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Bonus Interview: Reagan Foxx Talks Football

If there’s anything as popular as pornography, it’s gridiron football. The followings of these two American institutions overlap considerably, and many pornstars count themselves as big NFL fans. In honor of Super Bowl weekend, we compiled some football-related outtakes from our recent Reagan Foxx interview. (Check out the full interview here.) Find out her favorite teams, the parallels between football and porn, and the player she’d hook up with!

You’re based in Arizona. Are you a Cardinals fan?

I’m a Cardinals fan, yeah! It’s one of those situations where they tear your heart every year. They give you hope, false hope, and then crash and burn. So yeah, I’m a Cardinals fan.

Did you watch the Cardinals playoff game this year?

I did, sadly! It was rough. I was so excited for it, all weekend long. I couldn’t wait! I even wore red [the day of the game]. I didn’t wear a jersey, because when I wore a jersey for the only time this season, they lost, to the Rams. So I’m like, I’m not going to wear a jersey, so I just wore red.

If you could shoot a scene with any pro football player, who would you choose?

That’s really a no-brainer! [Former Rams and Cardinals quarterback] Kurt Warner. I just think he’s amazing, on and off the field. But now that I’ve seen [Warner’s biopic] American Underdog, with his wife and how he met [wife] Brenda and stuff, he’s such a family man. I’d feel really weird. Sorry, Brenda! [Laughs]

Have you always been a football fan?

I liked the Denver Broncos when I was a kid. My dad liked [them], and that was a team that I liked. And then when I started to cam, I wanted to have a connection with the people that were in my [cam] room, and we started doing football squares, which made me really learn about it. Anyway, we were doing fantasy football and so forth, so I would say since I’ve been camming — so 12, 13 years — I have been heavily into football.

So are we talking John Elway-era Broncos?

Yes, you are correct! Well, it was the Orange Crush, right? Back in those days! So when Peyton Manning was released from the Colts, and the Cardinals had like a teeny teeny shot [of signing him], or I wanted to think that they did, and he went to the Broncos [instead], well, it wasn’t the worst thing that he went to the Broncos. I mean, I wish he would have come here, but it was great to see the Broncos do well and have him go out on a high note.

Do you see any parallels between a career in football and a career in porn? In the sense that it is physically demanding, that there tends to be a limit of a 10 to 15 year career in most cases, etc.

Well, I [myself] started late. Yes, I would say there’s definitely a certain point that it has to end. And obviously, if you start young, you’re going to end for different reasons. I will end just because it’s time for me to go. For someone younger, like [retired star] Celeste, who I used to watch, she left when she was really young.

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Sex and Football’s Biggest Game



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