up and do my morning ritual of fasted supplements and coffee. A workout with my personal trainer or Pilates and then I do heat therapy shower and head home to start my day. Whether it’s calls with my agent about modeling gigs, call with Aiden [Starr] to speak about production and casting. Working on my non profit, texting/facetime my partner (sometimes sexy) and then once everything is complete, administrative wise, time to smoke and watch a series or movie, cook a nice dinner and bed to start it all over again!

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