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April Olsen Interview: Trending Newbie

As of this writing, April Olsen has fewer than 20 total credits on Adult Empire, but they are almost all with major studios and co-stars. It’s a sure sign of a performer on the rise! Learn more about this trending newbie in our new interview, exclusive to the Adult Empire Blog.

Tell us a little bit about your background. How did you get into porn? 

Camming was my gateway into porn. While in college, I had a sex-related injury that landed me in the ER, and my nannying salary wasn’t going to cover the hospital bill. Naturally, I got to work on a cam site because I didn’t have the self-confidence to hit the pole. That would come shortly after entering the adult industry. After being on MyFreeCams for some time, I was starting to feel a bit isolated from the sex work community–just you and your laptop can get lonely after awhile, and I was dying for coworkers– so porn was my natural progression into the biz. I began to make amateur content until booking my first professional scene in November 2020.

How did you choose your stage name? 

There’s a musician named Angel Olsen that I’m a huge fan of–she’s also from Missouri, and has a crazy beautiful voice. There’s a particular line in her song “Woman” that I really love. “I dare you to understand, what makes me a woman.”  Isn’t that just the truth? Women in porn are so brave and talented. They bare their bodies for the world’s pleasure, even though the world wants to make us feel ashamed. And what for? The women I meet in this industry are literal goddesses with their own LLCs. The world should want to understand us better. By borrowing inspiration from her name, I can carry the powerful feminine energy of her songs with me, wherever I go.

What are your memories of your very first scene?

I did everything wrong when I first entered the industry, namely, performing anal as my very first scene. Oops! I do not regret the experience, but I would like to use it as a learning opportunity for female performers who are looking to enter the industry: If a man approaches you, speaking quickly about all the fame and money you will amass by sticking with him, do not stick with him! I am, of course, referring to any slick-tongued agent, manager, or content creator who needs you to have a business in the first place. Save your 20% cut, and until you find a team you trust, do the bookings yourself. Anyways, they flew me into Scottsdale and picked me up in a sports car. We did the scene, and I was able to meet my brother for dinner afterwards–he’s in the military and happened to be stationed in the area. It was the first time I saw him in over a year. I have happy memories of my first scene.

You have a very smooth, naturalistic performance style. Did that come easily to you, or was it something you had to develop and refine?

Thank you! I always worry that I’m coming off too frantic on camera, but I think that’s just how I fuck. In high school, I used to have sex in the back of my car a lot, perhaps that’s where my style originated. I was always running late to basketball practice, that’s why my blowjobs can only be described as “goal-driven.”

Tell us about working with director/star Manuel Ferrara. 

“Director/star”…now that has a nice ring to it! Did he pay you to write this? I’m kidding. Manuel is cool. He gave me solid advice upon our first meeting, and I really appreciated the help. It was something along the lines of “be yourself, be confident, and be professional.” Easy and so very true.

What qualities do you personally find erotic and/or attractive?

I find myself most attracted to people who are easy-going and approachable. They have kind, inviting energies that totally suck me in. I’m not a picky slut….good manners and a positive attitude can go a long way with me. Although I do have a type when it comes to women, and that’s hot blondes with big boobs. I also prefer my men to bottom. I like what I like!

What are the biggest challenges of shooting anal scenes? 

I’ll write a book about this one day. It’s not always challenges, but there was a learning curve in the beginning of my career. For example, nowhere on the Internet will tell you how to prepare for 3 consecutive days of anal, you literally have to text the biggest anal queen in your contacts to find out how (for me, that queen is Rebel Rhyder). I relied on the sound advice of other performers, and here’s what I can pass down to you: Don’t wait until you’re on set to begin the cleaning process, find a nightly/morning ritual that works for you. Don’t overdo it with the Immodium, you will be constipated for the next week. Do train your asshole with a series of plugs, smallest to largest, squeezing those sphincter muscles to help stretch the opening. Once you figure it out, anal sex can be quite pleasurable, and to be completely honest, much more accommodating than your regular old lady garden (vagina).

What are some porn firsts you are eager to try on camera? 

Lately, I’ve been frequenting double-penetration porn, which makes me think that’s my next big on-screen move. I want there to be a bi-curious twist between my male counterparts, maybe they could sneak in a couple of kisses while they go to town on me. I love seeing men kiss other men, the vulnerability makes me hot. Plus it lightens the load a bit if there’s more than one performer down to suck dick–ladies, you know what I mean!

What pornstars do you look up to and hope to work with one day?

My favorite pornstar is Asa Akira. I’ve read her books, listened to her podcasts, and kind of just admired her from afar for years. She’s the perfect modern-day woman, a porn legend/hot mom-of-two. I hope to be like that one day. I’m not sure if she’s performing anymore, but if she totally has my permission to just sit in on a scene and perv out. Another one of my favorite pornstars is Lyra Law, the whole reason I have an obsession with strap-ons. When I first started to consume adult media, lesbian strap-on porn is what I gravitated towards. It had the beauty of two women being intimate, plus a little penetrative action without any big, scary porno penises involved. Lyra was always the best at handling a strapon, it’s as if the dildo was an extension of her body. I would definitely bottom for Lyra, assuming that offer is on the table.

What advice would you give someone looking to get into the industry?

Your boundaries are non-negotiable, and folks in this industry who are true professionals will never push you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. In the beginning of my career, I had no guidance from a trusted agent, and I was too new to have a network of performers I could turn to for advice. Instead, I relied solely on my gut to navigate these brand-new situations where sex and money were involved, and over time, my boundaries grew more and more defined. Know what you like, know what you don’t like, and don’t be afraid to express these do’s and don’t’s to your coworkers.

Tell us about working with Mark Spiegler, the famous porn agent. 

Mark Spiegler is the best agent in the adult industry, and I am incredibly lucky to have landed a spot on his roster. He has decades of experience, and only the best interest of his girls’ in mind. He would never send us into a less-than-desirable situation in order to make a couple hundred bucks, and I trust him with all my heart. George is the other half of the Spiegler Girl’s agency, and probably the person I text the most. He has my back 100% of the time, and I am grateful for his guidance and dedication — both of them work around-the-clock to make sure we’re taken care of. I look forward to joining everybody at this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, I hope everyone likes green bean casserole (side dishes are my specialty).

What do you hope to achieve this year, both personally and professionally? 

I have lots of career goals in mind (Capricorn vibes!), and I don’t want to waste this unique position I’m in. I’d like to shoot as much as I possibly can, and meet lots of incredible people along the way. I’ve been learning how to operate a camcorder/lighting equipment as to get more behind-the-camera experience. And I’ve been taking notes on how directors/producers run their sets, just in case an investor in Canada wants me to run their bisexual-centric website where boys kiss boys kiss girls. Just speaking it into existence! That’s the beauty of porn. There are so many directions you can take, and I hope to explore them all. In my personal life, I’d like a fat rock on my left ring finger. Pear-cut, size 8.

Tell us about your hobbies and what you do in your down time.

I’m mostly conserving my energy between shoots, to make sure my body and mind are feeling ready to perform. Sometimes that means going to the gym to work on my big, juicy thighs, and other times, that means spending the entire morning in bed with my dogs and boyfriend. I have a really amazing boyfriend I like to spend my free time with. I’ve called him my husband in previous conversations so people didn’t get the wrong idea, but it’s not official yet. We go to the beach, to the movies, and to this one cowboy bar in the Valley where we boot, scoot, and boogie the night away.

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