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Best of the Sale: Hustler & VCA on VOD

You couldn’t write the history of porn without prominently mentioning two of its classic brands: Hustler and VCA! Their impressive catalogs are stocked with some of the most important flicks in adult entertainment’s history. We’re offering a 30% discount on both labels for a limited time! Start here with some highlight picks.

Barely Legal #98 porn video from Hustler.Barely Legal #98

“All I’m guilty of is bad taste!” outspoken Hustler founder Larry Flynt once supposedly said. His comment points to one of the great verities of adult entertainment: one man’s porn poison is another’s porn treasure. The famous Barely Legal series has always playfully prodded the conventions of good taste, but there’s little doubting its durability and popularity. This 98th volume came as the series was entering the HD era, helping it ascend to bestseller status. In it, you’ll find a gallery of beauties whose relative youth belies their intense ambition to break into the industry! And there’s no better place to do so than with Hustler’s famous series. Despite its embrace of the teen theme, the movie is essentially just good, old-fashioned porn, the sort with a wide audience appeal. And if that’s “bad taste,” well, we’re right there with Larry on that front!

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Curse of the Catwoman porn video from VCA.Curse of the Catwoman

Is it coincidence that the star of Curse of the Catwoman, Selena Star, shares a first name with fictional Batman supervillain Selena Kyle (aka Catwoman)? Probably, but it’s just the sort of fun quirk that makes this flick an entertaining, odd throwback. The plot, such as it is, is an eccentric aside about a group of sex-crazed cat-like people that is never properly explained or dealt with. But hey, does that really matter when you have a cast of ’80s superstars like this? Heck no! The basic concept gives all the performers an excuse to act (and have sex) in an animalistic manner that seems like an urgent, suggestive modern dance. It’s directed by the late, legendary John Leslie, to boot! Allow the Curse of the Catwoman to hop up into your lap (and straight into your digital collection)!


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Watching Who's Nailin' Paylin? porn video from Hustler.Who’s Nailin’ Paylin?

In the end, it’s not really possible to do a rundown of Hustler top picks without mentioning this infamous classic from 2008. Indeed, it remains the all-time bestselling VOD in Adult Empire’s Hustler catalog! When vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin appeared on the political stage, much was made of her MILF-y good looks. A porn spoof couldn’t be far behind, and Hustler quickly delivered with Who’s Nailin Paylin? For all the talk the video’s political underpinnings have generated, it still functions as a hot, heavy, entertaining porn movie, thanks in large part to Lisa Ann‘s notable charms. While you may tune in out of pure curiosity, you’ll soon find yourself swept up in Ann’s sexy bangs-and-glasses performance. In the end, it’s a flick with value as adult entertainment to match its ability to capture the tone of the times.

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Strokin' To The Oldies: Nina Hartley porn video from VCA.Strokin’ To The Oldies: Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley has been in the industry so long, simply scrolling through her filmography is likely to put a callus on your finger. Really, where can you possibly start with a performer who has over 1,400 credits listed on IAFD? Well, this compilation from VCA is certainly a good jumping-off point! It assembles four hours of Hartley action, all of it from her golden era of the pre-digital age. Viewers who have grown used to the GIFL-y modern incarnation of Hartley will delight in seeing her in her guise as a spry, adventurous ’80s sex goddess. Like the classic tunes that the title cheekily references, Hartley never goes out of style!


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