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Sex Toy Review Roundup: Fleshlight Vibro Pink Lady & More

Check out two new toy reviews by Adult Empire sex toy reviewer Domineera!

Fleshlight Vibro Pink Lady – Touch

The Pink Lady never fails to get you where you want to go. Fleshlight is my go to and top brand for sex toys. The Pink Lady is their classic design so you can’t go wrong with it keeping that in mind alone.

Your sleeve comes with three individual vibration bullets that are ready to use. You also get 10 replacement batteries which is awesome. I do find it a little weird because you need 3 batteries per bullet so its leaving you with an uneven amount. There is a slight change around the top area of the toy which is where the vibration function comes into play. You have to push the bullets into the spaces provided and turn them on before putting it back into the case.

Let me tell you that one bullet alone is quite powerful. Three bullets on at the same time is mind blowing. For me that’s like a towards the end of use and I I’m ready to blow my load, you know? I do find it a little annoying that you have to pull the sleeve up to mess with the on and off function of the bullets if you want a custom experience. I think they designed this as a just use it and finish kind of deal instead of messing with it in between a session.

If you decide you don’t really care for vibration on your use you can certainly not turn them on. The Pink Lady sleeve is plush and very realistic feeling. When you insert into her you get that push back all around you. There are nodules inside that massage you into bliss. The outside lips are beautifully designed to give you a nice visual as you use it. They do have a warming rod accessory (It doesn’t come with this) which I recommend for the ultimate realistic feel. You’ll be done with her within 5 minutes or less which I swear by!

You can easily wash in the sink and dry by unscrewing the cap at the end. Oh by the way that cap at the end will control suction power for you by loosening or tightening it. Make sure to keep her dusted with renewing powder.

I love my Pink Lady Vibro and she has a definite top spot along my other Fleshlight ladies.

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Cum Load Unscented Water-Based Semen Lube – 8oz.

I was actually a little letdown by this product because it didn’t have a strong white appearance as advertised. It’s more of an off white cloudy white look to it. I did try to shake it thinking the color may have settled but it didn’t make a difference.

The quality of the lubrication itself is very nice. It’s silky smooth without being sticky or tacky. There is no bad odor to it either. It’s somewhat realistic to bodily lubrication but if you’re looking for that thick white glue appearance then you might get a bit disappointed.

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