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New to Adult Empire VOD: DogFart & Blacks on Blondes

You asked for it!

And now you’ve got it: DogFart and Blacks on Blondes, two of the industry’s premier interracial brands, are now available for instant viewing on Adult Empire VOD.

Basics: DogFart boasts a history almost as impressive as its name is quirky! The label’s origins go all the way back to 1996, in the earliest days of web smut. (Indeed, DogFart is the rare web-based label that is actually older than Adult Empire itself!) Long before other brands put their own spin on the genre, DogFart was creating the web’s definitive brand of interracial pornography. To survive and thrive this long in the adult world, you have to be doing something right!

The company also has a pop culture legacy, extending to cheeky references in popular slang compendiums. (It even inspired a memorable 2018 entry on DogFart has expanded its reach with sibling brands DogFart Gay and Blacks on Blondes as well as a popular YouTube channel. The brand has as much bling as its eye-catching logo, which features two diamond-studded knuckle dusters punching out toward the audience. To learn more about DogFart’s history, content, and development, check out our prior studio spotlight on the brand.

Spotlight movies:

Mandingo: The King Of Interracial 7 (pictured)

It fits that the king of interracial brands would prominently feature one of the kings of the brand, the notoriously well-endowed Mandingo! (Resources vary on the specific nature of Mandingo’s measurements, ranging all the way to 12 inches or more, but suffice it to say that he makes an unforgettable visual impression.) In this case, he’s paired with a lineup of petite beauties, including Piper Perri, to create an indelible physical contrast. This particular movie has become one of the brand’s top five all-time bestsellers in its DVD incarnation on Adult Empire.

Interracial Ghetto Gangbangs

“I know they got some Blacks on Blondes in here,” says one of the movie’s characters, excitedly rubbing his hands together as he enters an adult superstore. It’s likely to approximate your reaction as a viewer embarking on one of the brand’s most popular movies! The flick takes one of porn’s most spectacular themes (gangbangs) and situates it in a series of surprisingly public locations, including an adult boutique. Britney Amber, Valentina Nappi, and others get in on the act!

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