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Sex Toy Reviews: Fleshlight Ice Lady & Optimum Series Smart Pump

Check out these two reviews from sex toy guru Domineera!

Fleshlight – Crystal – Ice Lady

There’s no question that the Fleshlight is my favorite brand sex toy. They make everything to the utmost quality possible to fulfill every fantasy.

The Ice Lady is a little different than the classic strokers. She has a completely clear case so you can see all the action happening. The photo here shows a frosted entrance but it’s actually clear just like the case. The details are beautiful and realistic.

The material is definitely different than their usual one. It’s not bad but it’s just a distinct feeling. It’s got an almost stick to you texture. It will grab onto your skin in a way. The chambers inside are contrasting to give you a unique experience as you dive deeper into it. It surely was designed to be more realistic to female anatomy. The end can screw off a bit or completely to give you varying tension preferences.

I love visuals and she is the one to use for that purpose. The perfect piece of eye candy that is sure to please.



Optimum Series Advanced Automatic Smart Pump

This has to be one of the best auto pumps I have ever tried out. You think you have seen them all with some sort of disappointment but this one surprises you. It can be a little intimidating at first but it all becomes easy to work with when you learn the buttons on it.

Out of the box you have to plug it in to get charged so make sure to do this before you even think about using it. Its a USB plug so you will need to either plug it into a computer or have the converter block to put it into a wall socket. You will also need some lubrication with this pump.

There are two units of measurement on the outside of the pump. You can easily see what you measure up to by following it. The sleeve that goes into the pump is open ended so keep that in mind with use. ( It’s easy to clean)

There are four buttons you need to know on the front. You have to hold down the power button which is the first one on the left to turn it on. You will see the blue screen light up to let you know its working. If you hold down the second button that is the timer. It will go up to 20 minutes. You can then single press the button again to edit the Hold time which goes up to 10 minutes.

The button all the way to the right is what puts pressure inside the chamber. All you have to do is hold the button down to keep the pressure there while you are inserted. The button all the way at the bottom is the pressure release to make everything easy and smooth.

Not only does the pump work to make your penis bigger but the best thing is this comes close to a real blowjob. You get the sensation of a closed mouth wrapped around you sucking away. There’s no doubt this pump is smart and it accomplishes it all. I love how easy it is to use without it being bulky. The best thing is that its rechargeable and lasts a long time. You can get so many uses before having to charge it again.

This is my new favorite all in one pump + toy.


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