Best of the Sale Mile High Media porn videos 2021

Best of the Sale: HardX, Sweet Sinner & More on VOD (2021)

Some people prefer a porn movie that’s been shot with the pure perfectionism of a visionary artist. Others prefer story over style. Still others focus on a specific niche, without regard to overall style or storyline. What your preference, you’ll find it amply represented in the latest Adult Empire VOD sale. Start here with some highlight selections!

Gangbang Me 3 porn video from HardX.Gangbang Me 3

When Lana Rhoades set out to film her first gangbang in 2017, she was eager to do new things of all sorts. “You keep pushing yourself more, because you get bored of doing the same boy/girl scenes over and over again. You want to do more exciting things. So I really wanted to try a gangbang. It was a lot of fun! If you watch the trailer, my pussy was so wet the whole time,” she told Adult Empire at the time. HardX is one of the great gangbang studios, too, always lending such scenes the gravitas of a true porn event! Lana’s gangbang fills the movie’s expansive first scene, whose warehouse setting somehow makes the scale of the action seem at once grand and grimy. It’s the perfect feel, since Lana’s elegant look is contrasted with the pure filthy pleasure she takes in tackling so many men at once. But that’s far from all that this movie has to offer! Ana Foxxx is in line for the gangbang treatment in scene two. Both sequences are prefaced by fun interview segments with the stars, conducted by the movie’s director.

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My TS Stepsister 5 porn video from Transsensual.My TS Stepsister 5

As divorce rates have risen over the years, mixed families have become common. Unrelated people suddenly become de-facto siblings when their divorced parents remarry. What happens when sparks fly? Many porn movies have toyed with this premise, but the My TS Stepsister series adds another contemporary wrinkle. What happens when one of those “siblings” is also trans? It’s a fun twist on a familiar genre, one that provides a splendid spotlight for up-and-coming trans talent. Izzy Wilde, with her slightly devious smile, steals the show in scene one, which finds her pulling stepbro into a revenge plot against an ex. (Read our original take on the scene in this edition of “Best Porn Scenes.”) Director Ricky Greenwood capably captures sweetness, awkwardness, and bubbling sexual tension in three further scenes.


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Sexy Massage Fantasies porn video from Sweet Sinner.The Swinger

Though The Swinger is thoroughly American in its pedigree and cast, it somehow brings to mind the wild escapades one might see in a movie from Marc Dorcel. The twisting plot, about a couple that is manipulated by the mind games of a savvy boss, evokes the maze-like swinger adventures that are a trademark of the French label’s porn. The overall tone, however, is more akin to couples porn than it is Eyes Wide Shut, lending The Swinger an attractively wide appeal. India Summer is perfectly cast as the all-knowing boss, who sees handsome new employee James Deen and wife Lily Carter as the perfect marks for her sex games. The movie was followed by several high-profile sequels.


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Lesbian Beauties Vol. 20: Black & Asian porn video from Sweetheart Video.Lesbian Beauties Vol. 20: Black & Asian

Suddenly, randomly, Star Trek comes to mind! Allow us to indulge our not-so-inner geek on the way to endorsing this particular porn flick. Trek creator Gene Roddenberry always said that the base concept of his creation was “infinite diversity in infinite combinations.” Though porn is sometimes (and often unfairly) maligned for stock formulas, the truth is that it often excels at shining a light on the diversity and combinations Roddenberry referred to. Lesbian Beauties Vol. 20 is a pure sensual treat, offering pairings of some of the industry’s best Asian and Black women performers. While the tone is often of tender romance (as in the strumming guitars and soft touches of scene one), it isn’t afraid to show a tougher side, too (as in scene two’s feisty exchanges). The best is arguably saved for last, in a scene pairing two performers (Ana Foxxx and Rina Ellis) as just as passionate as they are beautiful.


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