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Podcast: Reagan Foxx Interview

There are few porn genres as popular as MILF, and there are few MILFs as popular as Reagan Foxx! We’re very pleased to present a new in-depth podcast interview with the star. Check out some excerpts transcribed below! Listen to the full version for many other topics, including social media, wine, sex in public places, cumshot mishaps, working in real estate, her family’s attitude toward her career, watching porn on VHS, the importance of video editors, co-starring with Cherie DeVille, and much more.

What do you find most exciting about the industry today?

Well, because I’m out of state, and I fly in [to shoot]. When I am going in to L.A. or Vegas or Florida, I don’t have a lot of time. So the most exciting thing for me is to get on set and to catch up and to see how everyone is doing. I’m really so invested! I love hearing this co-worker got married or this person did this, this person is starting a new business. And I love just catching up on it, find out how they’re doing, if someone in their family had been sick, finding out how that family member is doing now. So, for me, it’s the excitement of seeing the people.

Some authors have said that the test of a good book is being able to say, “I wish I’d written that!” Is that also the test of a good porn scene? That is to say, you think “I wish I shot that scene!”

Sure, yeah! Yeah. Because you see the people that are in it, and you think, “Oh, that chemistry, it’s just amazing! I want to feel that way!” I want to feel that interaction and chemistry that those people are offering. And so I’ll watch it as a fan going “Oh, that’s amazing! I love that!”

Porn scenes often entail having sex on very hard surfaces! Do you welcome those rare scenes when you actually have sex on a bed?

No hard tables, not countertops, yeah, those [scenes without them] are amazing. You know you’re going to be bruised when you’re on those. But you do what you’ve got to do! And honestly, sometimes, for me, reverse cowgirl is easier on a couch or a chair versus the bed, because [on] the bed, you’re sinking down into it. And if I have the floor under my feet, I can reverse-cowgirl like a champ, but the bed thing, I’m like, “How much longer?” [Laughs]

When did you first hear the term MILF? And when were you first referred to as such?

The first time I heard it was American Pie. That’s really where it comes from! The younger generation, I don’t think they remember that. That’s where it came from! I didn’t really think anything about it. I absolutely was a mother at that point, but I didn’t think anything about it until probably I got into porn. And then I remember, camming, I do remember being called a cougar once, and I was just like, “Oh, I don’t like that!” If “MILF” could just be the term that’s used after a certain age forever, that would be amazing.

Let’s go behind the scenes of shooting porn. Are porn cumshots always real?

Yes, they mostly are! They mostly are, to the point where I’ve also been on set where the guy came and the director went, “Did you come? Where’d it go?” And they’re like, “Yeah, it’s right there!” And he’ll be like, “I didn’t see that.” And then thankfully the guy went, “Well, I can do it again.” And so we just had to rebuild it up [ . . .] But the pictures that are taken, the sex pictures, are taken before scenes, so, usually, those are, some of those are not cum. But they do take pictures of you after you’ve got cum all over your face. “Okay, look up to the camera and smile!” . . . [In the sex pictures, sometimes] it’s Cetaphil.

Tell us a little about some of your most frequent co-stars, Codey Steele and Lucas Frost.

Yeah, so, Codey was my very first male experience on film. I was a nervous wreck! And Lucas as well as Tyler Nixon — those are probably the gentlemen I was with the most for the first several years. They’re amazing! They’re kind. They’re sweet. And not only to me! If they see me out, and I’ve brought a date, they are so kind to the person I bring. They are very respectful. And it makes me just adore them even more.

Is it true you once worked in real estate?

I did! I didn’t sell or list homes. I actually was working for the banks, and I was doing Buyer Purchase Options, BPOs. I got my license right before the market crashed. So that was really kind of the reason I went into camming, to sort of sustain working, doing those BPOs for the banks and then I would cam. But then the market crashed and I was going into foreclosure homes. So I was the girl that was going into a house that had been sitting empty for a month because the sheriff and locksmith had come and knocked on the door and said, “You haven’t paid your mortgage in a few years. You have to be out in a week.” And so then they would change the locks the next day or however much time they would give them. And I would be the girl that would go into completely furnished homes. Sometimes you’d find animals left behind. So I was doing that and then I went into camming for side money. And then camming just became more the breadwinning money, and I just left BPOs.

Do your family and kids know about your career?

They are very protective. They know what I do. Again, it goes back to the accessibility of porn. My youngest — this would be the house where all the friends come over and they’d go outside and play in the pool and so forth. And I’m the type of person — if I’m not on set, my hair’s in a ponytail, I have no makeup, baggy T-shirt — I’m pretty dialed down. And [as a result] no one should ever know what I do. And I was in L.A., and I got a text from my little one — she was in middle school at the time — “Hey, let me know what’s going on! I need to know who Reagan Foxx is and why you’re with all these different men.” So she had people sending her pictures. So we had to take care of that! We’ve learned to grow with that and handle that as a family. We took care of the school and made sure that she wasn’t bullied and that type of thing. But being so, it’s made them [say things like] “We love you so much, and it doesn’t matter what anybody says, we know who you are, and we know that you’re doing it for us.” And so when we go out in public, if someone will come over and go, “Do I know you?” instantly one of them will go, “Can I help you?” And I’ll be like, “It’s okay! You don’t need to do that.” [ . . .] So they are very, very protective!

What can fans expect to find on your official website,

You can always find any of my studio work. Also, my personal stuff! I do send stuff over there that you can find! And then say you see a scene with me and somebody else and you like that person, then you can click that person’s name, and you can go and find all of that. The catalog is unbelievable of what you can find! [ . . . ]

The website is the ride or die! It’s who I am. It’s very beachy! When they asked me what I want, I said, “I want someone to come to my website and feel like they just drove a Wrangler with the top down and they’re on the beach, and they’re going to enjoy the sunrise with someone that they love.” And that’s kind of what I said that I wanted my website to look like or to feel like when you came in.

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