Moments of Pleasure porn video

The Rundown: ‘Moments of Pleasure’ (VOD Exclusive)


Sometimes, life can be a grind. We find ourselves consumed with mundane tasks, difficult people, and petty annoyances. That’s why we all delight in small moments of pleasure that reminds us that, in the end, life can be pretty amazing, after all. #LetsDoeIt‘s Moments of Pleasure presents delightful, sensual moments that expand into exciting sexual escapades. Shot in the high-quality fashion that defines the brand, these scenes are drawn from #LetsDoeIt’s White Boxxx and A Girl Knows imprints. In the Girls Knows sequences, we witness lesbian couplings, while the White Boxxx scenarios present stylized lovemaking with a sprinkling of BDSM themes.

Scene highlight(s)

Sometimes, a partner’s imperfections are what makes them most endearing! In scene three we see Eve Sweet clumsily prepare a meal while her partner, Tiffany Tatum, relaxes with a book in the living room. Eve struggles to find the right implements, accidentally dumps half the pasta on the floor, wipes her hands sloppily on her shirt, and in general seems out of her depth in the kitchen. Tiffany observes it all from the doorway, a smile creeping onto her face as she watches Eve’s earnest efforts. She sneaks up behind Eve, wraps her arms around her body, and leads her back into the living room. They perform oral sex on one another before pulling out a toy to trib themselves to climax. After all, who needs dinner when there’s a far more succulent repast to be found in each other’s arms? 

In the movie’s other action, scene two spotlights a lesbian dalliance during a picnic, while scene three allows us to eavesdrop on a stylish, stark hookup between Arwen Gold and Kristof Cale. (In the classic #LetsDoeIt manner, they are situated in a white void that allows us to focus squarely on the sex.) Finally, scene four breaks out the blindfolds in a threesome starring Marilyn Sugar, Mia Trejsi, and Christian Clay.


The White Boxxx imprint, which forms the basis of two of the movie’s scenes, scored a XBIZ Europa Glamcore Movie of the Year nomination in 2020.

Why we love it

Like a well-curated gallery display in a museum, the juxtapositions in Moments of Pleasure are what enhance your appreciation of each individual scene. By alternating the earthy, relatable A Girl Knows sequences (scenes one and three) with the artistic, elegant White Boxxx segments (scenes two and four), #LetsDoeIt allows us to luxuriate in several modes of pleasure. The context of the lesbian scenes — a picnic and a quiet night in — makes them easy to relate to our own sexual experiences. The more abstract approach in the boy/girl segments gives us a taste of porn as art. All told, the effect adds up to more than a few “moments of pleasure,” for the performers and viewers alike.



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