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Avery Jane Interview: ‘Your Favorite Pornstar’s Favorite Pornstar’

Avery Jane: she’s the “Fuck Machine,” she’s “your favorite pornstar’s favorite pornstar,” and she very well could be your next pornstar crush! We were fortunate enough to get a chance to interview this talented up-and-comer. Learn more about Avery in this new Q&A!

Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you get into porn?

I’ve always been rather sexually adventurous, and over the years did various forms of sex work, including stripping and camming. I just ended up finding my way to porn; it was bound to happen eventually!

What’s the most adventurous sexual thing you’ve done (be it on or off camera)?

I’m into hardcore kink, so I’ve incorporated rope, knives, fire, and wax into sexual encounters!

What was your reaction to scoring two AVN nominations this year?

I was genuinely surprised and honored! I really didn’t think it would happen so soon into my career, but I’m grateful it did!

Do you have a particular routine on days when you’re shooting?

Not particularly. I usually just skip out on my coffee for the day and hydrate a lot with Pedialyte to keep my energy up.

Talk about your very first porn scene? What was it like to be on set?

My very first porn set was Evolved Fights, and it was awesome! There wasn’t a big crew, just the male talent, director, and me, so it was really comfortable and intimate. I showed up, got the job done, and had the best time ever wrestling Cody Carter. I’m grateful to him for hooking me up with that gig!

What are some movies, books, TV shows, or music that you’re loving lately?

Lately, I’ve been binging Ozark, reading a book called Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth, and jamming to early 2000s hip hop/pop. I truly believe that era of music between ’98 and ’10 was untouchable. It was a vibe.

Talk a little bit about working with Manuel Ferrara for Tushy Raw.

Working with Manuel was a dream! He’s a professional, who knows exactly what to do, and he helped guide me really well for the scene. We have great chemistry and really enjoy working with each other, and I think it comes across in that Tushy Raw scene!

According to AVN, you once worked at Hustler Hollywood! What were some of your most memorable or interesting experiences there?

Some of my most memorable experiences were meeting Angela White for her store signing, teaching a class on butt stuff for a store event, and the chilling times I would see Ron Jeremy walk around the strip.

Who are some current porn stars you regard as personal role models?

I’m enamored with Ana Foxxx, Angela White, and Adriana Chechik. They all navigate their careers so graciously and represent themselves so well. And they’re all a great example of hardcore meets elegant. I strive for the level of grace and poise these women have.

Name some studios and co-stars you hope to collaborate with in the next year.

This year I’d love to work for Evil Angel, Jonni Darkko, Vixen, and Legal Porno and would love to shoot alongside Mick Blue, Holly Hendrix, Xander Corvus, and Derrick Pierce.

What kind of porn do you most enjoy as a viewer?

As a viewer, I enjoy kink/BDSM porn, rougher sex, and anal. And no cap, I just end up watching my own porn a lot! I like to revisit my past sexual encounters, when they were earth-shatteringly good!

What qualities and characteristics do you find sexy?

Confidence, intuition, self-awareness, strong hands, nice feet, good butt, humor, and sexual openness.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

Everywhere! I plan on traveling to as many places as possible! In fact, I have my first international trip scheduled for the beginning of this year!

What’s your biggest overall career goal?

I would like to win a few awards for performing, and eventually land in a few Hall of Fames for directing/producing!

When you’re not filming what do you enjoy doing?

When I’m not filming, I’m usually editing or uploading! The work never stops when you run your own business. For fun, I enjoy pole dancing, brunch with friends, thrifting, hiking, and just spending time with friends, no matter the environment. I love a good house party/kickback.

Can you tell us about any big projects you have coming up?

Well…… I’m taking my first international trip in February, and it’s to shoot porno, though I’ll keep it a surprise who I’m shooting for! I’ve also got some stuff in the works for my brand and personal sites.

Tell everyone why it’s so important to pay for your porn!

We put in a lot of time, energy, effort, and money into making this entertainment for folks. A lot of people feel entitled to free porn, but at the end of the day, we’re creating a product that is meant to be sold and enjoyed. If you want the free samples at the store, go for it, but if you want the tender, juicy filet at the five-star restaurant, YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT! <3

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